[Updated] Does the “LoLLiPoP” pic shows it aLL???


This is one of their promotional pictures in Lollipop. Hmmm.. after taking much interest in 2NE1, I came to Love Bigbang as well…

My favorite Bigbang members are Taeyang and T.O.P., I love deadly looks.. hahaha.. If you knew what I mean.. I just recently like Taeyang starting last week after watching Jiyu’s first podCast, I don’t know why but I started liking him since then.. Or whatever.. as for T.O.P., I’ve loved him since I’ve watched “I am Sam”… pLease read my previous bLog entry about him and other Kpop stars I took interest in… Reply to Jiyu’s 1st podCast

Well, you may say I’m going to be biased but it’s my opinion.. I like GD’s “Heartbreaker” and “Breathe” but I don’t like him for Dara (I don’t like him for me too ~.~)… After reading some investigations about him and Dara, it was obvious that GD Likes Dara and not the other way around but we can’t be too sure…

Just recently this morning at 21evo, at chatbox, Taeyang becomes a hot topic… being so handsome and talented (add the abs part that Jiyu loves most), he was one of my favorite candidate for Dara’s Special Half… Just look at the picture above, it was clearly Dara sitting beside Taeyang, she was even leaning against him (sorta)… and GD is so obvious to the point of covering Dara’s view.. (Why didn’t the photographer do something about it?)

With this, I came up with a very interesting theory… Dara mentioned at Strong Heart that she was already a YG trainee since 2004… So, probably she already met GD way back then. They were pretty close as we can also see… Gd was really comfortable with her and really showed that he loves her but am not sure with Dara (judging from the “Hello” performance at Dream Concert, she seemed uncomfortable)…

Taeyang, as we all know from his documentary (if you haven’t watched the documentary, pLease search in at youtube, If I have time, I’ll post some links later)… Taeyang is GD’s closest friend way back since they were 12 years old… And from that documentary, Taeyang was already popular with girls but since he was shy with them, it was GD who talk with them. He said that “I couldn’t even look at them in their eyes.” And…

taeyangscaredNow, How come he is close with Dara-unnie? In 2NE1TV (i think Ep.8), he was talking with Dara and sitting in a comfortable position towards her. Hmmm..  (Thanks to Darayang for this pic, and the caps are cute.. hehehe)


This is just my wide-imagination, for Daragon shippers, I meant no harm… I think GD is Dara’s bridge to Taeyang (like she was probably being friendly with GD to get Taeyang’s attention)… Didn’t Dara also mentioned that she was close with “GD and Taeyang” (and ackward with T.O.P. –>LOL ~.~)? Well, that’s just what I think, I know Dara really likes GD but as a friend and nothing more, at the same time she also wants to get close with Taeyang. Of course, she doesn’t want to offend anyone, but when heart leaps, you just have to do something to have some moments with the one you like… hehehe..

(Like what GD is doing for Dara…)

But… That’s Taeyang for Dara!

Now… moving on… I wonder how Daesung feels when 2 hot girls are leaning over him? Is Park Bom casually and comfortably laying her hand at Daesung’s lap? And, Is Minji also laying her hand on Daesung’s lap with her head leaning over him??? No wonder Daesung is very ackward with her at 2NE1 TV… You know what I’m thinking? Daesung thinks Minji likes him… LoL, But Kinda true.. Have you watched 2NE1 TV Episode 1 where Daesung keep looking at Minji and Minji said “Daesung oppa, What’s wrong with you?”… The look Daesung gives is like saying “Minji, do you like me?”…Lols… I can’t stop laughing thingking about this… He was really uncomfortable laughing…

But, about Park Bom, I can’t speculate more… its like Daesung wasn’t bothered about it.. But am sure, something is bothering him which concerns Minji… But, he can’t just ask it, can he?

