[Opinion] Bigbang Upshot – Why I Love (and Hate) them…

This is My Own Thoughts about them. It could be similar with yours…

I’m going to start with the one who brought me to KPOP fandom…

Sex God – The Perfect Lover

“Love Guru” T.O.P.

He is Sex god for TKPA, but for me he is the Sage of Love. Why? Simply because he thought me how to Love. Just one stare from him and I know he will be the death of me… It’s heart-wrenching to know that he will NEVER be mine. “We’re apart, breaks my heart.. It’s all for the best girl, you’re my world… in time love unfurls, he will then wait for you girl…” He? Who’s he? I want it to be you SeungHyun-shi… Why? Just check out some of his pics above where he can definitely melt any girl’s heart. And, I can never blame TKPA why he is Sex God, I also put two thumbs up on that because T.O.P. is naughty. No, he might not be doing anything naughty. But, yes, he makes us (fangirls) naughty. That’s why I hate him! He’ giving me a heartache and makes me so bad. LOL… I would like to share a dirty thought of why he is Sex God for me too. It’s because when I saw him (in pics or music videos) sometimes (okay, at most times), all I can think of is to go to bed with him. Forgive me, but I am also human with foul thoughts. And, I don’t know who’s to be blame. Do you? He could make you want to commit the original sin over and over again. I hate that I Love you so…

My Best Teaser Friend

“Bizarre Teaser” GDragon

GD… Oh GD, you took the “Breathe” out of me… You’re astonishing the way you are and that’s what makes you bizarre since you always surprise us most of the times. You may be the “Heartbreaker” for most girls cause you aLways teases them with your smile, winks and uncanny actions. With you, Life is full of never-ending surprises. Thank goodness, for me, you’re the best friend I will never have. So, I’m gonna be okay… No heartbreaks, but if ever I fall in love with you… It would be the type where “I shouldn’t and never should have Love you from the very start.” Many think that I hate you. Why? Because I describe you in one chatbox that you’re so GirLish… I don’t even say that you’re” Gay” and they already bashed me for it. Geez… You have lots of fangirls sweetie… We can never say something bad about you or else we’ll have tomatoes flying to our face. Anyway, I love you. I love you but I don’t fantasize too much of you… I mean… not as much as I fantasize T.O.P. =) Hehehe… I would be lying if I said I haven’t fantasized over you. Gawd! Your “Breathe” Music Video teaser (am referring to the Heartbreaker) not the Music Video itself makes me want you more… That’s why you yourself are a TEASER! You’re making us wanting for more! I kinda didn’t expect that the “Breathe” Official Music Video is playful, I though it would be full of bed and… filthy thoughts. Whatever… I still love you for it. It’s my favorite song anyway. And, sweetie, I even defend you from your Antis, about your VOGUE pics. You definitely look prettier than any girl and they (Antis) said you’re just seeking attention. Hello! You don’t have to seek attention yourself, ATTENTION is seeking you. Stupid Antis! They’re simply jealous cause they we’re not given any attention. Oh! They have! It’s them who are seeking attention (fights) from your fangirls. See, I even have lots of things to say about you and I only want you to be my friend.

My IdeaL Man – The Perfect Husband

“Sexy Sovereign” SOL (SSS)

A.K.A. Taeyang or Young Bae is simply SEXY. Every veins of his body spells Sexy and his moves will definitely bring you to your own deathbed lovingly. I Love his voice too… In “Gara Gara Go”, I thought it was Daesung who sung the line starting with “Soushete…” It was my favorite line and when I watched the Music Video, I can’t believe it is you… Even your voice is SEXY… I (or any girls) in particular would really Love you the way you are… You are SimpLy Sexy without even trying to. Keep it up. Please… No NUDE pics of you, it will truly break my heart (not that I don’t want to see it) cause it simply doesn’t suit your personality. Being topless is okay, but please No bottomless… Don’t ever ever remove your pants or worst, your boxers, in front of anyone (its okay if we’re alone, just you and me baby)… You are sexy even with clothes on, so no need to remove it for public eyes. (I bet many would object on that one but) I perceive you to be the most conservative guy in Bigbang and the most IdeaL Man in the world. So, please stick to that image.

