[FanFic] ALR Chapter 2 Part 2: Be My Guide

When I see your smile,
Tears run down my face.
I can’t replace.
And now that I’m strong I have figured it out,
How this world turns cold and it breaks thru my soul.
And I know I’ll find deep inside me,
I can be the one.
I will never let you fall.
I’ll stand up for you forever.
I’ll be there for you through it all.

“Noona! Noona!”

“Sir, what is it?” Sandy asks the guy who is sitting in a chair situated in a balcony.

“Who are you?”

“It’s me Sandy, your private nurse.” Sandy answers sitting opposite of him.

“Get me a glass of water… with Ice.” It’s getting hot outside the house. Being temporarily blind for 3 days is already very frustrating for Seunghyun. How can he get through this for 2 weeks more?

“Here it is, Sir.” Sandy handed the glass of water to Seunghyun but he isn’t able to grasp the glass on time when Sandy released her hold from it.  *Sound of Breaking Glass*

“What the! You are so clumsy! How stupid can you get?!” Seunghyun struggles to get up to wash away some water that falls on his shirt. But instead, he ended bumping on the table which causes him to lose his balance. “Aaaaaaaahhhhh!” He shouts, letting out his frustration.

“Sir, please sit down. I’ll get you a new shirt.”  Sandy tries to pull down Seunghyun into a sitting position, pushing the chair into his back for him to seat. But instead, Seunghyun pushes Sandy away.

“I don’t need you! Get out!’

“Seunghyun! Watch your words! She was just trying to help you!” Hye Yoon has just perfectly arrived and was able to witness that scene. “What is wrong with you?!”

Seunghyun calms down and get quiet. He sits down, holding the chair in his back. Burying his face in his hands, “I’m so fed up Noona… I feel so useless. I can’t seem to do anything anymore.”

“Seunghyun-na, everything will be alright after your operation. At least, it’s just temporary.” Hye Yoon hugs her brother from his back.

Sandy isn’t able to control her emotions and went to leave the balcony. She enters the comfort room and let her tears out which was threatening to come out when Seunghyun was shouting at her but she was able to hold it back until now. His words seem to strike her deep. It hurts. She really wanted to help him out but he keeps pushing her away. What should I do?”

“Sandy? Are you there?” Hye-Yoon is calling from outside the bathroom door.

“Yes Mam. I’ll be coming out in a minute.” Sandy replies washing her tears and fixing her face.

“I hope you’re okay. Please don’t take Seunghyun’s words harshly. He was just frustrated. I hope you understand.”

“It’s okay. I understand.” Sandy slowly went out the door with a smile. She doesn’t want to worry Seunghyun’s sister.

“Thanks.” Hye Yoon smiles back. “Seunghyun is in his room now. I think it’s better if he stays in his room for now.”


“You may go in to check on him. I have to go to work. I’ll be back later before dinner. Alright?”

“Okay.” Like Sandy have a choice. It’s her job to keep an eye on him and make sure he is alright. Is that really her job too? She’s getting to be somewhat like his nanny already.

Sandy never wanted to be a nurse in the first place. She wanted to be a singer just like her sister. But…

“Sandy! You should enroll yourself into a health course. You have to help take care of your sister.” Sandy’s father tried to reason out with her daughter.

“But Pa, I want to be a singer. I want to study in a Music School.”Sandy attempted to change her father’s decision. “We can just hire a private nurse if we want to.”

“Sandy… it’s different if somebody we don’t know takes care of your sister. We cannot ensure her safety.” Her father still won’t budge.

“Dear… you can still be a singer even if you’re a nurse. Can’t you?” Her mother added with consolation. “It’s just. We trust you more than other private nurses.”

“Ma… it would still be different. I would be too old to become a singer when I finish my studies as a nursing student.”

“Sandy dear… Can’t you do this for your sister?” Sandy’s mother strived to persuade her pleadingly.

She couldn’t refuse when her mother uses that tone. “Fine.” Sandy answered in defeat. Then, she went directly to her room and cry.

“Nurse! Are you there?” Seunghyun calls out for Sandy.

“Yes.” Sandy answers as she looks at him. Seunghyun is lying down in his bed. But he seems to be uncomfortable. His hands are roaming in his bed looking for something.

“Can you get me another pillow? This low position gives me a headache. I want it to be higher.”

“Okay…” Sandy move towards his bed, take a pillow near Seunghyun’s feet and give it to him by shoving it to his hand.

