[FanFic] ALR Chap.2 Part 5: “Indispensable Choices”

NOTE: This is a very Long Blood BoiLing and Nerve-Wracking update. It’s more like I created a new Fan Fic out of my old one. LOL. If you’re 18 years old younger, I’m really sorry but I have to advise you to please stop reading my Fiction or skip this Part. I don’t want to foul your innocent thoughts.



Have you come to a point in your life where you have to choose between 2 necessary things?

It’s like choosing between ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ but you need both ‘Yes’ AND ‘No’. Can’t I have it both?


Is your Ideal man, the person you love?

Is the person you love, your ideal man?

I Love a person but he isn’t my ideal man. I just love him for reasons I couldn’t uncover.

My ideal man is someone I really look up to. Someone I would like to be with. But, it doesn’t really mean I love him, right?

Is it possible to love two guys at the same time?


Will you wait indefinitely for someone who always set you aside?

Is it okay to love someone who is always by your side even if you know it will hurt her?


Love, will you show yourself visibly to help us clear out the confusion in our hearts?


How come it’s very hard to choose between…?

“Indispensable Choices”

Melbourne, Australia.

Youngbae’s POV

Knock… Knock… Knock…

“Sandy!!! Yow! Open the door!” I slammed on the door for the 6th time. Is she sleeping already?

Finally, the door in our cabin opens.

“Yah! What took you so long? I’ve been knocking for a hundredth time already. Didn’t I tell you not to lock it?” *hik* I enter our lodge sluggishly swaying as I lay down instantly at the sofa… untying my tie and unbuttoning my shirt.

“Oppa, you’re drunk again. You’ve really changed since we arrived here.” Sandy moves toward me bringing a cup of honey juice to help me sober up. She’s such a nice girl… I wish she was mine. But I know it will just bring trouble. “Don’t mind me. You better go to sleep. You still have an early class tomorrow.” I close my eyes and let myself fall into a sleepless slumber. I don’t know what I’ve become anymore. It’s already been a month since we’ve arrived here in Australia but the dreams still kept coming back.

“Boo… I can’t wait anymore. Let’s get married now.” I beg Bom, my fiancée to reconsider her priorities. I’m really scared that she’s putting me off because of her career.

“Bae… I just can’t. Let’s wait a year. Okay?” She just answered looking lovely in front of me.

“Boo… that’s what you said last year and the other year. How long will I have to wait? A decade?” I let out my frustrations. “Why is your career very important than me.”

“Bae… you know how important you are to me.”

“You can still have your d@mn career even if you marry me.”

“It would be different. It will be like we just got married for name’s sake.”

“Then… be my wife.”

“You know I can’t. Not now…”

“Just say that you don’t want to marry me… rather than keep me waiting… I might be waiting for nothing.”

“Bae! That’s ridiculous! You know I will never do that to you!”

“You have to choose… It’s either me or your career. If you choose career, then we’re finished!”

“Bae!!! How could you?!” Then she left without turning back. She’s the first one who left, NOT me.



Sandy’s POV

It’s been a month since we arrived in Melbourne but I’m still not getting used to the time difference. I wake up late everyday and I have to rush at everything I do. Youngbae-oppa offered me to join him in a Music Camp here in Melbourne. Since he will be having another medical mission here, he invited me to come along and we have to keep everything a secret.

Why? First, my father and mother surely won’t agree. Second, we are living together in one apartment but different rooms. The camp is good only for two months.  What everybody knows is Youngbae-oppa and me are on a medical mission together. It is true. We are on a medical mission together. I am a nurse at a Music Camp at the same time a participant and yes, Youngbae-oppa is the doctor in the camp.

The organizer of the music camp is his friend who invited him to come with them since the participant’s guardian requires a doctor in case of emergencies and we may treat this as a vacation. His friend, the event organizer, Kang Daesung is a certified playboy.  He always brought Youngbae-oppa to different clubs and always returned him drunk.

But Mr.Kang has the greatest and most powerful voice I ever heard. I always admire him every time he sings and teaches us our lessons. Yes, he is one of our instructors. He is jolly and easy-going which makes all the girls swoon over him, except me. I do admire him, yes. But, I don’t want to do anything with him except sing. There are only two guys who can make my heart beat twice its normal rate, Youngbae-oppa and Seunghyun-shi.

Seunghyun-shi, the patient I left behind in Korea is definitely a good-looking man. His smiles and the way he stares make him very attractive and I’ve already fallen in love with him. I wonder how he is now. I left him the day before his operation because it was also our departure date for Melbourne. I just told him that I’ll be leaving and will be back soon. He is also the type of person with “brief words”. He won’t bother asking if you don’t want to tell him anything. Our relationship might be vague but we have a mutual understanding. I know it’s a bit too fast to say we are both in love. So, we let things just go with the flow. We just cherish what we have and the moment we spent with each other.

