FaLL in Love with C.N.Blue!

C.N. Blue is under the management of F&C Music (Korea) and AI Entertainment (Japan) , the same company of F.T. Island. Fall in Love with them as they sing an English song! Wherever You Will Go (The Calling) *faints* I’m so in Love with them… Can’t wait for their debut!

Do you know Jung Yong-hwa, who played Shin-woo in the SBS drama “You’re Beautiful”?  He happens to be my favorite member of AN Jell. Well, he is a member of this band. Yey! *shouts with Glee* Check out the rest of the members below.

Jeong Yong Hwa
Name: Jung YongHwa 정용화
Position: Guitar & Vocal
Blood type: A
Birthdate: 1989/06/22
Height & Weight: 180cm, 63kg
Hobby: Appreciating music
Specialty: Clarinet, Beatbox
Attraction: Side teeth
A Career: SBS Drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ as Kang ShinWoo
Check out some old photos of him here!

Lee Jonghyun
Name: Lee JongHyun 이종현
Position: Guitar & Vocal
Blood Type: O
Birthdate: 1990/06/15
Height Weight: 182cm 64kg
Hobby: Appreciating music, exercising
Specialty: Judo
Attraction: Chic smile

Kang Min Hyuk
Name: Kang Min Hyuk 강민혁
Position: Drummer
Blood Type: A
Birthdaet: 1991/06/28
Height Weight: 184cm 60kg
Hobby: Soccer, Basketball
Specialty: Flute
Attraction: Smiling eyes

Kwon Kwang Jin
Name: Kwon Kwang Jin [권광진]
Birthdate: 08.12.1992
Position: Bass
Height: 180cm
Blood Type: AB

Edit:*I just know recently that Kwon Kwang Jin has been replaced by Lee Jeong Shin. why??? Kwang Jin is already perfect… huhuhu *sobs* i ❤ him..

Here’s the new member:

Lee Jeong ShinName: Lee Jeong Shin 이정신
Position: Bassist
Blood Type: A
Birthdate: 1991/09/15
Height Weight: 186cm 66kg
Hobby: Appreciating music
Specialty: Rap, Bass
Attraction: Eyes

*One thing for sure! They are all Good-Looking!!!

C.N Blue releases MV teasers for each of its members. I know you’re all looking forward to Jung Yong-hwa’s teaser…

But, first up is Lee Jong-hyun with his “Burning” charisma!

Next… is the “Lovely” Kang Min Hyuk!
*It’s different from what I perceived him to be… I think he got a strong manly charisma.  HOT!

Here comes the Untouchable Lee Jeong Shin!

Waiting for Jeong Hwa? Get Emotional with him!

BONUS: Here’s their First Music Video:“I’m not a Loner”

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I’ll update this as soon as another video teasers will be released.

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