Certified Twitter Addicted KPOP Artists

With this Twitter craze going on… Here are the TOP 3 KPOP Artists which we can call Twitter Addicts!

Up on our List is iTabLo, or that’s what he call himself now. ^_^ Being addicted to iPhone, he updates or replies in twitter thru it. Check the picture below!and next is… Who is the man beside iTablo?

It’s Mithra Jin… well, I guess buddies are really into Twitter… Check the picture below where somebody caught Mithra Jin busy twittering using his iPhone. =p

But none can beat this one! tededeng…

Drunken Tiger JKCheck out the BIG screen behind him where he does his twitter activities! Even he himself admitted he is really addicted to Twitter…And even his wife, Yoon Mirae testified on it. =p

This is just for fun peep… No offense meant if it caused one. ^_^

Disclaimer: All pictures in here are from their twitter accounts. No copyrights infringement intended. Here’s the list of KPOP idols who have their own twitter.


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