[Opinion] Breathtaking SBS Gayo Daejun Performances

Lee Seung Gi really rocks the stage with MJ’s Smooth Criminal. This is one of my favorite perf since it showed an unexpected side of him. It’s really refreshing to see something different from what we usually perceived him to be.  Watch him do some MJ dance moves that we thought he could never pull off. But man, it just proves that he could really dance!

The Dangerous rookies: MBLAQ and BEAST. I guess they never treated their groups as rivals but buddies. I hope they continue to show their friendly competition on stage.  I hope there is another vid of this performance where we can see their faces clearly.  The camera man tends to focus the wrong person. LOL

G-Dragon‘s Heartbreaking Smoke Tears. Okay… I may be biased (since I’m his fan) but I believe that GD’s performance are always one of the best in every event. And crying while performing his Hit song Heartbreaker just added fuel to its flames. It got people wondering why he was crying. I was thinking that he must have courted someone and got rejected (that someone is so stupid if she rejects GD unless she already love someone else) or have an unsolved misunderstanding with someone dear to him. And, singing that kind of song makes his feelings go overflow. Which made it very meaningful. Oh well, its just because the smoke from the box gets into his eyes which cause him to shed tears uncontrollably (from I don’t know what source, I was just able to read it online). And ooh… before I forgot. When teaser photos from their rehearsals are revealed, I really think his bowl cut hair style sucks! But when watching this performance, I was like (when he was wearing hood over his head), please cover it with hood for the whole perf since the bangs matched with the hood. And when he removed the hood to show his bowl cut hair, hmmm… He looks gorgeous and hot as always. I Love it! But I don’t recommend it. >_<

GD D’ Gossip Man! G-Dragon is one of the most controversial artist making him the topic of most gossips. On his Heartbreaker performance, I was complaining about how ugly the pants look, why is it cut so low, it should be in full length. But, when GD revealed his whole outfit by removing the whole coat, *Gasp* the outfit looks incredibly handsome on him. He totally rocks it! GD can really make any outfit a Fashion style. GD deserves to be a fashion icon. Don’t you think? I don’t mind the pants anymore. LOL

Park Bom and Taeyang’s You and I. The 2010 Sweetest Couple. Why 2010? IDK, I just read their shippers or fans calling them that. I can’t help but notice the romantic atmosphere when they both sang the song. OK. Their actions really caused sparks from the audience especially the lean-on-my-shoulder thing. Taeyang’s voice really is very awakening. When he sang his part, I was really taken aback and had to repeat watching it again. And he seems to be really happy performing cause you can really see his smile. Aigoo… Is there something we should know about these two? So there’s really a meaning behind the picture where the two of them are standing back-to-back holding a towel with imprints. (Do you know what I’m referring to?) Okay… Check out Taeyang’s Smiles as he sang with Park Bom.

Guys, I think Park Bom gains some weight, don’t you think? Or the dress makes her look like that… I’ve been contemplating about this ever since their last performance.

That’s it! Honestly, I tried to watched the whole show… but as for the others… they make a good performance but its something that won’t leave some marks… or it could, just negative though… I maybe a 2NE1 fan but CL‘s Heartbreaker version didn’t work and her swimsuit with leggings outfit is a big No No! I hope their stylist change it fast. It doesn’t fit her image. It’s a Heartbreaker for me to see her in those outfits.

This is simply my opinion. What’s yours?

Video Credits to monmonsnowHD@youtube.com, the ever reliable source for KPop shows in HD. ^_^ Thanks a Lot Monmon!

Edited: Reason- My grammar sucks!


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