[Updated] Dara’s WaLL of Love

#happybdaydara became a Trend Topic! Congrats to aLL of Us!

Well, I’ve been thinking of making a follow-up project regarding our Birthday Trending Topic Project for Dara…

Now, I’d Like to make “Dara’s WaLL of Love”… If you can came up with a better title… I’m open for suggestions, you may put it up as a comment.

“Dara’s WaLL of Love” will comprise of Dara’s Life-size Image and Our Tweets with #happybdaydara hash-tag. I’ve decided to make a TarpauLin out of it. So, If you’d Like to Donate FinanciaLLy… I’m so so open for donations… ^_^ [EDITED] I’ve decided to make it poster-size cause I’m having trouble with Lif-size.. LOLs. [/EDITED]

[EDITED: Reason – To let everyone know how this is going on]

This is just a glimpse of what I’ve been working on. As you can see it is still unfinished so this could utterly change in the future. And, you may also know that I needed help in making this project at its best. If you are much more creative than me, please do help me. I need help in the following layers:

  • “Dara’s Wall of Love” TEXT, I need a much more better lettering for this
  • “Dara’s Image”, as you may the one I have is SOOOO Pixelated cause I make this thing in actual size that is 5 feet so I can see the actual size of everything but of course, the size will change when it is printed cause its causing “Virtual Memory too Low”.. LOLs.. anyway, if you have a better image of Dara (whole body) in the highest quality, please share it with me.

Temporary DeadLine for this is on NOVEMBER 30, 2009. You can still Email your tweets untiL Saturday (December 18, 2009). Yes, its Late for a Birthday Gift. This will be our BeLated Birthday Gift for Dara and our EarLy Christmas gift for her. Those designs chosen to be included will have their name on the pavement (see bottom part of the “Dara’s Wall of Love” image).

Any graphic artist who are willing to help me… please email me at colyn7@yahoo.com

So here’s how:

After you’ve tweeted your message with the hash-tag #happybdaydara, send me the link to the tweet (click on the link underneath the message, saying how long ago you tweeted it).

Your E-mail message should be similar to this: (this is just an example)

Here is My Birthday Message for Dara: http://twitter.com/aimeeleelucas/status/5642116471

From: [your  name], age,  location

Please subject it as “My Birthday Message for Dara“.

If you aren’t sure what I mean regarding the link, check this out:
After clicking that link,  Email me the URL to that webpage!

Please only send me one message!

I know a lot of you have many tweet message with the hash-tag #happybdaydara. Please choose the one you think is best and meaningful. ^_^

[EDITED : Reason – this is much easier]

OR… You may tweet a NEW message NOW. I know its hard to look for the tweets with #happybdaydara that we have been tweeting and most of the tweets are random… So you may do so now and send me a screenshot of it. Please include your Name, Age and Location.


Credits and Thanks to the following for supporting and heLping me out:

21Evo BLackJacks
Oh Dara!
aLL About Dara
Let’s PLay 2NE1
The Korean Pop Addict

@emblazedParadox / Ethileen Eborra
@Bunniness / Mas Shaari
@gdluvzmc / Melinda Chiem

Personal thanks to:
ALex, Jenni, Deshi, EthiLeen, CeLisse, Sera, Ruby, Hedone, Nanami & PauL…

and to aLL of you guys.. you know who you are…

Thank You for the Donations:

Greg  – Php 1,457.34 / 22.24 Euro

In case I forgot to mention somebody.. pLease contact me.. Thanks a Bunch!

OT: In case you’re wondering why I’m accepting donations… Shipping fee from Philippines to South Korea is so expensive… Will be using FedEX.. If you have  a suggestion about shipping… Please comment.

My sentiments:

Hi guys! I’m sorry I wasn’t with you when you made it to the trend topics but believe I’ve been monitoring it through ruby.. she must have been annoyed cause I was asking her like every minute? LOLs…

Twitter has been a little unfair to me.. I’ve been like tweeting for 8 hours!!! and we’re still not on the trend. Lots of people are already discouraged.. I was already losing hope after 4 hours of tweeting cause when we start the trending project for #happybdaytop we already reached top 10 in just an hour or more? am not sure but it surely didn’t took 4 hours… then suddenly around 2 pm.. I saw Aimee tweet #happybdaydara ….. It really made me teary-eyed.. I was so foolish to feel discourage when everybody has been supporting the #happybdaydara Trend Topic project… So, I give everyone a hit up and then a litle bit later..Its already on the trend topic, thanks to Ruby for keeping me update about the Trending Status… I heard we reached #2… WoW!

Thanks a Lot guys…


8 thoughts on “[Updated] Dara’s WaLL of Love

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  3. lol lyna 🙂 hahaha i was glad to give you updates about it and hahaha, to a fellow dara and 2ne1 supporter, i never get annoyed 🙂 thanks so much for spearheading this project, you’re awesome>

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