[FanFic] A Living Reminder

This is a SequeL of my other fanfic “7 Days“.
So, If you haven’t read it yet. Please read it now. =p

aLRWritten by Lyna, Edited by GaL
© All rights reserved.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. Everything written here is a product of my imagination. Any relation to real events is purely coincidence.


Thump… thump… thump…

The rain is heavily pouring now. It has been 30 minutes since Dara’s burial activity ended. The weather seems to know how we feel. As I look outside the car window, the sky is so dark though it’s still 4:00 in the afternoon. The place is covered with trees encircling the grave. It was Dara’s request to be buried here. It’s a land our family owned that we go for picnic, set on higher ground, you can overlook Seoul from here. It’s a memorable place for her.

Bom-unnie is still kneeling beside her grave clutching an umbrella in her arms. Even though she’s with an umbrella, I know for sure that she’s already wet.

I look around me and notice a guy walking towards the grave site. But, he suddenly stop when he sees someone is still there. He hid behind a tree and just stand there leaning his back on its trunk. Something intrigues me about the guy. He seems familiar. I look carefully at him, wiping the car window and staring at him intently. *Gasp* Then, it hit me. He’s the one I’ve been looking for… 2 years ago. He was my first love.

Directory under the cut!

Chapter 1: Why Can’t I Forget You?

Chapter 2 Part 1 : 2 Years Ago

Chapter 2 Part 2 : Be My Guide

Chapter 2 Part 3 : Take My Hand

Chapter 2 Part 4: Looking Back

Chapter 2 Part 5 : Indispensable Choices

Chapter 2 Part 6: Becoming A Bad Guy

Chapter 2 Part 7: Torn Apart

Chapter 2 Part 8: Secret Revealed!

Chapter 2 Part 9: Incurable Wound

Special Chapter Part 1: “The Special Chapter”

Special Chapter Part 2: “Written in the Past”


13 thoughts on “[FanFic] A Living Reminder

  1. Hi Lyna!!!

    I just finished reading your two fics (7 Days and ALR), I am craving for more!

    In 7 Days, you made me cry.

    Just when Seung Hyun has finally opened his heart for someone, he has to lose her.

    I have more things to say that I cannot express just yet.

    I just love how you have written it.

    I think ALR has deeper issues involved. I like the mystery, Young Bae’s attitude… just everything in it. How Jiyong’s character will affect everybody is yet to be unfold… and I just can’t wait.

    Do I make sense? Cause I think I don’t… I’m sorry if my comment sounds incoherent at this moment.

    To sum it all up, I juts love your work and I am looking forward to reading more from you!

  2. Pingback: [FanFic] ALR Chap.1: Why Can’t I Forget You? « What's Within Lyna

  3. OMO, hello lyna!
    First time commenting here. I’m bigbangloverr from letsplay2ne1.
    Thanks for all your comments on our site. truly appreciate it <3.

    Oooh, fanfic? with top, dara, bom, and gd. wahhh <3. Hopefully you can post up the story here and I'll for sure comment keke. I'll be waiting for it 😀

  4. *clap clap clap

    finished “7 DAYS” in YGL..!

    and i loved it..

    im sure i’ll love it’s sequel too..

    i’ll wait for it in YGL..

    don’t forget to pm me, ok?? ^^,

    thank you!!

  5. hi! I just finished reading your 7 days! I love it. so sad though that dara died.. I can’t wait for the sequel, living reminder.. I always come here and read your blogs and I enjoy it very much.. I love taeyang for dara just like you do, or top for dara. any of the 2 will be perfect as long they can make dara happy.. kekeke! I’m from ygl with the username guenny.. ^^

    • Wow! Thanks a Lot guenny… ^_^

      I really appreciate your comment very much…
      Thanks for inspiring me to continue writing…

      Till the sequeL then… ^_^


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