Seunghyun props the pillow in his head but the pillows keep collapsing as he does. “What the!” Seunghyun easily loses his temper. “What are you doing there? Are you just going to watch me?”

As Sandy is about to help him by picking up some pillows which collapse near his head.

“Ya! Aren’t you gonna…” Seunghyun swings another pillow which smacks Sandy’s head causing her to fall down in front of him.

Accidentally, Sandy’s lips landed on top of Seunghyun’s lips that shut his mouth from continuing what he is suppose to say. “…help me.”

To be continued…

What the heck did just happen? Seunghyun was contemplating what actually happened. Sandy seems to lose her balance and ended up falling on top of him. He didn’t anticipate that she was somewhere near him. The moment their lips met, he was stunned. When he gained his composure, Sandy is already putting the pillows under his head while he was in sitting position.

“Sorry, Sir.” Sorry? Was she sorry about the kiss? Did we really kiss? Was it a kiss? Many questions are roving in his head. She really should be sorry cause she stole a kiss from me.

“It will never happen again.” Sandy is continuing to arrange the pillow. When it’s done, she guides Seunghyun as he lays down.

“What do you mean by sorry? And… What will never happen again?”Seunghyun asks Sandy as he props comfortably in high pillows. Was she really sorry about the kiss and she doesn’t want it to happen again? Why I am bothered about it? Like I care if we kiss again…

“Uhmmm… I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable… and…”

“What makes you think I’m uncomfortable?”

“huh?” Sandy is confused by his answer. “Aren’t you uncomfortable in your position?” She still hasn’t recovered from what happened earlier. She was still shivering and doesn’t know what to make of it. Good thing is, Seunghyun can’t see her right now or else she’ll die of embarrassment. My face must be red like tomatoes.

“Eh?… I thought… you said you’re making me… aishhh… never mind. I’m fine now.” Seunghyun sighs as he shrugs their conversation away. The two of us never seem to connect very well. We are both thinking things in really different directions. “You may leave or stay somewhere near… but not too near… I mean… near my bed… but not too near… Aish… just stay somewhere inside the room where you can hear me… but, not too near me.” I must have sounded so stupid. What’s with it anyway? We don’t even know each other. For all I care, she must look like a monkey… Eww… and we kissed. Did we really kiss? Was it a kiss? But our lips really touched each other. I mean I could taste her lips… Taste??? What’s wrong with me… But, I seem to like it… “Aishhh…” Seunghyun turns sideways shrugging and folding both his arms on his chest. He is thinking unnecessary stupid things…

“Are you okay sir?” Sandy can’t help but notice Seunghyun’s state, he looks like he is debating with himself and disagreeing with it.

“Yah… Yah… Just leave me alone. No! … I mean don’t bother with me. Okay?” Seungyun disgruntle with himself. I barely lose my calm and presence of mind. This girl gives me some creeps. And what’s worst? I don’t know her. I don’t know how she looks like. But, she can see me and my reactions without me knowing it. Where could she be? From the sound of her voice, she seems to be somewhere on the left side of my bed. She must be sitting in the sofa near the bathroom door.

“Nurse… Can you call our butler to assist me? I want to take a bath.” I need to take a shower. I have to take off this weird thoughts going inside my brain. Seunghyun orders Sandy without looking at her. Or so that’s what he thinks. Sandy is standing right in front of him.

Sandy could never believe that on her first day as a private nurse, she would cry because of him and share a kiss with him. For the second time, she didn’t regret being a nurse. When was her first time?

“Bom-unnie! You’re back!” Sandy hurriedly runs towards her older sister.

“Sandy! I miss you!” Bom, Sandy’s eldest sister smiles at her as they approach each other and share a hug.

“Yah! You seem to gain weight?!” Sandy exclaims as she distance herself from her sister’s grasp.

“Now, look who’s talking? And… what’s with your outfit?” Bom answer completely letting go of her sister to take a look at her thoroughly.

“Nah! Don’t mention it! I never like it.” Sandy just pouted her mouth in return.

“But, you look beautiful in it. You’re like an angel without wings…” Somebody mutters from the door which makes Bom and Sandy glance towards that voice.

“Eh? Who are you?” Sandy asks the man leaning on their door. She didn’t even notice him before until now. How did he get in our house?

“Ow… I totally forgot. Heheh… My bad… My bad… Come here Bae…” Bom ushers the man to come forward. “This is Youngbae, he is my friend. And, he is a doctor.”

