[FanFic] ALR Chapter 2 Part 1: 2 years ago

Sandy’s POV
So fresh out of box (so fresh out of box)
When she step up in the club (when she step up in the club)
So fresh out of box (so fresh out of box)
When she step up in the club (….in the club)

Ora e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-
Are you ready? (Hey!) Are you ready?
Ora e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-
Are you ready? (Hey!) Are you ready?
Ora ora yeah! Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh
Ora ora yeah! Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh

He was just there sitting at the bar drinking some beer. Watching his back, he looks like a fine man. When he glances at the crowd, I stop myself from dancing. Is he looking at me?

Me and my friends are at Club NB, dancing, drinking a few beers and plainly just having some fun. I’ve been staring at the man who is sitting 12 o’clock from where we are dancing. I love his back. And, when he turns around, I’m pretty sure… I want him.

I start moving towards him when my friend stops me. “Ya! Where are you going?

I’m going to him.” I answer pointing to the guy who turns his back again.

Eh?! Do you know him?

Anee (No)…” Shaking my head, I proceed towards him. When I was about to reach him, a pretty tall woman goes by to his side and kisses his cheek. I clutch my heart staggering, I can’t seem to breathe.

Ya Sandy! Are you okay?” My friend CL, tries to hold me up. “Let me get you to the bathroom. You shouldn’t have drink too much.”

I feel so dazed. I don’t even know him but how come he could make me feel such pain. When we reached the bathroom, I felt so full that I want to let it all out. Blurp… blurp…. I start vomiting the moment we got to the sink. I don’t know but tears also start to fall without notice. What’s happening to me?

“I told you! You shouldn’t have drunk that last bottle. 5 bottles are your max. Geez… You’re gonna get scolded again.” My friend starts rubbing my back. “We shouldn’t have come here. People might mistake you for Dara. She…

Shut up!!! Dara… Dara… Why is it all about her?” I retort, starting to clean up my mess. I am a mess.

Yah! I was just trying to…

I don’t want to hear about it anymore. She was always the good one and I’m the bad one. Why do all of you only see her?” Frustrated, I started to wash my face and even my hair which caught some of the dirt.

Sandy… I’m your friend, you know that. But sometimes, Dara is right. Okay… most of the time.” CL says handing me a handkerchief.

What? So, I’m wrong? Do you know why I turned out to be like this? It’s because of that d*mn twin sister of mine!” I furiously wipe my face and hair. “If not for her, I would have been travelling and doing what I wanted.

Sheesh… Enough… Let’s go home.” CL drags me out, linking our arms. When we are about to get out from the corner of the bathroom, we bump into some blonde guy.

Yah! Watch out!” He retorts looking at us fiercely. Then, He starts brushing off something from his shirt, like he was infected with our virus.

Yah! You should be the one watching!” I replied angrily pointing a finger at him. He automatically put my hand down.

Don’t ever ever point a finger at me rotten b!tch!” He said and quickly gets inside the men’s bathroom.

Ya! Ya! How dare you call me that!” I am getting so fired up; I wanted to beat the crap out of him. Who the hell is he?

Sandy, let’s go.. Don’t mind him.” CL has to drag me all the way to the exit. I look back to where the guy is sitting. He is already gone.

On the next day.

Sandy! Can you hand me over the patient’s chart please?

Sandy! Earth to Sandy!” A finger is flicking in front of my face.

Ow! I’m sorry… What is it?

Yah! You are spacing out again. Care to share it?” Dr. Dong leans over to my desk twinkling his eyes.

Nah… It’s okay Dr. Dong. What can I help you with?” I ask smiling at him. Dr. Dong Youngbae is one of the favorite doctors in Seoul Central Hospital. Despite that he is good-looking, he is smart and with calm personality.

Okay… you better keep your track or else you’ll have a word with Dr. Yang for spacing out. Hand me over the patient’s chart of room 452, please.

