My Own Share of Muddy Experience – Not So Lucky This Time Around

But still blessed.

January 14-15, 2009. A low pressure strike our hometown, Gingoog City that cause flashflood at around 4:00 AM in the morning when everyone was still asleep. Most people are totally unaware that their houses had already been invaded by muddy waters that destroyed most of their belongings. Fortunately, I wasn’t there to experience and share their anguish.

The pictures above were taken in front of our house. You can see how people struggle in the midst of the muddy current. Below is a picture of our honorable Mayor personally helping out the victims.

She was the one wearing a blue skirt and black jacket. Now, where can you see a Mayor who really go out and step into that muddy water to personally help and see the victims of the flashflood on time? I mean there are lots of politicians who really help people in need but it’s either thru their money or their assistants and if ever they come to the scene, it is already finish (the flood already subsided and you wont have to step into the muddy water). So, I’d totally be disappointed if she won’t win on this coming election besides people can come in contact with her, she really is one of the best Mayors we ever had and next election is her last term. I hope the one who deserve to win will win. More pictures of the disaster below.

I spent Christmas and New Year there but I have to go back at Manila by January 4. The rain was already heavy by the start of New Year, all flights has already been canceled. On January 4, I went to Cagayan De Oro City to board my scheduled flight. The airport already look like a refugee camp, all passengers whose flight has been canceled from January 1-3 has decided to wait at the airport for a chance to board an airplane anytime it landed. The thing is all flights that have been canceled were also rescheduled so that the scheduled flights will go accordingly. My flight is around 10:00 AM, I was already there at 8:00 AM. There was already a long line for check in counter, and it was still raining. The moment I was able to check in, I have nowhere to sit already since the waiting area is already packed; many people were already sitting on the floor. So, I have no choice but to look for an area where I can squat. And I found one, near a garbage can. Geez… Talk about Luck. 10:00 AM, there was an announcement that all flights bound for Cagayan de Oro City was detoured to land at Cebu City. So, there will be no planes going to land in Cagayan de Oro City. I still waited but I already forewarned my boss the possibility of me being stranded since our flight is going to be delayed. 12:00 NN, two airplanes was able to land at the CDO airport; it was for all passengers whose flight has been canceled yesterday. I was already hungry then but I stayed put cause if I wander around and look for food, I might have no place to squat at all or worst our plane might arrived.

Finally at 1:00 PM, our airplane landed at Cagayan de Oro airport and we are able to eventually board it. I was really expecting to experience turbulence since we are having a storm at that time. (I’ve already learned my lesson from pervious flights, never to drink hot coffee on airplane. You see, I’m so unlucky the time I experience my first turbulence. I was sipping from my HOT coffee when they announce we were going to have turbulence. Good thing is, I was able to control the cup from not spilling or else, I would have got burnt. ) But you know what, there was no turbulence that time and we were in a storm. Impossible huh? I just drink water the whole flight. LOLs. And, after our plane departed, all flights have been cancelled because the storm turned in to a strong typhoon already. You see? I experience one Miracle already, it was like they just let me board my plane and arrive at Manila safely. Lord, thank you. And I wasn’t there when the typhoon cause havoc in our place especially in our house. But Thank God again, everyone in my family was safe.

Around March 2009, I decided to quit my job at Cavite and return to our hometown for some reasons. After some months, September 26, 2009, Typhoon Ondoy struck Manila and most Luzon provinces devastatingly, I would have experience its wrath if I was still there or possibly not. I was supposed to transfer from Cavite to Laguna that time and from what I heard from my friends in Laguna, Ondoy really struck them hard.  And, it was followed by typhoon Pepeng. Again, it was blessing in disguise that I left Luzon that time. Really, I always believe that everything happens for a reason and with a purpose. Lord, thank you once again because I really hate mud. Check out the video below and see how typhoon Ondoy unleash its fury. Credit: runwithmiles

