[FanFic] ALR Chapter 2 Part 3: Take my hand


Take my hand
We’ll walk a while, we’ll talk a while
Feel my love, always there beside you
Be the one
I know you’ll tell me everything
You are the one I cherish more than anything

I love you more than you’ll ever know
I love you more than you’ll ever see
More than my heart could ever show
I love you more than you’ll ever know

Sandy’s POV

I couldn’t believe what happened to me this day. It’s too much for me to handle. First, I cried. Second, we kissed. Third, I saw him naked. Worst…

I fainted on top of him. It’s a good thing though because I was able to avoid more confrontations about the incident since I don’t know what happened after. But still, fainting as an excuse is as bad as it is good. I wanted to know what happen after.

I am still waiting for Youngbae-oppa to arrive. At least, I have time to calm down and think things thoroughly.

When I went inside the bathroom, I was able to find the shower valve easily and turned it on. I was able to successfully invade the bathroom without tainting my eyes cause I closed it the moment I turned the valve on and proceeded to go out afterwards. I successfully avoided seeing him. But I didn’t know that the shower head was faced in my direction. The moment water pour unto me, I opened my eyes. I was greatly shock to find myself standing in front of a naked man grasping his eyes. I was so stunned to even move. I just stand there enjoying the sight in front me. Enjoying? I must be so curious that I grazed my eyes into the sculpture behold upon me. Yes, he looks like a sculpture. Every inch of him is perfectly carved to confirm his manliness. With the water pouring in my head, I still notice that my body seems to be smoldering for savoring every contour my eyes journeyed. I was like that for a moment until he started to move towards me which made me start shrieking. Not because… I feel like I have sinned without knowing it. I feel like I’ve invaded his privacy and it makes me want him more than ever. But, it’s because he was coming towards me. I don’t know what to do. I wanted to touch him. I’m scared of the things that he makes me want to do. Everything is new to me. The desire… the need… the passion.

And when he was only an inch away, I could hardly breathe from screaming. LOL

When he grabbed me as I pushed him away, everything happened so fast. I didn’t notice I’m already lying on top of him. I finally touched him! *Gasp* And, what’s more… Out of all the things I’ve become aware of is his manhood, which makes me numb and panicky even more. I started punching him without reason. I don’t even know why I did it. Maybe, because I’m scared of something I didn’t know. Maybe somebody can tell me what it is.

Before I could check myself of what I have done. A person, the butler, arrived to witness my most embarrassing moment. I couldn’t help but faint. I don’t know what happen after that. I just fainted. I couldn’t bring myself to face anyone else after seeing me in such situation. I wanted to sleep… and never wake up again.

But, I woke up feeling relaxed lying in the fluffiest bed covered with soft blanket. When I looked around, I’m inside a fully furnished room. I wonder where I am. Then, reality came rushing back to me. I checked myself. I’m fully clothed in a black mini-dress. I stood up to check what’s outside. I’m still in Seunghyun’s house. I buried my face in my hands when somebody taps my shoulder. “Sandy? Are you okay now?”

I looked up to see, Hye Yoon, Seunghyun’s sister standing beside me smiling. “You’ve had a rough day, Why don’t you go home now and take a rest.”

I couldn’t stop myself and cried in front of her. She just hugged me while soothingly rubbing my back comforting me. I missed my older sister Bom at that moment. I wished she was here to comfort me. I finally dried up my eyes since I’m already adding much more embarrassment to myself. “I’m sorry.”

“Here, take this coat. My dress seems to fit you well. You better come back to return that my clothes tomorrow. Okay?” Hye Yoon just smiled as she handed me her coat.

I just took it. It would be rude if I won’t, she’s just trying to help me.

Amf! I still have to go back to their house even if I don’t want to.

Suddenly, a light coming from a car is blinding me taking me back to my present state. I stand up to check who it is. When the car stopped beside the post, Youngbae-oppa comes out from the car door. I hug him the moment he reaches me.

“Sandy, are you okay? What happen?” Youngbae hugs her back then releases to check what’s wrong with her. He looks thoroughly her body, searching for bruises or something. “You look fine. What’s wrong?” Then, he looks into my eyes.

“I just had my most embarrassing moment. I’m sorry I make you worry.”

“Geez… Here I was thinking so many things.” Youngbae slaps his forehead.

“Mianhe… I just feel so scared. I’ve calm down now. I was able to think things thouroughly.”

“What was it all about?”

“I just had a rough day being a private nurse… It’s more of like, I become an all around aid.” I just smile smugly to ease his worry.

“Ow… Did he order you around or something?”

“Nah… It’s okay… Just fetch this and that…” I laugh thinking that Seunghyun seems to boss me around.

“Hmm… Should I recommend another private nurse?”

