Hallelujah! Ora Yeah! Happy Birthday T.O.P.!

We Love You Tabi!!!

Many more Birthdays to Come!

We Wish you aLL the Best!

Tabi!!! I’m just back from our trending activity for you dear…

Thanks to TKPA Celisse for arranging this.
Look we’ve reached Number 4…


Don’t worry, whatever your pLace in whatever stuff..

You’re the onLy Number 1 guy who can capture a woman’s heart in a singLe stare and that’s you Tabi-Sama…

Look at TOP-sama so cute on his birthday hat..

G-Dragon’s Me2Day: To celebrate TOP sama’s birthday Big Bang made him a cake! But we screwed up a bit..ㅜAnyway Happy Birthday ~~

(thanks to aLee of iBigBang.wordpress.com)

Here are the new songs of Bigbang!

Below are the download links…

DownLoad Link for “Hallelujah”

Download Link for “Ora Yeah!





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