[Opinion] G’s Reflection Part 1: “G-Dragon is GAY! “

This is my entry for TKPA’s bLog contest.
Some of you may hate this but this is simply my opinion. Some of this couldn’t be true. No! It shouldn’t be true.

Disclaimer: All pictures that are posted here are not mine. Credits goes to the owner of the photos, you know who you are. To mention, I got my sources most from the following: POPSEOUL, BIGBANGKOREAN, KJPOPBANDS, ALLKPOP, SEOULBEATS, SOOMPI and 88NEWS.

Okay… Here it goes…


G-Dragon is GAY!

Now, where did I hear that from? Did it just come from my own mouth?!
Come on… Look at the above pictures. Was it photoshop? I’m not really sure. But those pictures will really gave you the thought that GD is gay.

Really. I never wanted to say he’s GAY… oops… Let’s say he is Feminine.
But is being feminine means you’re gay? We’ll be having definition problems here…

For me… Gay means a guy having a feminine side. Doesn’t all guys have feminine side? Geez… I didn’t know that giving definition is so hard. How did the dictionary manages to give definitions to all those words? Seriously!

Screw that! I’ll leave that problem to the “Dictionary”.

So, I searched it. Here’s the result.  And I’m going to associate it with GDragon.

GAY [SOURCE of Definition]

1. Having or showing a merry, lively mood: gay spirits; gay music.

Does GD have gay spirits? From the definition given, Yes! GD has a very merry and lively mood. And, that’s the first thing I love in him. He can lift any spirits up with his mood. Wouldn’t you want to smile seeing him acting dorky?

Is GD’s music gay? Definitely Not. His “Heartbreaker” album is far from being gay. How would you describe his album anyway? Erotic? Maybe. “Breathe” can stir up your libido at some point. Gah! It’s my favorite…

2. Bright or showy: gay colors.

Yes! GD is flashy! He is the most interesting man in the whole Asia despite the fact that I Love Taeyang and TOP. That’s why I choose him to be my topic for this blog contest. He outshines them all. For 1 reason, he is absurd. Shocking us here and there. With GD, as I’ve mentioned in my ‘Bigbang Upshot’, Life is full of never-ending surprises. He always makes you wonder what’s going to be his next move.  You will never know it… This is GD’s trademark. You will never fail to notice him.

What will be the next image GD will portray?

3. Given to or abounding in social or other pleasures: a gay social season.

Definitely this is a Yes! Who doesn’t know who GD is? You must be from another planet. LOL. GD is Famous! With his personality and character, it’s normal that he is a Socialite.

4. Licentious; wanton: The baron is gay old rouge.

He is… in most ways. He is wicked to make all girls fall for him in many wanton ways. Who wouldn’t? He is Temptation!

5. homosexual.

Bigbang,G-Dragon,GDragon,Kwon Ji Yong
*Sigh* There are some issues about this already. I was LMAO when I read an article that TOP and GD have this relationship for 3 years and are just trying to hide it. There are photos of him being kissed by Seung-ri and he kissed Taeyang on cheeks. I don’t think it’s a Big Deal. But if he is… GD is the only one who has the right to answer this speculation.

6. Indicating, or supporting homosexual interests or issues: a gay organization.

I’m not sure if this could fall in this category but…

G-Dragon said, “Women’s clothing has a better/prettier line than men’s clothing. Because the line is pretty, I have bought women’s clothing before.” [SOURCE]

And there are already tons of events that he’s been wearing girl’s clothing.  The one that really buzz the netizens was this article: GD Wears a Dress and on his recent Vogue photoshoot. Did he really wear a skirt??? Yes! He did… But he definitely rocks the whole outfit. I bet he can carry all outfits be it with torn or open zippers. His fans will still love him… Below are some pics of him wearing a girl clothing.


On most fashion magazines, he really looks gay. Especially on Numero where he wore a halter top (Check the photo below). Gawd! It looks hideous. Maybe I have no fashion sense but I don’t like it. I like his poses on Vogue but that photoshoot has a horror flick vibe.
Bigbang,G-Dragon,GDragon,Kwon Ji Yong
GDragon for me is not so gay… But…
He will surely look prettier than most girls if he were to be a girl.
And with his fashion sense, he can make the world upside down with his style. Maybe that’s why.
Here are some pics where I’ve mistaken him for a girl.

