With regards to G-Dragon’s Controversy, Aimee Lee Lucas finally Speaks up!

Once pictures like the one posted above hit the internet, it cause outrage.  It become a HOT issue in South Korea that this month, their Ministry of Health and Welfare requested the crown attorney’s office to investigate G-Dragon’s concert because he sang the restricted songs in question.  If G-Dragon loses the case, he will have to pay up to at least a $5,000 fine and serve at least a year in prison.  His fans, including those who were at the concert, have started a petition in support of the pop star and the case is still pending.  YG Entertainment, G-Dragon’s label, released an apology but otherwise no one involved with the incident has spoken about what happened.  Until now.

So when Aimee performed the “Breathe” number with G-Dragon and the aforementioned stand-up bed, it was just another normal bit. She flew back to L.A. the morning after the last concert thinking all was normal but by the time she landed, the controversy had broken out all over the internet in Korea.

I was shocked when I heard what was happening” Aimee says. “We performed two shows on a Saturday and Sunday. All the VIPs and big people came out on Saturday and no one said anything. During rehearsals, no one told us we were going too far and should hold back. So the reaction was surprising.”

So here’s Aimee’s explanation of what happened:

Before the first creative meeting for the concert, Aimee was already thinking of ideas for the different numbers. Since the imagery of a bed was so strong in “Breathe”, she thought it would make sense to incorporate that into the piece. “At the meeting, G-Dragon had pretty much the same idea to do something around a stand-up bed,” she says. “He likes to let loose and push boundaries. Everyone agreed so that’s what we worked on.”

“There was no humping,” she continues. “If you watch the (footage), the whole bit lasts only a few seconds. He straddles me for a bit, we do some ‘acting’ and then we’re done. I had to lift myself (on the stand-up bed) and hang there and support all my body weight with my arms. I could only do that for a couple of seconds so there wasn’t any time to do any humping.”

Aimee thinks the controversy erupted because the first images to be posted online were photos of her hanging from the bed straddling G-Dragon with her legs wrapped around him which could be misinterpreted when seen out of context. By the time video footage from the concert hit the web a few days later, the damage had already been done. Since she left for America right after the concert, she hasn’t talked to G-Dragon about the incident but has heard from others at YG that he seems to be doing fine.

Here’s a clip of the offending bit shot by a fancam. Judge for yourself if you think it’s obscene:

Check the Original Article Written by her friend Phillip here!

Will post my own opinion on this soon… Thank God that GD is doing fine. I’ve been thinking of making a post about this controversy when it sparks up but I didn’t cause I’ve been waiting for something like this. Nonetheless when Allkpop released the article below… I was fumed!

After facing possible arrestBig Bang’s G-Dragon might face as his punishment for the inappropriateness he displayed to the minors, the fans around the globe began to voice out their dissatisfaction toward the issue in unison.

It has now reported that a thousand fans who were part of the audience on the day of the performance – in other words, the “victims” of G-Dragon’s “crime” – have joined in to form a petition to the Prosecution District. They believed his performance was not bad enough to undergo such harsh consequences.

The petition stated,

In order for a performance to be filed for being obscene, the audience must agree to it. However, the concert was not obscene to the viewers and none of us were sexually offended. We can not let a single performance degrade the quality of the whole concert.

So do you guys agree to their opinion? But come on, guys – how can a boy tying up a girl in a bed and dry-humping her while singing songs NOT be considered obscene and provocative?

Check the original Article here!

Okay… the article was fine but the last statement really sparks the fire within me that I’ve been holding for so long… and since I’ve gotten close with Aimee already thru our conversations online, I get to know her more. I find it absurd that they’ll judge a person based on a PICTURE or PERFORMANCE only. It hurts… *sniff* When Aimee hit me up about Phillip’s article… I decided to let my opinion out.

Please define obscene and provocative.

According to google.com:
obscene “treats sex in an objectionable or lewd or lascivious manner”
and provocative means “to cause sexual desire”

Whoever agrees to it (that GD’s perf was obscene and provocative) are perverts or dirty minded. It’s NOT GD being provocative but the audience having dirty thoughts making it provocative. In short, people who files GD’s case are simply dirty-minded. There’s a BIG difference.

As a saying goes: “You don’t believe it because its the truth, it becomes the truth because you believe in it!”

Aimee clearly stated that “There was no humping”…

To be guilty of a crime, it should be intentional and true.

The person involved or the person they’re saying that GD dry-humped testify that there is no dry-humping that happened. And, most of the audience in his concert stated thatthe concert was not obscene to the viewers and none of us were sexually offended“.

So, this CONTROVERSY is NOT TRUE! and I’m perfectly sure that G-Dragon have no intentions of whatsoever.

Therefore the decision of the court should be “G-Dragon is Not Guilty“. Else, they wanted to make a laughing stock out of themselves for treating law that low.

What is your verdict?


10 thoughts on “With regards to G-Dragon’s Controversy, Aimee Lee Lucas finally Speaks up!

    • I don’t think that gdragon should not done that what I’m saying is that he didn’t do that at all.gdragon’s a good guy he would never do that to a girl ever. I love gdragon alote I know that would never happen on stage gdragon dye humping a girl on a bed before

  1. This is a great article and I agree with almost everything 🙂 just one thing though, is that although it wasn’t obscene (no humping etc…) it was provocative because it’s a sexy bed scene. You don’t have to be dirty minded to see that. But other than that I totally agree 🙂

  2. No wonder he was voted as best boyfriend, and not best husband, guess what the “wife” would be goin thru if she saw this, IF I was the “wife” I’ll “divorce”……=_=|||………………………………………I want the old gd back. I don’t want no new gd watsoeva…wat happen to the videos (tonight, high high)? What happen to the lyrics (Korean dream, the leaders,)? What happen with the language (she’s gone)?………..what happen to the old an innocent…haru haru? T-T….oppa~ dun change….we like u the way you r….dun need to go further….u almost got urself in JAIL!!! N now tonight? High high? She’s Gone? Huh?! I like gd, I dun want to regret liking him…

    • To anyone: I dunno what’s happening nowadays, but this:” whoever agrees to this are perverts and dirty-minded.” I’m not dirty neither a pervert, just…CAN’T U EVEN SEE THE FACT THAT NOW EVERYONE THINKS THAT SOMETHING WRONG IS SOMETHING RIGHT TO THEM?!?!?! GD, Aimee…and anyone else, thinks that something wrong is right, ok fine they didn’t do wateva humping n did it 4 a few secs right? But look, they DID do it (not counting the humping)! Wats wrong is not them, it’s…just…this person who made the world dirty… Who made sin. (I’m not acting dramatic ok!! I mean it..)

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