[Opinion] BigBang TOP’s KisS of Death


Most of you knows that T.O.P. has been in so many kissing scenes lately…


Didn’t you notice that 2 of the girLs that was kissed by him died after being kissed by him (on the scenes)!

First, in  Gummy’s “I’m Sorry” Music Video featuring T.O.P. where he kissed Sandara Park of 2NE1. Dara in that Music Video died. Check the video beLow.

And in his kissing scene of the recent on-going (as of today) drama, IRIS with Yang Mi Jung (played by Jooni), the computer hacker. This is the CUT version of their kissing scene. Look how HOT it is.

Then, she grants a favor for her lover Vick (played by TOP) by extracting what seems to be a secret file from the server of NSS. But instead of a nice juicy kiss to return the favor, Vick brutally twists Yang Mi Jung’s head and watches as she slowly collapses to the ground. What a great way to end a relationship… CREDIT

Video Credits to :TeamBIGBANG1


Now, who wants to die next?

I won’t mind dying so long as I get to kiss him… Nyahaha… =p


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