Bigbang,G-Dragon,GDragon,Kwon Ji Yong
Isn’t she pretty? >_<
Also, he is Flirtiest!
He could be the Boyfriend of the World.
And I bet no girlfriend of his would blame him for that.
TKPA wouldn’t, even if she’s the nth girlfriend.

Unless, he falls in love with a Guy… Noooo!
Cause TKPA will be the 1st one to lose her sanity…
I guess I would to.

But if ever he is gay, I’ll still love him. Why? Because it’s GD.  I love him for who he is. And I will love him for who is he going to be.


Below are some links to articles stating that GD could be a gay or have something to do with his absurd fashion sense.





44 thoughts on “[Opinion] G’s Reflection Part 1: “G-Dragon is GAY! “

  1. The only reply I will say to this is to quoteG Dragon himself and let this quote speak for itself. He said “You say I’m gay, but I can make your girl scream louder sitting in her chair than you just by clicking ‘follow’ on her Twitter”

    • This goes to everyone who reads…Being gay has nothing to do with being feminine. There are manly gay guys too u know?. I hate that people only follow stereotypes. You shouldn’t believe that wearing woman clothes or acting a little bit more feminite makes somwone gay. CAN HAPPEN BUT NOT ALWAYS. Sexual orientation and gender identity are not the same!!! Come on, haven’t you learned about it? If u wanna talk about these topics I really suggest that u go and research about it, cuz the topic is wider than u expect. And we can’t know if GD is gay or not. It doesn’t reallt matters. Why don’t we just limit to listen to his music and support him always?
      Stop judging.
      P.S If he is bi or gay I would support him. I’m bi and I dont think its wrong…

  2. I just started following gd. I like him, he’s in your face, this is who I am. He’s different. I like different. He has got to be the coolest artist ever. Cooler then any artist here in America. That’s my opinion, coming from one crazy to another. God bless him for much bigger success in everything he does.

  3. G-Dragon is NOT GAY so get that out of your head. You should really watch things about him and BigBang on youtube so you can learn more about them.They arnt gay and he isnt either so leave him alone with that BULLSH!T. if you were a real fan or a fan at all that would have never crossed your mind.

    • Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Look it up on YouTube gd and top said it theirselves they are not gay baby boo so get that out of yo head !!!!!!!!!!!!! IF U WERE A REAL FAN U WOULD NO!!!!!!

    • lol you will never know if he is gay or not. People should stop talking about bis private life. U think u know about him but u know nothing… U all make me laugh.

  4. I dont think he’s gay. Maybe bi. Haha. I started gd big fans this month coz his unique personality and his talented. So from all i see..from his gestures, interview and maanny thing about him i dont get he’s gay. He is only man in k-pop who dont even care what people thinking. If dress a woman clothes is a gay’s thing..i bet he dont even give a sh*t. He just want to be what he want and be different. I agree he has a feminine side, he can be very sensitive and caring to other member, but in other side he can be crazy too like a bad boy. Sometimes i think gd have bipolar personality coz he’s act like that. Whatever his sexual orientation i dont care. Haha. He’s just too awesome

  5. GD is not gay if u did a bit of real reaserch you would know that when korean males are close they behave in that way towards eachother not gay. For them this is normal behavior, yes GD is ecentric but he has a creative soul and he lets it show. Dont hate a MAN for showing love to his family.

    If you watch the BIGBANG parody videos you might think all of BIGBANG is just a little gay

  6. Apparently some people don’t know shit about fashion and individuality… :I Ignorance at it’s best eh? :I You, are one sad, sad, person

  7. just because he wears girl stuff and acts a bit girly doesnt mean hes gay! i act like a boy and dress up like one, i play basket and football does that make me a lesbian ?? NO ! so stop accusing him !

  8. I knew it (I’m a GTOP shipper so I always try to prove that G-Dragon is gay ^^). I have read some articles about GD’s gender and I admire the writers. Thanks for the article.

    • “GDs Gender”? If u mean “sexual preference or orientation” it doesn’t have anything to do with the gender. I also ship GTOP and everything, but in real life, we could NEVER know if he is gay or not. (sadly)

  9. I found this really late, but felt the need to comment after reading some of the conversation below.

    First; I, like a few others, believe that being gay has nothing to do with being more “girly” than “boyish,” or vice versa. One is gay when they sexually/romantically prefer the same gender. I’ve seen both boys and girls pull off the opposite gender’s clothing very nicely without being gay. Also, if we’re assuming that every guy who wears a dress is gay, then we also must assume that every girl who wears pants is a lesbian, since pants were originally men’s clothes.