My Jolly Brother

“Dorky Nightingale” D-Lite

Daseung-shi is the guy who will let you go into deep slumber with a smile in your lips. If you can’t sleep, remember to listen to his songs… his voice is the perfect lullaby… I L.O.V.E .his VOICE. Period. I love all his lines in every song of theirs. My favorite line is in “Koe Wa Kikasete” and its my current favorite songs along with many more. (You may check out below). And that cute smiling eyes of his makes him feel approachable and easy to get along with. So, if you need someone to lean on, just call out his name and wish he’ll come in your dreams… =p @TKPA,I think Daesung should be the SMILING Sex Slave… But, really! Will Daesung be okay with being Sex Slave? I guess not… I can’t think of Sex when I’m with Daesung. Swear! Why? I could be laughing my ass off when I’m with him. He got charms but he is also the type where you can never think of something dirty to do with him. Sorry… I’m not the type of fangirl who wants him to be more than just a friend. I want him to be my brother! So, it may be different for the girls who want him to be their husband. I’d love to hear their thoughts on this.

My Hidden “Scarlet Letter”

“Sweet Magician” V.I.

Seung-ri, I’m afraid I can’t say anything about you… But, you’re really gorgeous (when GD is not) in “Always”, “Forever with you”, and “Goodbye Baby” Music Videos.  Now, why is Seung-ri a “Sweet Magician”? Besides his smiling cute face that makes him sweet and even if he seems to be ordinary at most times, but he has always something up in his sleeve. You can notice him being a magician at “Bigbang is V.I.P.” (he holds a gunpowder?), “Oh My Friend” (as an entertainer) ,“How Gee” (I want to confirm this, is he the one holding the trumpet/ trombone/ saxophone?) and “Dirty Cash” Music Videos. I mean, he can portray many characters that you can’t believe it’s him. And dearie, I don’t want to fantasize over you; I don’t want to be guilty of “Pedophile”. LOLS… I already am… But not with you… hahaha… Excuse me dearie, don’t hate me. I love you too cause I know if I’m brokenhearted and I need someone to talk with, you’ll definitely buy me a beer and listen to my never-ending stupid foolishness. So, what makes that of you? You’re my “Scarlet Letter”. ^_^
Here are some bonus pictures of Seungri taken from “Always” MV and “Goodbye Baby” MV respectively… I wish they’ll bring back his hairstyle.

BIGBANG as a whole… Is the only boyband who can pull of any genre of music perfectly well. Be it ballad, pop, or rock… You name it… I think they’ve already played it.

Here are my FAVORITE songs from them showing all their different sides. My Current and Most Favorite of aLL,

“Bigbang as First-Hand Serenades” – Koe Wa Kikasete

Credits: YGEntertainment@youtube.com

with their latest music video “Koe Wa Kikasete” (Let Me Hear Your Voice). I just so so love the music and music video… It’s definitely my Number 1 song.

“Bigbang D’ Rock and Roll Star” – Oh My Friend

Credits: FiERYxRAYE@youtube.com

“Oh My Friend” is one of my favorites too… I love their characters in their music video. Check them out!

“The Lovely Bigbang Dorks” – DIRTY CASH

Credits: BIGBANG@youtube.com

“I don’t need your dirty money.” I can’t help but notice the following…
Seung-ri would look lovely as a woman,


GD is the lost brother of Lee Seung Gi,

Seungri ,Teayang and Daesung would make lovely Dream GirLs

and T.O.P. how can you tick up your eyelashes like that?

“Bigbang is V.I.P. (Very Impressive Punks)”


I guess the video shows it all… here’s a nice GIF.

“Bigbang as Class Diturbance Schoolboys” – LALALA


I don’t mean this badly… I mean as Class Disturbance? Maybe Ice Breaker… Yeah… They could be both! But it’s how the Music Video implies but if ever I have one of them as my classmate, I could hardly focus on my studies as well… Teehee! Joking! (Jokes are half-truth)…

“Bigbang as Melo-dramatic Romantic Fools” – Haru Haru & Lies

Love can make as act like we are Fools…Yes. But, I’d rather be an idiot loving you than aLone LoneLy Loner.