“No!” Youngbae-oppa’s question startled me. I immediately said no without knowing why. I should have said yes to end my humiliation. But, I still wanted to see him. And… I have to return the dress and coat to his sister. I know, it’s just an excuse. But at least I have a reason to go back.

“Ow… I thought… Oh well… If you say so.” Youngbae frowns at Sandy’s reaction.

“Thanks oppa. I want to make up for what happen earlier. Why don’t we have dinner somewhere? My treat this time!” I hurriedly grab Youngbae’s elbow and drag him towards his car.

When I woke up the next day, I just lay in my bed for another 30 minutes before I got up and started to dress and fix my hair to go to work. I decided to be professional and keep my emotions intact. I want to find answers to my questions.

“Noona! Noona!” Seunghyun is sitting in the balcony again when I went in. Her sister directed me to go upstairs when she saw me in the corridor. I still haven’t returned her dress and coat since I still have to wash it.

“Sir, What is it?” I move towards his side. He looks handsome as he is… fully clothed. I smirked when a flashback of his naked figure flickers into my mind.

“You?!” Seunghyun turns towards me with a bewildered look in his face. It seems like he couldn’t believed I came back. “Why are you here?”

“I’m your private nurse, Sir.” I just answer politely.

“Yeah… But after what you did to me yesterday… You still have the nerve to come back. You’ve got some guts, eh.” His answer makes me fume. Okay, so I’m not ashamed. So what? Everything was an accident. Like I wanted to see your naked body… ooops. I do. >_< I just smirk again as my thoughts were going somewhere unnecessary.

“I’m sorry, Sir. It will never happen again.”

“Geez… Same answer. I wonder what trouble is in store for today. I think I’ll be having more injuries instead of my old wounds getting healed.”

“I’ll be much more careful sir.”

“Whatever. Please get me a juice and something to eat. I’m hungry.”

“Okay sir. I’ll be right back.” I hurriedly go to the kitchen to get what he wants. He is ordering me around again. How many times have I asked myself if this is part of my job? It seems so.

“Here you go sir.” I place the plate containing some biscuits on the table near his chair. I take his hand and pass the glass full of juice in his palm. I didn’t let go of his hand until he is gripping the glass properly. He seems to be shocked but he just shrugs and takes the glass with juice and drinks it swiftly.

“What is this?!” He spits out some of the juice before throwing the glass away.

“It’s pineapple juice, Sir.” I dash towards the glass picking up the broken pieces and clamping it. But…

“Don’t pick it up! Send for someone else to clean that up. I want to get outside the house. Get the driver and the butler to assist me in dressing up.”

“Okay.” I’m not going to cry. He’s not going to make me cry again. No… But a sob escape from me.

“Are you crying?”

I dashes outside the balcony and proceed to look over for the butler and the driver while wiping my tears away.

I sat in front of the car, beside the driver. Seunghyun said he wanted to go somewhere peaceful or secluded place, away from people.

“How about the beach, sir? Your aunt’s beach house is secluded right now since they went for a vacation.” The driver suggested.

“Okay. That would be very nice. It’s been so long since I’ve went to the beach.” Seunghyun replies rubbing the rod beside him. I was wondering why he brought a rod with him when he goes outside his bedroom. But when we move outside the house towards the car, he used the rod to guide him. It seems he doesn’t want my assistance. But I still guide him by giving directions like… “Please move to the right… turn left…”

Seunghyun is really different when he is calm. His face, free from worries makes him very handsome. I’m pretty sure he’ll be very gorgeous when he smiles. Wait… I never saw him smile ever since I met him. Will I see him smile? We just stay silent as we travel towards our destination. Everyone seems to be lost in their own thoughts. We are now driving in a narrow road secluded with trees. It’s almost noon but it’s shady since the trees covers the road from the light. When we pass the narrow road, it reveals a wonderful view. A bungalow stood in the middle of a well landscaped garden full of flowers. The bungalow is facing the calm sea.

“Wow!” I exclaims as I breathe in the view.

“We’re here.” The driver turns off the engine and opens the car door. Then he went at the back to open Seunghyun’s car door. He grabs Seunghyun’s hands as he led him toward a narrow path towards the bungalow.

“Hyori! Hyori!” The driver calls out someone as we move along the path carved in the garden. I just followed them as they walk slowly.

“Oppa!” A lady dressed in flowery clothing emerges from the bungalow’s door. She’s very beautiful. She looks like a nymph who lives in the middle of the forest. She greets us warmly leading us towards the porch on the left side of the bungalow. She guides Seunghyun towards a chair. I just stood near the railings.

“Seunghyun-na… Are you okay? I heard the new from your sister. It’s good that your blindness is just temporary.” Hyori (from what I heard is her name) checks Seunghyun’s face delicately tracing the contour of his jaw. Her action infuriates me. She better be his cousin or else…

“You must be… his private nurse.” Hyori looks up to me as she stands up and moves towards my side. I feel so unsexy in my nurse uniform while standing beside her.

