Changed my theme to P2, since I Love the…

Changed my theme to P2, since I Love the me2day layout… Don’t you think it’s similar? Well… At least I could post “Little thoughts” in here..
On our Christmas party last December 14, 2009, I was the last one to leave the office. My officemate instructed me to bring 2 gifts (not mine, theirs) to bring to the party first since they’ll be going somewhere before going to the party. So, I did. I bring 2 gifts and our props for our perf that night. But when I was about to leave, I notice a gift at the shelf, I was thinking that probably another officemate of mine forget to bring his/her gift for our party. So, I bring that gift too. All in all, I bring 3 gifts, props and my stuff to the party.

It just so happen that ‘that gift’ was lost in the party. We have been asking who owns it during the party and nobody answers or claims that it was theirs.

The day after, Atty., an officemate of mine exclaimed that her gift from Dave was gone. She left it at the office. Then, later we found out that the”gift” that nobody claims was the gift she was looking for. We traced the gift to the event of the party and later found out it was mixed with the prizes and was given out as a consolation prize… She wanted to have it back… Do you think we should give something in exchange?

Am I guilty of losing it?


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