Youngbae-oppa has always been the epitome of my ideal man despite the fact that he is engaged to my older sister. Before, I always thought if only we’ve met sooner. But as time passed by, I already accepted the fact that he could never be mine and I could never hurt my sister. He never really talks to me about their problems. He is too mature that he handles all his problems alone. The night when I first witnessed him drunk, he just cried and afterwards told me “I must have really looked stupid awhile ago, eh?” I just smiled at him. He was already sober when he decided we needed to head home. On the way home, that was when he talked about the Music Camp offer. I didn’t have second thoughts about it but what I regretted the most was that we had to leave before Seunghyun’s operation. I wanted to be by his side to let him know how much he means to me. Will he be able to see already?

I don’t have time to reflect much about what’s happening around me. The activity around the music camp is enough to keep my mind from missing anyone. I randomly called my parents when I’m tired and it was always just a short talk because I would soon fall asleep before I even said goodbye. That’s how tiring it is.

I slung my bag on my back and went outside my room. As I move towards the kitchen, I notice Youngbae-oppa sleeping on the floor beneath the sofa. He must have fallen off from the sofa. I move towards him and try to get him up to the sofa. I placed his hand over my neck and pull him up towards the sofa. I manage to lay half of his body on the cushion. Our head is only an inch away. I could smell his breathe and it stinks with alcohol. I lay him down and pulled up his feet to the cushion. Afterwards, I gazed at him adoringly from the side despite the smell of alcohol. He really looks handsome while sleeping. This is the closest encounter I have with him. I just usually look at him from afar. I know he cares for me as a little sister but I hope for something more which I shouldn’t. I decided to go to the other cabin where our lessons are being held. I stand up and was about to leave when he clutched my hand.

“Don’t leave me…” I turn around to see a tear slide from his eye before he let go of my hand.

I don’t know how I should feel but it seems like my heart breaks into pieces knowing he is hurting inside. I bend towards him and wipe the single tear that has fallen.

“Oppa, please don’t cry.” I kissed his forehead before I stand up and leave.



Youngbae’s POV

Did Sandy just kiss me on the forehead? I open my eyes to see her close the door of the cabin. I sit up on the sofa and try to sort out myself. I stink. I need to clean myself first. Geez… How embarrassing to smell like this in front of a girl.

I decided to stroll around the camp after breakfast and then went to the blue cabin where classes are being held. Somebody is singing a hiphop song accompanied by a beatbox. Talented but lacks confidence. The guy stutters some of his words and he barely looks at anyone but his feet. (LOL)

I was standing just outside the door when it opened. My buddy since highschool, Daesung pulls me inside the cabin and introduces me to everyone inside the room.

“Everyone this is Mr. Dong Youngbae, our doctor.”

I bow my head as they clapped their hands for me. I let my eyes roam and spotted Sandy smiling at me. I smile back.

“He may be a doctor but this man can sing better than me.” Daesung added and looks at me, “May we request Mr. Dong Youngbae to sing a song for us?”

If looks could kill, Daesung would have fallen on the floor by now. I was shooting daggers at him thru my eyes. I wave my hands motioning “No”. But everyone including Sandy chanted, “Sing! Sing! Sing!”

I look at my friend again with a deadly stare before I go to the front and bow my head. “My friend is just teasing me. I don’t know if I’m any better than him. But… okay then… I’ll sing a song for everyone. Hope you love it.”

The best thing about tonight’s that we’re not fighting
Could it be that we have been this way before
I know you don’t think that I am trying
I know you’re wearing thin down to the core”

I sang softly at first but as usual, I always let my emotion run when I sing. I accompany it with some moves that made everyone cheer and clap.

But hold your breathe
Because tonight will be the night
That I will fall for you
Over again
Don’t make me change my mind
Or I won’t live to see another day
I swear it’s true
Because a girl like you is impossible to find
You’re impossible to find…”

As I sing those lines, I intently look at Sandy and she was staring at me also. Everything seems to blur and it’s just the two of us in the room. Me, singing a song for her. When the song ended, I bow my head and gave Daesung a playful slap in his back.

“See what I told you everyone. He is better than me.” Daesung said proudly as slaps me back.

“Yes!!! We want more… We want more…” Everyone replied in chorus.

“Ow… That can’t be… It seems like everyone wants to replace me with you.” Daesung made a sad face to everyone which made everyone laugh.

“I have to go anyway. See you around. If you need help with wounds or anything, just see me in the red cabin.” I waved and left the room.

I decided to go back to where I should be, at the red cabin, to spend the rest of my day.