    Second; it bothers me to no end that people keep claiming that he’s straight. How would you know? Has he told you? It’s obnoxious and unseemly to assume anything about someone you’ve never even talked to. He could be straight, he could be gay, no one knows for sure since he hasn’t made a public statement either way. People shouldn’t state things (him being gay or straight, whichever) like they’re facts when they actually have no clue.

    Lastly; why does it even matter? Honestly, you should only really care about someone’s sexuality if you plan to date them. How many people here think they can date GD, a famous idol? Basically none, right? Great. Knowing this, if you really like GD, you should stop saying things that might cause controversy and hurt his career, and love him for his awesome music like he intended.

    Sorry for the long rant, but this has seriously been bothering me for a long time. Not just for GD, but for all the celebrities in general.

    I’d also like to state that I’m not trying to yell at the author, I just want to make people a little more aware of what they’re talking about, if that makes any sense. Talking about stuff like this might be fun, but saying the wrong thing can insult your idol if they happen to read it. True, they might be accustomed to it, but they have human feelings too, are they can crack just like anyone else.

    Tl;dr, I know, but I wanted to say it.

    • I don’t think it should bother you no end that people say he’s straight. He’s said many times that he’s had multiple girlfriends in the past. He’s also defined his ideal type of woman. He writes his songs from experience and they’re always about women (he constantly uses the word “girl” in them).

      Straight males can love fashion and they can be physically affectionate toward the people they care about. Until he states otherwise, I’m going to assume he’s straight. He’s certainly shown he’s attracted to women, (and if he isn’t then he at least wants us to believe he is). So I’m going to. I think to do otherwise is disrespectful of his wishes.

  10. GS is not gay.! it’s just a fashion but i don’t say that he loves to wear women clothes. He even has the ability to wear women’s wear well and it looks manly when he wear those kind of clothes.!

  11. Firstly I would like to say that I’m not here to start an argument just to state my opinion.

    I have to admit yes the photos look gay but you also have to see it from his side. GD is the type of male that plays and jokes around a lot. Things like this is apart of his personality. You assume he’s gay because that’s the kind of stereotype you know. The basic male gay stereotype is dressing girly, hip movement like a girl, and well kissing a guy, but does it mean he’s gay? That picture of him trying to kiss Taeyang was him yet again goofy on a photo shoot. GD and Taeyang has been best friends for a long time, they both know how playful they can be and well it’s shown in the picture. As for the first three, again it’s his personality. Obviously if GD cared for what people though he wore he wouldn’t wear things like that. Also you don’t know if the dress was made after or before GD wore that outfit, and if it is a dress then so what? For a while they though GD wore a skirt but it was an Irish kilt. One last thing, if GD was gay he would tell everyone because he has no problem with hiding who he is. He shows on camera multiple times how goofy, silly, fashionable, and truthful he is. I don’t like people assuming someone is gay from just pictures, until you find quotes that say’s GD is gay straight from YG or BigBang or even GD himself you have nothing saying he’s gay.

    • its not really my opinion that “GD is Gay”.. I don’t think he is. I’m not assuming he is.
      This article was based on a description or definition of the word ‘gay’. if you note on the last statement , i clearly said that “GDragon for me is not so gay… ”

      and this article was written for fun. i Love GD too. ^^
      Thanks for the comment! ^^

  12. hi, glad to find this article though it’s over a year old coz i wanna share my observations.

    in gtop’s recent “don’t go home” performances, i noticed that gd’s moves were girly. top’s were almost there, lol. maybe the intention was to act cute, but it was just too effeminate for me. i actually support daragon, but it’s only after watching gd’s dance that i’ve started to wonder. i’ve never thought he was into boys. and i think all those “kissing”, even top’s, was just for fun and bcoz they’re so close, so it’s ok to do that. but you never know… lol… recently, i’ve also noticed gd wearing earrings big enough to be noticed and in a style that made him look kinda gay–if not almost like a girl, for me.

    actually, when i began looking into kpop, i was bothered that a lot of the guys were like gay, with their effeminate moves and thick makeup. i haven’t observed this with korean actors so i wondered if idols were also trained by gays. or maybe it’s just the choreography or the makeup style. but i’ve seen some do hosting and the way they talk was far from manly.