“Bigbang is the Hottest Beach Boys” – Always


Whose Body is this?

Tada… It’s

OK? Below are screencaps from their “Always” MV.

Yeah! Always! Beating the F4… No! They cannot even be compared to F4 cause they’re much more than that. Agree or Agree? =p

Comments will be loved. ^_^

Yours truly,



11 thoughts on “[Opinion] Bigbang Upshot – Why I Love (and Hate) them…

  1. You’re not only one who likes to be in bed with T.O.P. Not literally I mean, but hope so. xD
    I just listening Anna Abreu’s Impatient and it just fit in with my thoughts of T.O.P, oops, I mean H.O.T.

    And ’cause I’m Finnish my English isn’t so good. But hope you understant.

    And that’s sweetest article that I ever read.

  2. i like big bang so much
    but in my country k-pop is famous but not in a good way
    ppl think only brainless teenagers listen to them
    and maybe coz big bang is the most famous here all the blame goes to them
    i dont need them to like k pop, just wish not to discuss them without knowing who they are

  3. Lyna!! I like this article..this is what I think about them.

    Youngbae-The Perfect Husband-yup..you are right about this..and I absolutely agree that he don’t have to take off his clothes just to show his sexiness..just by looking at him I feel 1000++++ voltage of electricity in my entire body..and if he will pose naked in a magazine..OMG I don’t know what to do!!! I will go crazy..the idea of seeing him naked makes me want to submerge myself in a bathtub full of ice..(in my dreams) being his wife is the most wonderful thing for me..I want to be his wife..Damn!! marry me Youngbae!!

    G-Dragon-The Flirt-how can I resist this guy? This is the kind of guy that my mother told me not to love. He’s the one that is full of adventure. Any moment he can be your friend, then turn you into his girlfriend. He is the one that you should not take seriously..she can make your heart crazy over him but beware..he’s kinda player..I see myself, playing hide and seek with him, once he realized that he don’t need me anymore..

    TOP-The Sex God-you’re right..he’s the one that you can spend the whole night with him without any regrets..He can make you an “Unfaithful” wife or girlfriend. Just being with him, you don’t care what other people will say about you. I clearly see myself(in my dreams) doing that thing inside a car or to the most unexpected place and risky situation..kekeke

    Daesung-The Good Brother-yeah..he’s the perfect brother that I want to have..Funny..Cute..caring..He’s the one that can make me happy even if my whole world turned upside down.I know I can depend on him. Being with him makes you forget everything that your husband, flirty friend and the sex god have done to you..kekeke

    Seung-Ri-The Cool bestfriend-I see him as a good bestfriend. Someone that you can rely on. He is someone that will listen to your problems but give you options on how to solve it. A bestfriend that loves you unconditionally. He’s the one that prioritized more of your friendship than being a lover to you.

    Over all

    I love BigBang..and I hate them for making me like this..a crazy fangirl..kekeke

    Thanxie Lyna for this article..!muahhh!!

    • Wow! Thanks for the Long Comment Baby! hehehe…

      So much Love from you huh… We’re the same anyway…

      We’re crazy.. LOLs… crazy fangirLs.. hahaha

      So you got 3 guys you hooked up with… TOP, GD, and Taeyang…

      Now, if all 3 courts you… who will you choose?

      • I will choose the love of my life DONG YOUNGBAE!!!! kekeke..as much as I like GD and TOP, my loyalty is to YB..he’s everything to me..hahahha..lol
        we are really crazy fangirls..hehehe

  4. Love your thoughts on BB.
    It’s like it came straight from the top of your head. LOL.
    And I agree with the Daesung part. His voice is so soothing and angelic. And he is more like a brother and a friend.

    But you know, once in a while I do think of him in a different light. 🙂

    • Hmm… saying that… I’m seeing Daedae on a different light too…

      He got Broad Shoulders… hahaha.. and chinky eyes.. LOL…

      And I so so so Love his Voice!

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