Okay…” I quickly go to the charts board to take the one he is asking for. “Here.” I hand it over to him with a smile.

Thanks dear…” He takes it and then quickly turns around. But, he pause midway and turns to me again smiling, “Are you free later? How about some dinner?

Uhh… Sure! So long as it’s your treat.” I answer enthusiastically. Have I mentioned that Dr. Dong treats me very well? Maybe, because he is the boyfriend of my older sister, Bom. She is currently on her European tour at the moment. Bom is a singer for an indie band, they usually performs here and there. As for how they meet, Dr. Dong happens to be Dara’s doctor when she was admitted in this hospital.


6:00 PM. It’s time to get off now.

15 minutes later, I am standing outside the hospital’s entrance waiting for Dr. Dong. I will wait for 15 minutes more. Maybe Dr. Dong is handling some surgery that took longer than its schedule.

Sandy! Have you waited very long?” Dr. Dong appears suddenly on my right side.

Dr. Dong!” I almost squealed with delight. I don’t know but I will surely be disappointed if he didn’t show up.

Ey, I told you to call me ‘oppa’ when we are outside the hospital.” He says smiling at me. That chinky eyes of his really makes him cute when he smiles.

“Araso, oppa.”

What are you waiting for? Come on… What do you want to eat?

Umm… Anything is fine.

How about some dukbeoki?”

Yummy!” Casually, Youngbae-oppa puts his arms in my shoulder and we start to walk towards his car.



Yes, oppa?

You got some sauce on your lips.

Huh? Where?” I wipe my lips with a tissue napkin. “Is it still there?

Umm… Here let me wipe it for you.” He takes the tissue napkin from me and wipes the left side of my lips. Youngbae-oppa is naturally sweet.

Would you like to take a walk after eating? I want to do some sightseeing… It’s been a long time since I’ve got a free time and not on-call.

I would love that.


Walking along the streets, we enjoy looking at some stalls. “Oppa, look! Doesn’t it look cute?” I exclaims pointing at a cute teddy bear cell phone holder.

Do you want it?” Youngbae-oppa pick it up, smiling at me. “I will buy it for you.

Oppa! It’s okay…

Come on… I wasn’t able to give you birthday gift anyway. So treat it as a belated birthday gift.” With Youngbae-oppa, I always feel so special.

Miss, How much is this?” Youngbae-oppa asks the vendor.

3,000 won sir.

Here. Thanks.

Your girlfriend will surely like it.”

Ahh… She’s not my girlfriend. She’s my girlfriend’s sister.” Youngbae just smiled sheepishly giving me the cell phone holder he just bought. “Let’s go.”

We both bow at the vendor who looked confused.

Both of us can’t help but smile. As we are about to cross the street, a car came rushing towards the post, almost hitting me. Youngbae-oppa quickly grabs my hand pulling me towards him. We are both shocked, he hugs me tightly in his arms. It was so sudden, good thing oppa was able to react fast or else I would have been hit. There started a commotion in the street now as the car hit the post causing severe damage to the car and the post. He quickly releases me and goes to check the accident. The driver of the car is severely wounded. His head is bleeding nonstop.

We have to get him out of the car. Quick! Somebody call an ambulance.

Youngbae-oppa immediately helps as other citizens tries to remove the driver from the car. He is already unconscious. “Hurry! We have to stop the bleeding before it gets worst.

I just stand there shock at what’s happening around me. “Sandy! Give me your handkerchief. Quick!” I immediately hand it over to oppa. He used it to cover his palm to touch the window shield which is broken. They are able to remove the man from the car and the ambulance already arrived. Oppa also gets into the ambulance with the man who is injured. “Sandy, here are the keys to my car. Can you follow me to the hospital?

I just nodded catching the keys in my palm. Then, the ambulance quickly went away. I hurriedly walk over to where we walk the car. Good thing, we are just walking in circles around the neighborhood. I am able to spot it easily.