Hmm.. From this pic too… Can’t you imagine T.O.P. wanting to kick GD in front of him? Like he was thinking, “Yo GD, yaren’t you leaning too much to Dara, you’re almost covering her.” Look at his smile, it was so FAKE.. hahaha..

T.O.P. is my first best candidate for my favorite 2NE1 Dara… They look really good at “I’m Sorry MV”… It was like an Angel and Devil falling in Love.. Ey, we can’t deny that T.O.P. is as tempting as a Devil, with his piercing eyes and deadly features, he was devilly HOT! And Dara, with her angelic beauty and TOPDaraHappylovely features, she was just the perfect Angel for T.O.P… hehehe.. talk about, putting fire with water… Hmm… Dara really acted like she really Love T.O.P. at this.. and they’re both happy…

(or they’re just really good at acting…)

and with the “Kiss of Death” as many describe it…


And both of them denied they’ve kissed… Like Dara was uncomfortable when asked about this kiss… She kinda said “It was so cold, I don’t feel anything.” And when T.O.P. was asked about it, he said it was just camera angle and there was no kiss.. What’s with the denial?  And their awkwardness, add’s more confusion to their (love?) story… Why are thmv3ey awkward??? And they admit it in public! Why??? How come they are awkward when they are comfortable in this pic… And it wasn’t part of the “I’m Sorry” film.. or is it supposed to be???

I think something happened it the past… It was really hard to pretend you’re happy (look at the 1st pic), and then awkward the next… It was like they have an unsolve misunderstanding like they’ve been lovers (for a short time) before and then a misunderstanding came up that drift them apart. We know its possible to break up without really knowing what’s the reason of the break up and since they’re popular or well-known, they must have not known the real score of their relationship due to busy schedules… Cause I noticed when Dara was interviewed about it, she was like agitated or hoping “please don’t ask me about it”, she quickly shrugged the question with her answer… And it seems her answer means something… “I don’t feel anything.” And its in public, it was sure to reach T.O.P.’s ears… She was like sending her silent anger? to T.O.P.  What’s wrong with this two??? I bet they still haven’t talk about it yet… But, am sure there’s something bothering those two… And, do you see T.O.P.’s reaction when Dara is around or when she was being mentioned? He was like, nodding “ok” and he was like thinking about something… At 2NE1 TV Episode 1, When Dara said “That was touching…” to T.O.P., he was like jumpy… I bet there was a tingling in his spine when he said “They’re making me feel awkward.” He said ‘they’ but I bet he meant it like “Dara, you’re making me awkward.” as well as saying “I don’t believe you.”  Why he didn’t believe her? Dara said it without looking at him and if they already have a misunderstanding at that time, what Dara said would turn out like an insult to him… omo… I think I’ve said enough… I hope we’ll find an answer to this confusion…

Now, pLease teLL me What you think???

PS. Whoever Dara ends up with, I’m fine with it. Be it GD, Taeyang, TOP or whoever he is, I’m going to support them aLL the way. I Love Dara and I will love whoever she loves… ^_^

i Love 2NE1 and Bigbang (as a whole)!!!



42 thoughts on “[Updated] Does the “LoLLiPoP” pic shows it aLL???

  1. TOP is always awkward with any girl. He says that he has never been in a serious relationship before, and he’s still a little conscious about his physicality. (Remember, he was once a really cute chubby guy. and it took him six years after his debut to take off his shirt in camera). There’s a lot of guys linked to Dara and i am upset that she still hasnt made a statement about it. TOP would be a great lover to anyone.

  2. whoever that guy who will be loved by dara, he’s lucky to have an angel like her. I hope dara eonni can find someone who will love and take care of her. someone who’ll defend and protect her from sasaeng fans…kekeke

    • because she is one of a kind.. she is not like any other girl she’s awkward with everyone she’s kind and sweet.. she’s not that good in singing nor dancing but she improved her self to be deserving and to be who she is today..

