[Opinion] G’s Reflection Part 2: G-Dragon’s “A Boy”

Picture Spam of G-Dragon when he is still young… ^_^
Please let me know if there’s a pic that I included and it wasn’t G-Dragon.
Disclaimer: I do not own all pictures that are posted here. Credit as labeled. If without label, credits goes to its owner, you know who you are.

He Looks so Cute..

Bigbang,G-Dragon,GDragon,Kwon Ji Yong
Is this Ji Yong? Doesn’t look like him so I’m not sure.. nyahaha

More pictures under the cut.

Bigbang,G-Dragon,GDragon,Kwon Ji Yong
Who’s with him? Is that Taeyang?

Okay here are some GDYB momentos when they were still so young… Best of Friends huh. ^_^
Bigbang,G-Dragon,GDragon,Kwon Ji Yong

Bigbang,G-Dragon,GDragon,Kwon Ji Yong

Then… after years later… We are still the best of friends.
Bigbang,G-Dragon,GDragon,Kwon Ji Yong

GD YB is one of our favorite tandem right?

Bigbang,G-Dragon,GDragon,Kwon Ji YongNow, our little boy is growing up… Ain’t he adorable still?

Bigbang,G-Dragon,GDragon,Kwon Ji YongCheck out his smile… and in a formal wear… He is hot and charming even when he is young… Woot!

Bigbang,G-Dragon,GDragon,Kwon Ji YongOh… Look at that boy! What is he eating?

Bigbang,G-Dragon,GDragon,Kwon Ji Yong
Is red his favorite color? The apple and most of his outfits are color red.

Bigbang,G-Dragon,GDragon,Kwon Ji Yong
With his famiLy… Nice parents bringing someone like GD into this world. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Kwon.

Bigbang,G-Dragon,GDragon,Kwon Ji Yong
Bigbang,G-Dragon,GDragon,Kwon Ji Yong
With her sister, nice siblings eh… Do they look the same?


Bigbang,G-Dragon,GDragon,Kwon Ji Yong
Baby Ji! So kawaii… I still see some resemblance when he was still a kid up to now. The eyes?

Who would have thought that baby will grow up into a..

^The Gossip Man^

PS. With Papa YG… Don’t they look like Father and Son.

G-Dragon,Bigbang,Papa YG
I want to be Papa YG’s daughter too…

Papa YG, I want to be part of your family too.

DISCLAIMER: All photos posted here are not mine. CREDITS as tagged and belong to its rightful owner.


14 thoughts on “[Opinion] G’s Reflection Part 2: G-Dragon’s “A Boy”

    • I’m sorry.. since this is an old post and am not accustomed to blogging before. I wasn’t able to put up the source but credit as tagged.

  1. Ohh I love you kwon relly even I want to marry you can you come to UAE,in UAE some of them like korean but I like korean more I love you mostly ur my life ur so so so cute when you were a kid love you kwon I wicth you come to UAE I will be so happy if you came XD ❤

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