In the hospital.

How is he oppa?” They just finished doing an operation to the man who is involved at the accident.

He is fine now. Why didn’t you still get home?” He asks while wiping some sweat in his forehead.

Ahhh… Here are your car keys.” I hand over his keys.

You should have left this at the nurse station. Look at you. You must have waited an hour.

It’s okay.” I really don’t know why I didn’t go home yet. I could have left his car keys at the nurse station as he said. But, something bothered me. “Where is the patient now?

He is moved to his private room. Thank goodness, he didn’t bleed internally or else it could have been worse.

I see…” I just followed Youngbae-oppa as he is walking in the corridor.

Let’s go home now?” He asks looking over at me.

Sure” I answer with a smile.


The following day.

Room 344. It was Dara’s room when she was confined here. I am with Youngbae-oppa to check one of his patients. It’s my off but I wanted to visit the hospital for reasons I don’t know.

The door swiftly open revealing a very pretty woman, she seems familiar. *ding* It’s the woman I saw at the bar! The one who approached and kisses the man I wanted. What is she doing here?

Dr. Dong… Thank you very much. I’m Choi Hye Yoon, his sister.” She said as she shakes Youngbae-oppa’s hand. I feel slightly jealous. Wait? Am I jealous? I shouldn’t be. I must be jealous for my sister.

It’s okay… How is he? Is he conscious already?” Youngbae-oppa asks her looking over to the patient.

I also look over to the patient. I almost died when I recognize him. It’s him! It’s the guy at the bar. Omona… I quickly hurried to his side which gets attention from Youngbae-oppa and his sister Hye Yoon.

Sandy? Do you know him?” Youngbae-oppa asks me.

Sort of.” I answer looking over at him. Omona… He looks gorgeous up-close even with bandages.

I see. This is Sandy, she is a nurse here but is off-duty. We were in the place when the accident happened.” Youngbae-oppa explains to Hye Yoon as he looks over at me.

Hi… I’m Choi Hye Yoon. Thanks.

Anee… I didn’t do anything.” I denied shaking my head left to right.

Then, he, the patient starts to regain consciousness. “Noona…” He opens his eyes and raises his hands trying to reach out for something.

Seunghyun-shi… Noona is here.” His sister quickly gets to his side. “Are you okay?” Hye Yoon-unnie holds his hands. So, Seunghyun is his name.

Noona… Why is everything so dark?

Youngbae-oppa slaps his forehead and his sister look bewildered. The room is brightly lit.

What do you mean?” His sister looks worried now. She is waving her hands in front of the Seunghyun eyes. No reaction. “Anee… You can’t see anything Seunghyun-shi?” It was more like a statement rather than a question.

Seunghyun quickly raises his body which cause him in so much pain that he slumps back immediately. “Ouch…” His sister automatically assists in laying him down. I almost extend my arms to help him too. But, decided against it. “Seunghyun-shi, don’t strain yourself. You just underwent an operation.

Dr. Dong?” His sister quickly looks over at Youngbae-oppa.

I believe that the glass which gets into his eyes blinded him… Don’t worry it’s just temporarily. We kinda expected this.” He explained. “He can be discharged in 3 days. But I recommend a private nurse to aid him at your home. In case there are signs which we didn’t anticipate. This is just to ensure that everything is in accordance to our observation.

Okay… Can you recommend someone? We just arrived here in Korea to visit some relatives.” Hye Yoon replies looking at Youngbae-oppa.

How about you Sandy?” Youngbae-oppa automatically looks at me.

Eh?! Me?” I am surprise but thrilled. “Will it be okay oppa?” I ask to make it not look obvious how happy I am.

I can arrange your shifts and its going to be only for 2 weeks since he will be undergoing another operation for his eyes. Since, we just have to let him heal some wounds.”

I guess it will be okay.” I answer looking away or else they will see me smiling stupidly.


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