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  4. ahhh.. 😀 this is the best blog i’ve ever read.. you’re making me giddy about all this analysis of yours. thanks for this..

  5. daragon is real. i saw lotof same poster and daragon they are sharing stuff. dara wears clothes of GD vice versa. GD always look at DARA~ 🙂 kekek~ DARAGON forever.

  6. wow, ur post is so long but i actually read all of it. lol

    i love Daragon coz GD loves Dara so much

    i love Darayang because i love YB


    • Weee… Thanks a Lot for reading… hehehe… It’s pretty Long huh… But not updated. I’m not gonna make a post about pairings again.. This was long time ago… My opinion about this have already changed. =p

  7. As long as it is not GD, I’m fine whoever gets paired with Dara. Taeyang seems to be really a sweet, caring guy. With TOP, Dara is more secured because he is tough, young guy after all.

    • totally agree, at first I was a Daragon shipper but now srsly, anyone but GD, sorry to say that. I hope she ends up with either YB or that guy WooYoung from 2pm

  8. lyna!!!! i love your analysis..and for me..who ever it is..as long as he loves dara and dara is happy with him, that’s fine with me..but i’m really rooting for YB. I think he can take care of Dara.. I hope they like each other..coz if that happens i’ll be the happiest girl ever! i want to apply as BB or 2NE1’s assistant. so that I can find some clues in Dara’s love affair..please let it be YB..kekeke

  9. @beansproutable: I was thinking the same thing. i love DARAGON. But the DARAYANG theory isn’t that bad. Either way, whoever Dara picks I’m happy. 😀

  10. actually i think GD “staked his claim” on dara and is pursuing/in a relationship with her already; YB secretly likes dara but never confessed because of GD; TOP also is attracted to dara which is why he is awkward around her, knowing she is with GD or that GD will get jealous. =) (just my 2 cents)

  11. TY’s “Wedding Dres” lyrics and MV scream TY-DARA-GD triangle to me. And i have always felt TOP had something going on with Dara too, which just makes it all the more confusing. GD, I am practically convinced, likes dara. YB i have a very strong nagging (esp. after the “wedding dress”) secretly likes dara. But, for some reason, i think dara is leaning more towards GD…. I would be happy with any of the guys, as long as dara is happy too.

  12. your thoughts about this whole thing are almost the same as mine, top, gd and taeyang, one of the fan sites i wrote about quad love, dara, gd, top and YB which in fact it seems we need a bit of intuition as well as a little bit of delusions, lol. anyway, my fave tandem is top and dara, these two make me wonder how come they are acting so awkward with each other? after of my prolong pondering, i should say that these persons are scorpios and i myself is a scorpio just to make things really clear, scorpios tend to be really secretive especially when it comes to private lives and sometimes we do have strange character…blunt expression and ofetn scorpios are really uncomfortable if there is someone present which we feel giving us stress, it could be love, hate, anger or just plain attraction. this whole dara and top thing, i could sense a real attraction and maybe there was a special relationship happened between them yet it did not flourish maybe because of some circumstances, it could be career related or personal misundertanding, since both of them are scorpios they better keep that as a secret and live their lives as nothing happened but still their actions towards each other are incomprehensible making us doubts whats really going on, mind you i think the feeling is still there yet suppressed. gd on the other hand, i think he adores dara but i feel at the start it’s a one sided love however he is a type of person who never surrenders, he could be annoying but in a sweet and gentle manner, a person who would do everything for someone he loves, and for this dara may fall for him since he is the person whom she can depend on, meanwhile YB, i feel he has this role of being a person like BOF’s jihoo, a perfect guy who always think whats the best for his friends and for his girl, for now he is watchman, he tends to consider gd’s feeling more of himself.

    • I really really love your analysis.. we seem to think the same thing…

      from what forum are you?

      And by the way, Contessa is the name I used to use in MiRC.. hehehe… We really have the same sentiments…

      I’m feeling you’re my other half.. LOLs…

      Hop to be your friend since we share almost the same thoughts.. I’d would be great… hehehe..

