[Project] Dara’s Wall of Love is Finish!

Finally, after so many things that happen… it’s done. The picture below is in its lowest quality to reduce the file size. This is not the actual quality but the design is done. We can still add some more message.

It still have many spaces where we can put some messages. So, If you don’t want to send me your tweets with #happybdaydara hash-tag, you may just leave your message for Dara as a comment here. Please make it brief, at most 20 words. So hurry, leave your message now, it won’t take a minute to do so.

There are also tweets posted which are temporary, so it means I can still remove it. They are temporary for 2 reasons,

    1. its a message tweeted by a same person (meaning 2 or more tweets by the same person)
    2. the tweet isn’t submitted but was suggested.

I was just trying to fill up some spaces so If you want your message to be included, please leave a comment or email me your messages.

For tracking purposes, you may want to check how this project evolves…
Dara Wall of Love
#happybdaydara for Trend Topic

Please check if I leave something out or I should have included something.


4 thoughts on “[Project] Dara’s Wall of Love is Finish!

  1. Awww, i love the final touch 🙂 I see our site message there. Yay~ I enjoy reading other blackjacks message. I wish Dara or 2ne1 will smile as much as I did when I read all the messages. its so lovely.

    Thanks Lyn for the awesome shoutout at the bottom ❤ kekeke. 🙂
    What a wonderful project of yours. I hope more to come, yeah?

    • Yeah.. I already have it printed but my dgi cam runs out of batteries.. Geez… And I still haven’t bought one.. I’m going to send it off this Monday.. hopefully.. we get to see this somewhere…

  2. Dearest Dara: Belated Happy Birthday! Mahal kita sobra! You inspire us with your talent, beauty, and unique personality. Sandara fighting! 🙂

    Kate Eleanor Pardilla, 18
    Iligan City, Philippines

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