I might have escaped all typhoons that happened before, but not yesterday, November 25, 2009. I woke up around 1:00 AM when I heard the loudest thunder I have ever heard. Really, it was like a meteor falling from a sky… The sound was not like a loud thump but it was like a bomb. BOOM! Who could sleep after hearing such and not just once, but it was followed by numerous thunder booms! I closed all our windows cause I fear that the lighting will come inside our room. Really, I’m scared to be hit by a lighting cause we all know that when there is thunder there Is lighting. The sky that time seems to be celebrating New Year ahead in time. Oh well, you know what, I really want to piss at that time but I held on. Still, because I was afraid I would be hit by lighting when I’m going to pass the corridor but around 2:30 AM, I couldn’t hold it anymore so I quickly go to the comfort room and you know… I saw the sky, it was like fireworks being lit up but all colored white. I am really scared. I remembered their tales of how they experience the flash flood last January. So, I decided to get all my stuff downstairs and move it on higher places despite the fact that my father told me, it would be impossible to experience 2 typhoons in a year. Manila did, so it could happen to our place too. After sorting out my stuff, I go back to my bedroom but before that I alerted my father of possible flashflood by morning. He just nodded. I even told them to close their windows cause their room might get wet. It was cold anyway. It has been raining nonstop for 72 hours already. And since last night, the rain was really heavy.

Around 3:30 AM. Black-out. Geez… It was soo dark but the lighting continues.

Around 4:00 AM. When my step-mother woke up us all and told us to secure all our belongings downstairs. We hurried and get all stuffs (i.e. TV’s, DVD players, etc.) to higher places, it was still so dark. We save water for drinking cause before the clean water was cut off, so no water for drinking or washing. We unplug all electrical appliances and secure all our pets (i.e. 3 roosters, 2 cats and fishes). I was able to sleep afterwards.

Around 5:00 AM. We are awaken again cause of a Siren, the government is waking all people up cause the flood is already starting. We hurried downstairs to check how things are going. The water is slowly getting higher but it didn’t get inside the house yet… after 10 minutes… it already started creeping in… hahaha… I can still manage to laugh, yeah… I can cause we are already prepared for it. We started wiping the water to low areas toward the drainage to help the water not to go inside our “sala” cause it is already in the kitchen. We diverted the water flow towards the bathroom. We have been doing that and successfully the sala wasn’t invaded yet. After 30 minutes… we noticed that there is already muddy water in the sala and its not coming from our kitchen. Geez.. It’s coming from our store, in front. Hmm… This might confuse you but we usually use our back door to enter our house cause we have a store in front. So, we give up in defeat. We just let the muddy water run inside.

6:00 AM. My stepmother and father went to look for our relatives, to check if they’re safe. I decided to take a little break and eat cause I’m really hungry. I make myself “milk with coffee” and eat bread in the middle of muddy water. Yes, I did. I’m really hungry already. I ignore the muddy water around me and drink my milk and eat my bread. After finishing it, everything around us is already floating with leaves from outside and dirt’s… My stepbrother and stepsister decided to watch the event outside our house. I joined them and we witness people walking in foot… Now, why do I know they’re on foot when I can’t see their feet. Simply, because they were carrying their footwears. Oh well…

That’s my share of muddy experience. I definitely wasn’t able to avoid it this time but I am blessed cause we are all safe and healthy. And, the water stopped flowing around 8:30 AM and we started cleaning right away. We had our real breakfast around 9:30 AM. And it was a good meal… ^_^

Sorry I have no pictures to show you cause the battery of the camera is dead and my phone don’t have one. I can’t still afford to buy a new and luxurious phone for now.  But, I will be looking for pictures that my colleagues might have taken on incident. So, just refresh cause I might have already found one. I did found a very good video, I still have to extract it from its SD, cause we don’t have card reader as of the moment. We’ll post it soon. Check out the video below. It’s from my office mate, Ate Nova, thanks for the video. Its not really that bad.

Ey, I have a somewhat stupid question, “Why is there no lighting and thunder during daytime?” hehehe.. Forgive me, cause I really don’t know.


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