RepLy to Jiyu’s 1st PodCast

Just watched Jiyu’s 1st PodCast last night… hmm…

i Love it GirL! Its Fun! i Like the way you say your thoughts.. And you really let us have a gLimpse of Taeyang’s abs… Now, Look at what you made me.. I’m torn between Taeyang and TOP… hahaha…Enough of this fantasy…

Below is My First Impression of Jiyu’s mentioned Kpop Artist. But since I don’t know most of them… Its just Taeyang, TOP, Lee Seung Gi, and Rain for me..


1. Taeyang (credit to the owner of this pic)

I really find him cute on that pic… It makes me think twice why I haven’t noticed him before in Bigbang.. LoLz… Yes, I just started taking notice of him this week knowing he will be releasing his second solo aLbum… I first like him in their performance at “2009 Dream Concert” last Oct. 11, 2009 at Seoul Stadium… I really like him that time especially his full-shaped lips and his voice… It fits him to be in a boyband… I haven’t heard any of his solos yet so I’ll coment later when he release his solo “Where U At” cause I’m really waiting for it.. ja! Taeyang Fighting!


2. T.O.P. (Naesarang bLing bLing like L.E.D.)

I hope his battery won’t run out… Anyway, credit to the owner of this pic…

T.O.P. – Tempting Odd Popular guy

Those are 3 words to describe him , for me. Well, I first saw T.O.P. in the drama entitled “I Am Sam”  as Chae Moo Shin.


I fell in love with him then… You can say I love his deadly looks and strong personality in his character. (I don’t even know that Lee Min Ho is one of its cast, I just know it now when I research for the drama.) And then, I research about him and found out he is a member of Bigbang… I just look into the group but not followed them, it is until 2NE1 come out that I get interested in their music too… i Love their “How Gee” and “Last Farewell”.


3. Lee Seung Gi

I first saw him in his “Brilliant Legacy” drama.. I didn’t get hooked on him at that time but I really love the drama.. really its a good one.. (For those who haven’t watched it yet, better give some time to watch it. Its worth your time.)


I get interested in him when I saw him in the “Idol Big Show” and then at “Strong Heart”. I find him cute then and since Dara also likes him to the point that she said “If I can call Lee Seung Gi shii my dear, it will be great.” I’ll be one of their shippers then.



4. Rain

I first saw Rain in “Full House” playing a childish hot actor.. hahaha.. I love his funny side.. His cute.. But reaLLy, I haven’t followed his music career.. Lols.. I love him more as an actor than a Singer.. 😀


2 thoughts on “RepLy to Jiyu’s 1st PodCast

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  2. LMAO! I saw I am Sam after I knew BB… I even got the DVD (Lee Minho was there, can u believe it?! LMAO..) I love your commentaries!!! Can’t get enough of Taeyang!!! Rain as an actor is good but Rain THE RAINISM is HOOOT!!! HAHAHA… Thanks a bunch!

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