[Poll] Domain Name

Please reply “Voted” if you already cast your votes!

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10 thoughts on “[Poll] Domain Name

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  2. “Voted” for bluestorm:)

  3. Voted for bluestorm!! Aza!!

  4. I voted for Bluestorm…CN Blue fighting !!!

  5. I voted for bluestrom, the unique name .. Daebak !!!

  6. i guess bluestorm win ^_^

  7. Hello.

    Er, I go for Bluestorm. It’s unique.

  8. Yeah BlueStorm! gogogo!

  9. I also voted for bluestorm. It sounds powerful!! lol*

  10. voted for bluestorm ♥ I also like cnbluetory, it’s just that IDK, I’ve really liked ‘Bluestorm’ the moment I heard it and LOL I’m a person who likes storms, hurricanes, lightnings, volcanic eruptions etc XD

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