“Hello angel, Nice to meet you.” Youngbae bow before them as he greets her.

Sandy didn’t know what to say. The man pleases her in so many ways. He is good-looking and emits good aura. “Same here.”

“You must be Dara’s twin.” Youngbae said clarifying his thought. This girl looks healthier than the other one.

“Yeah… How did you know?”

“She’s Dara’s doctor. That’s how I met him.” Bom answers Sandy’s question smiling at Youngbae.

“I see.” Sandy exclaims looking thoroughly at the man. He doesn’t looks like a doctor to me.

“You seem to be a nurse.” Youngbae asks Sandy who seem to be almost staring at him. To avoid being noticed, he gradually starts a normal conversation.

“Yeah… You can see that in this uniform.” Sandy replied gazing at her older sister again with a pout.

“So, you’re a nurse?! Why didn’t I know of this?! Since when?” Bom couldn’t contain her astonishment.

“You must have been busy touring that father and mother decided to let you know when you get back so you won’t be bothered.”

“Ow… I see… But, still… You should have let me know.” Bom shows her disappointment. She feels left out.

“Unnie… I also don’t want you to worry.” Sandy tries to reassure her sister. “Besides, it’s already done.”

“But, don’t you want to be a singer like me?”

“It’s okay… I can still be a singer even if I’m a nurse.”Sandy forces a smile.

“I thought you went to a music school.” Bom seeing Sandy’s failing smile, tries to change the mood. “Oh well… I bet many patients will be healed the moment they saw you.”

“Exactly!” Youngbae seconded.

“Yah!” Sandy is flattered with their comments which make her blush.

“Are you going intern already?” Youngbae asks Sandy since she seems to be back in her good mood.

“Oh well… Yeah… It’s in Seoul’s General Hospital.”

“Goody! That’s where I’m also attending at. We will be seeing each other then.”

“Good man, I will be expecting you to take care of her.” Bom faces Youngbae as she stares intently at him.

“Yes Maam!” Youngbae responded with a salute. Sandy couldn’t help but laugh at them.

“Excuse me?!” Seunghyun is surprise to hear someone laughing near him. He thought Sandy already left to fetch their butler.

Sandy recovers from her reminiscing, making her aware that she is in front of Seunghyun. She is observing him before in a near distance trying to reflect of what happened between them but then she got lost in her thoughts.

“Ow… Did you say something?”

I can’t believe this girl. Here I was, thinking she’s already gone but she was just actually in front of me… doing. “What are you doing?”

“Umm… Nothing sir.” Sandy walks away and moves to sit back towards the sofa.

“Didn’t you hear me tell you to get our butler cause I want to take my bath?!” Seunghyun loses his temper again. I can’t believe she didn’t even hear me before. What the heck could she be doing then? I wish I could see it. Damn eyes!

“Ow.. right away sir.” Sandy is about to sit but stand up as she hears Seunghyun’s yell and moves toward the door to fetch the butler.

Seunghyun is now taking a bath with the aid of their butler. Sandy is busying herself arranging Seunghyun’s clothes.

“Miss Sandy.” The butler speaks up from behind her making her jump.

“Yes, sir?”

“I have to go out to get some shampoo since it already runs out. Just check if Seunghyun is fine, okay?” After saying that, the butler hurriedly went out the door.

“Eh? What?” What did he said? I’m going to check Seunghyun in the bathroom? Did the butler forget I’m a girl? Sandy couldn’t help herself blushing. She hugs herself thinking of ways how to do it when…

“Aaaah!!! Soap got into my eyes!!!” Seunghyun shouts from the bathroom.

What should I do? What should I do? Sandy is pacing back and forth in the bathroom door. Should I help him?

“Water!!! Get me some water!!!” Seunghyun continues to shriek in the bathroom.

Damn! My innocent eyes will be not-so innocent anymore… Whatever… Sandy thinks as she bravely open the bathroom door looking for the shower handle avoiding the area where Seunghyun is. When she found it, she closes her eyes and turns it on. *Swiiiiiiiiiiiiissshhh*

Sandy opens her eyes as water drips in her head. She got wet. She didn’t check where the shower bulb is facing. It is pouring into her, rapidly soaking her wet.

Seunghyun hearing the sound of running water moves towards its direction. When his hand reaches the falling water, he scoops it into his eyes swiftly when somebody pushes him shrieking!