It’s almost dinner time when I decided to go back to the cabin. I tried to put my key inside and turn the knob and push the door to check if it’s not lock inside. It isn’t. No one must be inside. Sandy usually uses the barrel bolt when she’s inside alone.

I proceed to my room and decided to take a quick shower before going to the cafeteria to have dinner. I was finished showering when somebody knocks on the door. I must have put the barrel bolt on. Aish… I hurriedly wrap myself with a towel and sprinted over to the door…

When I just turned the knob, the door flung open hitting half of my body which made me grunt. “Aigoo… Aigoo.”

“Oppa, sorry… I’m just really in a hurry cause…” Sandy quickly gets in and then checked me out. I look up wondering why she stopped talking… She was staring at my body, gaping.

Hallelujah! I forgot. I’m almost naked. I instantly cover my chest with my hands. She gulped and closed her eyes. I quickly turn and went inside my room. When I got dressed and went back outside…

She was already sitting on the sofa when I came in the lounge. “Do you want to go to the dining hall together?” She asks me while she stands up. We usually just met at the dining hall and eat at the same table with Daesung.

“Okay…” We went together outside. I closed and locked the door behind me. I decided to start a normal conversation as we walk towards the white cabin which is the dining area.

“Sandy…” “Oppa…” We said in unison.

“You first…” I look at her and smile.

“You really sing well… you’re way too better than me. I feel so… I’m like an amateur compared to you.”

“Don’t be… You just need proper training and more practice. In time, you’ll be better than me.” I smile at her and she smiles back.

“Oppa, what really happened between you and unnie?” Her next question surprised me. She never asked me that question again after the night when I got drunk.

“Hmm… Let’s just say it’s over between us.”

“Huh!?! How come? When? Why?”

“You ask too many questions… It’s not your unnie’s fault. It’s mine. I couldn’t wait anymore.”

“Really? But why?”

“Why? I don’t know.” I kick a stone in front of our way. “Don’t worry about it.”

“It’s unbelievable. You… love her.”

“I do… I think Love is not enough for us to be together then.”


“No more buts… Let’s just eat before we starve ourselves.” I smiled at her as I open the door in the dining hall and let her in.



Sandy’s POV

I couldn’t believe it. It must not be true. Unnie never talks about it. But, it could be. I really find it weird every time we talked, she never asked about how Youngbae-oppa is doing.

What happened? Why did it make me nervous? Is it because a tiny flicker of hope sparks within me? No… No… No… I shake my head left to right.

“Sandy-ah, are you alright?” Daesung who is sitting across me asked. Youngbae-oppa also turns his head towards me.

“Aneee… Nothing…” I smile at them and continue eating and the two of them went back to their chat.

The group decided to have a camp fire before going to sleep but there were others who didn’t join because they were too tired already…

Almost ten of the campers decided to make a bon fire and barbecue marshmallows and sing around the fire.

We were singing random songs, one of the camper is playing the guitar while another one is beating the beat-box. The rest of us just sing along. Daesung and Youngbae came over later and joined us.

One of the camper decided we could play a game. It’s called “Dare the Melon”. It’s just simple, each of us have its own number. I’m Number Seven (7)… We just have to chant ‘Seven (or your number) melon, 7 melon, 7 melon…. 2 (or the number of the next one who have to chant) melon.’ If the next person failed to reply immediately, he or she will have to do the Dare from the person who chanted before. We were really having a blast. The dares were really weird and funny. Most of the dares are kiss-him-or-her-on-their-lips and dance-while-the-one-who-gave-the-dare-sings.

It is now Mr. Daesung’s turn to chant, “12 melon, 12 melon, 12 melon… 11 melon”. The 11th melon must be spacing out because he is drawing something on the ground with a wooden stick. “Yah! I dare you!” Mr. Daesung playfully shoves Youngbae which makes him lose his balance and fall of the log where he was sitting. “You space-out boy!”

Youngbae just smiled and brushed the dirt off his pants and sat on the log again. Everyone starts to chant “Dare! Dare! Dare!” I even joined them.

“I dare you to kiss one of our lady campers here.” Daesung told Youngbae.

My heart froze. Every guy clapped and the girls squealed,“Weeee!” The girls shout “Me!!! Choose me!” I don’t know but there’s something in the back of my head which hoped that I’d be chosen. I also wanted to shout “Me… Please choose me.” But wouldn’t it be stupid? I’m his girlfriend’s sister. Ex-girlfriend? It would really look so bad. But I seem to be silently praying. I just closed my eyes.