“Yes… I’m Sandy. Please to meet you.” I bow my head towards her. She’s too pretty…

“Nice to meet you too. I’m Hyori.” She just smiles at me. She even has a beautiful smile.

“And you are?” I must be stupid but the words already blurted out before I can think about it. I don’t have any right to ask anything.

She laughs at my question and turns to look at Seunghyun who is now frowning at us.

“She’s the caretaker of my aunt’s house. She’s a close family friend.” Seunghyun answers on her behalf. His answer gives me a very uneasy feeling. It’s like I’ve lost a battle where I bet my life in it.

“Now… now… would you like some drinks?” Hyori ask every one of us as she pleasantly smiles.

“Sure, Hyori.” The driver seems to be very happy being offered a drink. He must be thirsty of wanting to gain Hyori’s attention. Hmp…

“No, thank you.” I decline her invitation with a smile. “I would like to stay here and see the view more.” I added so that my refusal won’t sound rude.

“If you would like to see the view, you should roam around the area.” Seunghyun looks at me as he answers my remarks. “I’ll go with you. I want to walk near the sea side.” Seunghyun stands up and with his rod, moves forward… to the wrong direction.

I immediately go to his side and clasp his elbow and guide him towards the right direction. He slowly pushes my hand away and looks at me. “I’m fine. Just tell me which direction I have to go.”


“I’ll leave you two guys… since… you want to check the view. We’ll just be inside drinking.” Hyori states as she went inside the house with the driver.

“Left… turn left…” I followed Seunghyun’s suggestion but I really feel we look stupid… or he looks stupid. He’s been stumbling around the bushes as we move along toward the beach. “Move to the right. That’s it… Stop!” I shouted as Seunghyun collided again with another flower bush. He is ruining the garden but what’s worst… he stumbled on a rose bush.

“Ouch! Waaa! The thorns! They pricking me!” Seunghyun struggles looking like a child being sting by an ant. He is gripping his right elbow which hits the bush and must have been prick by many thorns.

I swiftly hold him from the back to steady his balance and keep him from falling again. “Why are you stubborn? Here, let me take your hand.” I gently take his hand covering his elbow and look at swollen skin. Fortunately, no thorns are left in the skin but it is bleeding slightly. I took the first aid kit for light wounds, which I always bring around me inside my uniform’s pocket. I took some cotton and drip it with betadine. I hold his elbow firmly in case he’s going to pull it away when I dab the cotton in his wounds. He didn’t but he frowns and purses his lips. “There, it’s done.” I softly blow his wound.

He slowly pulls his elbow. When he moves a step forward, he stops and turns around to me. “Can I take your hand?” He said it with a smile.

A smile! I almost collapse when he did it. I just stand there and stare at him. When he noticed I didn’t answer, his smile fades. “Hello?! Sandy, are you there?”

“Yeah. I’m here!” I quickly move to grab his hand and walk along. If he can see me, I would have died again because of embarrassment. Why am I acting weird lately?

“Why do roses have thorns?” He asks as we walk along the path towards the seaside… holding hands. Or, I’m holding his hand. We’re almost near the beach.

“I don’t know. A friend told me there’s a sad story about it.”

“Really? I wanna hear it.”

“hmm… there is this couple who wanted to get married but their parents are against it. The girl suggested they elope. Then, on the night they were to flee, the guy turned up but he said that he couldn’t leave his parents. The girl went mad and killed herself. On the place where the girl died, grew a flower. They named it Rose after the girl. I guess Roses have thorns because she died with anger.”

“Do you like Roses then?”

“No… not really.”

“I thought girls love roses. What’s your favorite flower then?”

“Asters… “

“What is an Aster?”

“It’s a family of flower… it means star because of its head. It looks like daisies.”

“Hmmm… You should show me an Aster someday so I’ll know what it looks like.”

“Sure… I’ll find one for you.”


Bom is pacing back and forth in her hotel room. Youngbae called her last night but she wasn’t able to answer cause they were currently performing.

Ring… ring… ring…

She has been dialing his number for the third time. She knows he is currently on duty right now but she hopes he’ll answer it.

“If he won’t answer it this time…I won’t call him again.” Still, there is no answer after the last ring. Bom puts her phone back in her bag and sits down on her bed.

Why do I feel uneasy about this? It feels like something terrible is going to happen soon.

Authors Note: Can you give me the Title of the Song I’m featuring here? It inspires me somehow. I wrote this kinda rush… not really… I wrote this yesterday but wasn’t able to finish. I just continue writing it now. I think it’s really long now… I hope it didn’t bore you… What will happen next with Bom and Youngbae? Will Seunghyun sees Sandy’s feelings? with the eyes of the heart.

The flower posted above is an Asper… It’s nice, don’t you think? It fits Dara’s name and personality. “Star”



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