    • Thanks for your comment. =)

      So far, there are many idols which I think are feminine or let’s say “gays”. One of them is Heechul of Super Junior and G-Dragon. But, I think they’re BiSex. They love guys as much as they love girls. Cause as I’ve observed, during trainee days, they group up with boys surrounding them. They were able to love them as a friend and eventually will grow into something more. Like… they wanted to be together always.

      It’s the same with girls. Especially for those who have dated the opposite sex who have turned out to be sour or hurt them. There is a moment when they will come to realize that its better to be with their same sex cause they’re comfortable and understand each other despite their differences. Cause it really is. That’s why friendship last longer than romantic relationship.

      Relationship depends on respect, understanding, faith, hope and Love. Those 5 exist in friendship. In romantic relationship, there is always negative vibes. Like in the back of our mind, we think my boyfriend/girlfriend will eventually cheat on me and leave me hurting. Love is Pain. It’s just how we deal with the pain that Love can last.

      LOL.. I dunno if I have a point. But am a girl, and after being fooled by a guy countless times, I think am better off alone. I do want to be in a relationship, but not for real or serious deal. Maybe, until the time comes when I won’t have to depend on the guy. Like it’s okay if you leave me, i won’t cry. =p

  13. maybe he is maybe he isnt it doesnt really matter since he’d still be sexy anywho (:
    the kissing taeyang thing an others maybe thats just because he is comfortable with his sexualtiy so it doesnt bother him to kiss guys anyway it doesnt matter at the end of the day some people aare gay some are straight or some like a bit of both (: he’ll still turn out good songs so yh xxx

  14. um yeah about this GD isn’t gay…. just merto…. or like girls clothes and he looks damn good in them XD
    being gay meand liking some one of you same gender… i know cuz i am XD
    and also Bill Kualitz also look feminine and is str8 as hell :3

    mucho wuv to ya and wuffed the pics XD
    i wuv his fashion sense

    aight l8r

    • thanks for the comment.. I just like read it now? LOL.
      GD had a great fashion sense… but not at all times. =p

      As for him liking guys.. I think he does.. cause I was thinking, when you’re trying out something (wearing girl clothes), it means you like to be one of those who (wears girl clothes) did that something. And being able to carry it like its natural on you is definitely loving it.

      Don’t you think? What I’m trying to say is… Girls love to wear skirts, if you love to wear skirts, you must have wanted to be one of the girls.

  15. Ha! the man is so not gay. Extremely talented and follows the beat of his own drum. Maybe a little
    ADD *smile* . I personally think he is trying to be himself in an environment that is about the collective and not the individual…..Baby Boy is quite the individual. I also think the rogue is wickedly
    sexy and ….well I’ll leave it there cause what I REALLY want to say would go the way of G Dragon’s latest scandal.
    One last thing. I for one surely hope my previous statement is true, I would like him less for it.
    and thats my prerogative.

  16. Being gay means that you are male and you like boys better than girls in love relationship. It has nothing to do with feminine side. It’s true that some gays look little bit like women but if man is feminine that don’t mean that he’s gay. Some gays are very manly.

    In my opinnion GD just likes crossdressing and he has self-esteem to make it public. I’m a girl and I like more guys clothes and they fit me better than girls cloths and GD seems to be opposite. And he wears them pretty well, so what’s the fuss about.

    But if he really is gay I have nothing against it. I could never had a chance of him anyway… 😦 xD

    • LOL… thanks for the comment Nara.. its pretty great.. and yeah.. I never though wearing a girls dress makes a guy gay… but if he wanted to be a girl.. that’s another story..

      And GD rocks the clothes he’s wearing..

  17. wohoo~! at first i totally raised my left eyebrow when i saw this..
    OHMYFREAKINGGAHO~! GD is not a gay, unless he would reveal it.. kekek~! BUT definitely he’s not a GAY; he’s only having a FEMININE side. *that’s what i think..* and BTW i don’t think wearing woman’s attire is bad and its not gay, because it’s not only GD wearing those kinds of attire..even in other countries because it’s a F-A-S-H-I-O-N~! *is it only me? or i’m being bias much? can’t help it though..* 😀

    • I also don’t think its bad wearing an apparel from an opposite sex.. so long as it fits you…

      I wore man’s apparel too.. And I don’t feel gay or lesbian..