“eeeeeeeeeeeeek!” Sandy can’t believe she is standing in front of a naked man!

Seunghyun almost falls down but he caught hold of that somebody shrieking making them both go down to the floor gently making the drop not too brutal. Seunghyun is now lying on the floor lifting his head while gripping someone on top of him. Who the heck is this?

Sandy is very stun in their situation. Earlier, she was staring at him fully naked. Now, she is on top of that full naked man. “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” She screams again as she pounces Seunghyun.

Seunghyun tries to defend the crazy girl on top of him locking both her hands in his. How did she get in here? And where’s our butler? “Will you shut the f*ck up!”

Sandy grew silent… for a second before she lets out a scream again. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

Seunghyun tries to cover her mouth. I hope nothing get worst. People in the house might think I’m harassing her. Geez.

“Will you calm down?!” Seunghyun’s other hand is able to cover her mouth while his other hand grips both her hands. “Haven’t you seen a naked man before? What’s wrong with this? You’re a nurse; you should have been used to it.”

Sandy being pinned calms down. After hearing what Seunghyun said, it makes her think. He got a point. I’m a nurse. I should have got used to naked people. But I am not, how many times have I successfully avoided those lessons and yet passed it still?

“Sir? Ma’am?” The butler quickly go to the bathroom after he heard the second scream. He was worried that something might have happened to his master, Seunghyun, which makes the girl scream. The butler tries to cover his laughter after seeing their situation. His master is lying on the floor gripping the poor stricken girl on top of him.

Enough? Or should I continue? *Grins wickedly*


Ring… ring… ring…

“Hello?” Bom answers her cell phone as she moves towards a secluded place. She is currently at the bar waiting for their turn to perform.

“Boo?” Youngbae tries to make what Bom is trying to say. Her background is so noisy.

“Bae… Hold on for a minute. It’s very noisy here. I’ll look for a quieter place.”

“Oh… okay…”

“There. How are you Boo?” Bom leans against a wall inside the bathroom. Oh well, she couldn’t find a place quieter than here.

“I’m fine… How about you? Are you at a bar?” Youngbae tries to hide his loathing about finding out her girlfriend is at the bar. It’s okay to go to such place but she had to be with him.

“Yeah… We are to perform soon.”

“I see. Well, good luck with your performance then.”

“Thanks… How are my dear sisters? Dara?”

“Dara’s fine. Your mother is taking care of her. Her health seems to be stable these days, no signs yet.”

“Thank goodness, I can’t help but worry about her.”

“Then, how about staying here in Korea rather than traveling always?”

“Boo… Here we go again. You know how much I love traveling and singing.”

“I know… But… I miss you so much.”

“I miss you too… How about Sandy? Is she doing well as a nurse?” There she goes again, trying to avoid that subject. Youngbae thinks as he decided to answer Bom’s question.

“Don’t worry about her. Since Dara’s health is well, she’s working as a private nurse as of the moment.”

“Ow… that’s good to hear. Thanks a lot for watching them for me.”


“I have to go now Boo… Bye… Miss you.” Then… *click*

“I miss you too…” Youngbae lets out a deep sigh as he puts down his phone on the table. When will I see her again?

Ring…ring… ring…

Youngbae quickly answers the phone thinking Bom calls him back. “Boo?”

“Oppa? Huhuhu…”

“Sandy? What’s wrong? Where are you now? Are you okay?” Sandy seems to be crying at the other end of the phone.

“I want to die…” Sandy tries to talk between her sobs.

“What happen? Where are you now?”

“I’m here… huhu… outside their house… Huhu…”

“What house? Who’s house?” Youngbae is now worried. Sandy barely cries over something and when she does, she tries to hide it from everyone. She rarely lets anyone know about her problems.

“Seunghyun… Waaaah!!! I want to die…”

“Hold on… Who’s Seunghyun? Can you give me the street where you are?”

Sandy mumbles the address where she is at. She was sitting in a curled position beside a street post. Looking up the sky, she wishes to be swallowed from earth and to vanish forever.

“Just stay there, okay? I’m coming…” Youngbae leave his phone on the table and rushes outside to find her.



Ring… Ring… Ring…

Bom has been trying to call Youngbae for hours… She already has dialed more than three times yet no answer. Is he already sleeping? But, Youngbae easily gets awaken with a noise, he already got that habit since he’s a doctor and they have duty calls. Weird… This is the first time he didn’t answer my calls.



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