I barely notice the next thing that happens. Somebody held my shoulders lightly and gave me a quick peck on my lips. Then, that’s it. I didn’t even feel it. (LOL) I slowly open my eyes to find Youngbae-oppa smiling in front of me. With a wink, he left and sits back on his log. I wanted to jump up and down. I don’t know if I should feel this way. But I feel like celebrating. The night drags on and we decided to go back to our own cabins.

I move towards the path on our way to our cabin when he calls out. “Sandy, wait up!” I slowly turn and wait for him.

“Yah! You’re so quick. You just disappeared right under my nose.” He was catching his breath when he reached me.

Then, we slowly walk towards our cabin silently.

When we arrived at the cabin, Younbae-oppa is the one who opened the door and let me get inside first. The whole cabin is so dark. I could barely make out everything from the silhouette. I stand back on the side as he went inside and closed the door. The atmosphere is making me nervous. I’m consciously aware of my surroundings. This feeling didn’t ever occur before. The tension went 10 times higher when he touched my hand.


“Yes-oppa.” Both of us didn’t make a move to open the lights. Why? I don’t know.

“Do you like me?” His question made my heart beat faster than its normal rate.

What should I do? What should I say? He squeezes my hand softly.

I try to open my mouth but no words come out. And, in a second, it is already covered with his lips. I think he didn’t have to listen to my answer to do the next thing. And I responded willingly. Forgetting everything… Cherishing the moment… He slowly opens my mouth by tracing its contours with his lips. I moan as his tongue enters my mouth. He moves his hand towards my back and pulls me hard towards him making me feel his need. It made me clung to him tightly. I tug at his hair as his mouth left mine open and wanting more. But he nibbles at my neck as he slowly goes down to explore more of me before going back to my mouth. His hands start exploring areas where no man have ever touched me before. His left hand now is gently kneading my left breast while his other hand is holding my back firmly. I can’t take anymore of the wanton behavior within me… Wanting to be release. I pulled his shirt off to reveal the abs and chest I’ve wanted to touch since I laid my eyes on them this morning. He helps me lift it up and remove it. Now, he slowly lifts the blouse I’m wearing and unclasp my bra. I gasp as I feel his hand on top of my breast gently rubbing it. And I moan even more as he sucks it gently with his mouth. I grunted when he stops just to kiss my mouth again as he gently lifts me up and bring me towards the sofa and lay me down softly. Not prolonging the agony, we strip ourselves naked and explore every contour of our body with our hands and lips, gently kneading and sucking each curve. When we had enough exploring, we decided to take it deeper. He slowly opens my legs as his finger gently rubs beautifully inside me. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I buried his head in my breast and lock my legs in his. I want him inside me. And he knows it. He gently sways his way towards my inner core, rocking softly to our bodies’ rhythm until we reach the heights of ecstasy.

Afterwards, we just lay down hugging each other tightly while he nibs at my ear and I kiss his lower neck before we fell into a deep slumber.

Ring… Ring… Ring…

What’s that noise? With my eyes closed, I fumble where the phone could be. I manage to find and answer it hastily.

“Hello?” *yawn* who could be calling me this early? I look at my side to see my ideal man sleeping softly with his arms wrap around my waist and his head on my shoulder.

“Sandy?! Is it you?”

“Unnie?! Bom-unnie?!”  Realization struck me like lighting. I immediately sat up which makes Youngbae fall off from the sofa. *thump* He grunts and went back to sleep.

“What’s that?”

“No one… I mean it’s nothing… just a pillow falling off the floor…” I’m already stuttering. I check the phone I’m holding. *Crap* It’s Youngbae’s.

“I see… Is Youngbae with you? Can I talk to him?” Why didn’t she ask me ‘What are you two doing in this hour? Why do you have his phone?’ But she didn’t. I check the time in my watch. It’s already 11:00 AM. *Crap* It’s almost noon. No wonder she didn’t doubt anything.

“Youngbae? Ahhh… He’s still asleep.” *Woah* What the f*ck did I just said!

“Asleep? Isn’t it almost noon there?”

“Sandy… “ *tsup* I didn’t notice Youngbae-oppa was already awake and is trailing little kisses on my neck giving me tingling sensations before planting a loud smack in my mouth. “Who’s calling?”

I slap his head which makes him grunts and looks at me confused. “Why did you hit me? Don’t you love my kisses?” I swear I could have died right then and there when I’m sure Unnie could hear him.

“Sandy? What’s happening?”

“Youngbae-oppa, its Bom-unnie.” I stare at him coldly before passing the phone to him.

Woah!!! Writing this part, makes me sweat in this cold weather!!! I never thought I’m capable of writing such… =p

Did you expect YB turning into a Bad Guy? LOLs… Watch out for the Next Update: “Becoming a Bad Guy…”

Note: I just made the “Dare The Melon” game… but there is really such game… I just forget how it is called.



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