      Thanks for the comment.. ^_^


  18. hmmz XD second time I’m reading this, but this time with pics *smirk*
    the pics definitely add more humor to it.

    The few times that I saw GD he was either on stage (looking fierce) or on 2ne1TV a bit timid and playful. But yea, this article showed an other side of him to me.
    This makes him stand out from all the other male k-pop artist who wouldn’t even dare to try something new.

    love your blog, keep writing 😉

    • Thanks a Lot Greg!

      Yeah.. GD really stand out…
      I was aLso thinking of this series.. to be The Other Side of GD… but kinda Long, so I changed it to G’s Reflection..

      Thanks again,

  19. You have misunderstood my reason about hating “KWON JI YONG”

    Its not about his curly hair in his performance in *shine a light*….

    Its about his concert…because of what he did to “Aimee Lucas”
    The dance thing…

    I know its a lame excuse for hating someone you like,…!!!
    but it hurts sooooooooooo much for me!!!!

    So i retired…And get a new life!!!!
    geez…it maybe hard ,but its what the destiny wants me to do!!!!

    Nah…it’ll be fun while it last….
    besides i got my crush (seungri)that inspires me!!!

    And i thank GOD that gave me life to have someone to love in my whole life!!!

    regardz all,
    Mrs.Lee Sueng Hyun

    • Such a Kid… Hahaha…

      It’s okay… you still have lots of time to grow up ^_^

      Happy Birthday!

      I hope you dream of Seungri and not of Daesung… I was LMAO when I hear you shouting Daesung’s name while sleeping… hahaha… oopss… Was that supposed to be a secret?

  20. First of all i’am a little surprise!!!!
    But i think its great….every guy in this wolrd has that kind of feeling….but it seems like GD’s been a part of a “GAY”….
    Oppps…sorry !!At first when i saw GD….
    My heart has been falling for him!!!!
    I totlly admire GD!!In a past few months when GD’s concert begun I totally erased him out of my mind….Geez…it ain’t got that right!!!!????…

    Now my heart only belongs to SHEUNGRI!!!:) (my love)

    I wish on my birthday tommorow (dec.11)that maybe someday I’ll be in SHEUNGRING’s hands FOREVER and EVER….(char!!!)

    your friend,
    Mrs. Lee Sueng Hyun

    • You’re turning 13 tomorrow right?

      If only I can contact Seungri I’d definitely give you his autograph… as a birthday gift..

      LOL… I just remember the days when GD released his “Heartbreaker” MV… You watched it repeatedly like 20 times in a day? I’m worried that my USB will be damaged due to over used… And Heartbreaker is the only song I can hear for the whole day at the casette.. That’s how addicted you are…

      I know when did you lost interest in GD is when he performs “A Boy” in his CurLy hair… I bet many fangirls did too… But their hearts immediately bounces back when he performs at MAMA… don’t you???

      I love GD’s curly hair with cap… And with his ala-Michael Jackson outfit… He looks stunning… *Shine a Light*

  21. GD is gay? gay in a sense of being to happy, flashy. Maybe a bit feminine..but I find him doing that stuffs to attract more girls. Coz girls love to hang out with gays, or those guys who understands them, and knows what a girl wants. Guys who are fun, acting like gays, woman are kinda comfortable with them. But behind those gay acts, I think GD is a bit flirty. If I will be trapped in a room with him and I don’t know him, my first impression of him would be, “He’s a bit gay, but there’s a pervert inside him.” So I will try to unleash the perv in him..lol.kekekeke. His looks could kill, I find his mannerism so manly.

    Just my 2cents, and I’m attracted to guys like him..kekeke, but I love my Youngbae more.

    Thanx for the article Lyna, I hope you win in TKPA’s contest. 🙂 muahhh!

    • Thanks Glaiza! That’s my G’s Reflection Part 2… The Perv in him…
      I also thinks he is a FLirt.. Don’t we?
      I mean, Isn’t he?

      So, you love flirty guys ha… I better warn your hubby for that type of guys.. LOLs.. ^_^

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