[FANFIC] Just Wanna Let You Know

This is my first ONE-SHOT Fanfic. All that is written here is just a product of my imagination. Please excuse my grammar since I’m not an English major and its one of my weakness.

Just Wanna Let You Know

Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea. December 23, 2009.

It has been 2 years since I’ve been back at our hometown. There hasn’t been many changes at all. I was thinking that when the bus suddenly stop. I look over the window and see the familiar stores in the neighborhood. Baskin Robbins is one of our favorite hang-out. When was the last time we went there? Ah… The day before I left for New York City.

“Bae, do you really have to go to New York?”

“Uhhu… I have to pursue my dreams…” I smiled at the couple in front of me. Jiyong was wiping Dara’s cheek that has been smudge by her ice cream. They really look good together.

“Bae, you gotta promise me that you’re going to write letters to me everyday okay?” Dara exclaimed pointing one finger at me. I just smiled.

“Sure thing Dee..” Dee is my nickname for her. How long was our friendship? More than 4 years already since Jiyong and I entered college. The 3 of us always hangout together.

“I’ll be waiting for it everyday. Ara?” Dara was staring at me intensely that I have to divert my eyes to my food. I was twirling my spoon at my ice cream when I said silently. “I hope you will.” I smiled at her widely and she smiled back.

The smile that makes my heart jumps from my chest. Did she notice my feelings for her? I hope not.

Jiyong courted her on the 1st year of our friendship. I still hangout with them but unlike before we can go almost anywhere at anytime. I never asked Dara to go with me anywhere since then. It was always her asking me to go with Jiyong and her.

I decided to leave for States to be a professional singer. I got an offer from Universal Records Company to train me for 2 years. It was just an excuse. I don’t want to leave but I was tired of the way my life was. I wanted to change.

I wanted to change for her. I’ve been keeping my feelings for her ever since I started to like her on the first day of school when she drop her things and I helped her picked it up. She was in a hurry that day that she forgot one of her notebook. I was waiting for her at our school gate around 5 pm when I spotted her with Jiyong. I still don’t know at that time but I felt like I lost a game. I know I will never be able to tell her how I feel.

Beep! It’s my stop already. I decided to walk the rest of the path on my home. My mother just called me that she will be cooking my favorite meal and that I have to be home before dark. Do you know why I came back?

By the way, I wrote letters to her everyday and she never replied back until a month ago.

Dear Bae-Bee, tongue.gif

Annyong! You’re surprise right? Maybe shock eh? You didn’t expect me to write a letter to you since this is my first letter since you left 2 years ago. Right?

I guess I miss you so much Bae that I have to write you now. Well, I’ve been missing you so much.
These past few days, all I can think about is you. Thanks for the postcards and letter though they’re adoringly short.
I know you can never tell much more than what you want us to think.

But, I just wanna let you know something. Cause I believe you’ll never be able to tell me first if ever…

Oh well… What am I saying? Whatever… I’m shy Bae but I have to tell you…

Do you like me Bae? Cause… I do.

I’ve liked you ever since you picked up my precious notebook from the floor. Do you know I was just watching you that time? Actually, I’m staring at your nape, I wanna bite it! Gawd! Did I just write that? =) I feel like a vampire hungry for your blood.

Do you remember the time when I thought you how to ride a bike? I can’t imagine how clumsy you are. You are always serious and calm. I never thought you don’t know how to ride a bike. Well, I guess that must be one of your weakness eh? And, I’m so glad I was able to teach you. At least, I am useful. =)

You must be wondering why I accepted Jiyong’s love when I like you. I guess I just wanted to make you jealous at first. But, you are so reserved. I was hoping it will make us closer but instead you started distancing yourself from us.

It really makes me sad Bae. I feel so ugly thinking why don’t you like me. Even if I do tons of things you like. Remember the Origami I made for your birthday, I don’t even know how, but I manage to make you a bouquet of roses. Do you know how many days I work on one stem? It took me 2 days to finally be able to make a presentable rose. It either looks crumpled paper or torn.

I started learning many things to please you Bae. Do you know the time you wanted to have a knitted scarf? Gawd! I have to pest my aunt to teach me how to knit to be able to make you a scarf. I am clumsy, you know that right? It took me months to finish the scarf I gave you before you left. Don’t ask how many times I get pricked. Cause I wasn’t able to track it anymore since its been countless times.

Okay back to Jiyong and me… Jiyong really love me, you know that Bae? I guess you do. You’re best friends after all.
As time pass by, I learn to love him Bae. But you’re always at the back of my mind. I guess I still like you.

But… Bae, I’m already scared to lose Jiyong. I guess… I already love him too much to feel that fear.

Well, I just wanna let you know I’ve loved you.


PS. Jiyong and I are getting married next month on 25. Can you come to our wedding? I really hope you can come and sing for us. Surprise you eh? I bribed Jiyong not to tell you about it… cause I want to be the one giving you the surprise.

Author’s Note:
Please don’t hate me… =p I Love Taeyang for Dara as much as you do.
Lesson to learn. If you love someone, please let him/her know you love him/her as soon as possible. You never know if she/he loves you also unless you ask, right?
It’s almost Christmas, don’t forget to say the Greatest words of aLL “I Love You” to your family, friends and loved ones.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


One thought on “[FANFIC] Just Wanna Let You Know

  1. awww, I felt the love while reading this Lyna.
    Aww, taeyanggg <3. it's like wedding dress. kind of heh? awwww.
    I learned a lesson from this fanfic :D. keke. But you know sometimes you're too shy to say your feelings. huhuhu. coz you don't know what they will say back to you. ahhhh!

    nice fanfic Lyna ❤ keep up the awesome work

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