  13. nice analysis…but i’m still hoping for TOPDARA..they have chemistry though they are really awkward to each other i wonder why??? i want to know..i hope there’s someone will ask them.,.hahaha=0 lol

  14. OMG!..All this time, I was for GD and Dara…but there was always this weird feeling..what if it was Tae Yang and Dara?, but I always dismiss that feeling…
    Now possibilities with YB for Dara..and with “proof” or “speculations” to back it up…

  15. Hehe!..A picture can tell a lot of stories..that’s for sure!:]..All you guys have a point..Here’s my theory..

    I think these 3 guys: GD, YB and Top likes Dara..

    I’m thinking that Top tried to pursue Dara before she debut in 2ne1 but was rejected or something since they seem to be awkward now..I mean when you get rejected there are only 2 possible outcome..you get sour with your relationship with that person or remains the same..

    Now, I do think that both GD and YB are into Dara..Gd’s eyes won’t lie..I know his playful and naughty but the way he looks at her..its really heartwarming..plus other speculations about his songs like butterfly and hello being linked to Dara was already a give away..

    In the case of YB, he also couldn’t resist the charm of Dara that’s why he is drawn into her, being around in the studio and elsewhere as long as there’s a chance..And I don’t think it will be a problem if GD and YB likes Dara co’s there friends before they met her..

    Well, I guess may the best man wins..Any of these cute guys work for me for Dara..

  16. Whoever Dara picked to be her BF someday will be a lucky man. She is such a good person, very pretty, loyal and funny.
    She had one BF in the Philippines and he mentioned recently that Dara is a “Wife” material.

  17. i noticed that too when watching 2ne1 tv yb is always around whenever dara is recording something, there’s chemistry bet gd and dara, and i like them both, but there’s always this thinking that maybe its YB and Dara heheh

    @lee – yeah i totally agree with what u said abt top not knowing who did the crab dance but he remembers that there is one, it’s like HELLO, don’t u remember dara LOL is it too much to even mention her name?? fishy fishy hahah

    i miss 2ne1 tv, there’s always something u pick behind the scenes and we fans would have a lot to discuss about lol

  18. Thanks for the comment guys…

    @Lee, yeah I kinda noticed how they’re uncomfortable when the other person’s name is mentioned like… Especially in the crab dance, its seems like they’re teasing TOP and he just what??? come on… he wanted to get over with it.. hahaha

    @Darayang, That’s a nice hypnosis too.. I never thought that those songs are for Taeyang and Dara but now that you mentioned it.. It seems so.. hehehe
    And, thanks for the pic.. I’ll be updating my post with it..

  19. i see that too i think “hello” is written for darayang GD helping out his friend how to check out a girl and also taeyang’s latest song “where u at” i think its his song for dara i dont know like he’s searching for her or sending a message to her..but i think i smell something fishy between the two..

    oh yeah here are some screencaps of that 2ne1tv epi of darayang

  20. i love your analysis 🙂 i love gd, top and taeyang for dara. about top… hmmm, yeah, it’s kind of weird… in 2ne1tv, no comments from gd and taeyang for dara were shown, only top’s and i think, seungri’s, too. also, remember dara’s soy sauce crab dance? YG asked TOP to do the crab dance in one episode while he’s wearing the crab headdress, and top said something like… “oh this was done in 2ne1tv etc…” but his statement seemed to imply that he can’t remember who did the crab dance and YG said it was dara. oh, come on, TOP, you remembered the crab dance in 2ne1tv, but you can’t remember who did it? that’s bs, i must say. he was like trying his best not to mention dara and even when YG said it’s dara, he just nodded. what is up with these two? lol 🙂

  21. i have this strange feeling too, despite the popularity of the “Daragon” team up , i think in reality its really Taeyang and Dara…..dont know just a hunch..lol

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