[Project] Finishing Touches of “Dara’s WaLL of Love” Project

[Edit: Updated the picture, added new messages and corrections…]

Well, Its almost done finally after many retouches…
This is still up for its finishing touches to be done by Greg. ^_^
Check it out below, It still has no background and image effects whatsoever but the layout is done. Please click the image to view its original size.

It still have many spaces where we can put some messages. So, If you don’t want to send me your tweets with #happybdaydara hash-tag, you may just leave your message for Dara as a comment here. Please make it brief, at most 20 words.

I will try to add it up as soon as possible since the layout for the tweets on the bricks is in a separate file. So I can edit it without disturbing Greg’s artwork. Let your messages keep on coming.

There are also tweets posted which are temporary, so it means I can still remove it. They are temporary for 2 reasons,

    1. its a message tweeted by a same person (meaning 2 or more tweets by the same person)
    2. the tweet isn’t submitted but was suggested.

I was just trying to fill up some spaces so If you want your message to be included, please leave a comment or email me your messages.

For tracking purposes, you may want to check how this project evolves…
Dara Wall of Love
#happybdaydara for Trend Topic

Please check if I leave something out or I should have included something.


8 thoughts on “[Project] Finishing Touches of “Dara’s WaLL of Love” Project

  1. Hey! This is a wonderful project and it’s looking fabulous so far!

    I am quite awkward with these sorts of things so I thought I could help out in a sort of different way. Reading through I just noticed a lil typo in Minji’s comment — “energy” is spelt wrong (forgot how).

    Anyway all the best to you, the 2NE1 girls and especially Dara for the big dates coming up! Have a Merry Christmas ^^

  2. HI Lynna.. the ProJect is really amazing!!!. I wish you could send it to Dara.. lol!
    This is my message to Dara..

    Hey DaRa,
    You did it! I always knew you would.
    you’ve faced challenge with determination, Strength and confidence.
    My idOL.. may the future bring even more!

  3. hey lyna hope u can put this message from all 21evo staff: (thanks Lyna!)

    To our dear Daraya,
    Your thoughtfulness knows no bounds.
    May your troubles be less, and your blessings be more,
    and nothing but happiness come through your door.

    Love, 21evo.com

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