[FanFiction] ALR Chap.2 Part 6: Becoming A Bad Guy

Authors Note: I’m sorry if this update is short? I hope you enjoy reading! Comments will be Love!

Sandy’s POV

Ring… Ring… Ring…

What’s that noise? With my eyes closed, I fumble where the phone could be. I manage to seize and answer it hastily.

“Hello?” *yawn* who could be calling me this early? I look at my side to see my ideal man sleeping softly with his arms wrapped  around my waist and his head on my shoulder.

“Sandy?! Is that you?”

“Unnie?! Bom-unnie?!”  Realization struck me like lighting. I immediately sat up which made Youngbae fall off from the sofa. *thump* He grunts and went back to sleep.

“What’s that?”

“No one… I mean it’s nothing… just a pillow falling off the floor…” I’m already stuttering. I check the phone I’m holding. *Crap* It’s Youngbae’s.

“I see… Is Youngbae with you? Can I talk to him?” Why didn’t she ask me ‘What are you two doing in this hour? Why do you have his phone?’ But she didn’t. I check the time in my watch. It’s already 11:00 AM. *Crap* It’s almost noon. No wonder she didn’t doubt anything.

“Youngbae? Ahhh… He’s still asleep.” *Woah* What the f*ck did I just say!

“Asleep? Isn’t it almost noon there?”

“Sandy… “ *tsup* I didn’t notice Youngbae-oppa was already awake and is trailing little kisses on my neck giving me tingling sensations before planting a loud smack in my mouth. “Who’s calling?”

I slap his head which made him grunt and look at me confused. “Why did you hit me? Don’t you love my kisses?” I swear I could have died right then and there when I’m sure Unnie could hear him.

“Sandy? What’s happening?”

“Youngbae-oppa, its Bom-unnie.” I stare at him coldly before passing the phone to him.

Youngbae-oppa suddenly sat up straight. Taking the phone from me, he gave out a deep sigh.

“Boo?” He took some of his clothes off  the floor and covered  some of his body parts mostly the censored part. I covered  myself with his blanket. Good thing there is a blanket which Youngbae-oppa uses when he sleeps here. I still can’t believe what just happened. I lay back down on the sofa and closed my eyes. Youngbae-oppa placed his head  on my stomach while his hand played  with the blanket.

“We’re just kidding here… I’m playing with your sister.” I slapped his head which made him glare at me. I only heard what he said from the phone. I don’t know what Bom-unni is saying on the other line. I’m rubbing my palm back and forth on his Mohawk hair. I think something is different now. It feels like he is mine. Is it okay to feel this way?

“You know… I just want to make you jealous. Really… Sandy and I are just playing.” What he said really blew my steams off. Here I was thinking that something is different between us and he declares we’re just playing.

“Ya!” I shoved  him off from me and stood up taking the blanket with me. I hurried to my room before he can see the tears welling up in my eyes.

Youngbae’s POV

“Sandy Wait!” I accidentally turned off the phone when she shoved me off. I hurriedly stood  up and grabbed  the blanket around her which made her turn to me. She’s already crying. F*ck!

I immediately grab her into my embrace. She buried her face in my shoulder. I let her cry. It’s my fault.

“Sweetie… hush… Let’s talk this over when we’re both calm.”

“I thought you like me…” She mumbled in my ear.

“I do… But you know… “ How can I let her understand when I don’t know what’s happening to me either . I couldn’t tell her… I still love her sister after what we did last night… It will be so unfair for her. But…

“You already know who I love…” I still tried explaining… “It’s just that… I can’t hurt your sister.”

“Then what does that make me?” She raised  her head and looked into my eyes. I can’t hurt her. But I am hurting her now. I just kissed  her forehead and cupped  her head in my shoulder and hugged  her tightly.

“We’ll figure this out.” I let out a deep sigh when her sobs subsided .

“I have to change.” She wipes her tear and clasps the blanket around her before she turns and leaves me naked. (LOL)

“Yeah… me too.” I grab my clothes from the floor and went to my room.

I have to call Bom first. Ring….

“Hello?” She answers my call on the first ring. It means she’s anticipating my call.

“Boo… I’m sorry for what happened earlier . Apparently, you sister didn’t like the game we’re playing.” I let out  a sham laugh.

“Really? You got me worried back there. I thought something is wrong.” Yeah… something is wrong.

“I am trying to make you jealous so that you’ll know what you’re missing.” I gave another fake laugh.

“You dork… I will never get jealous with my sister. I know she loves me.” She does… But I guess she likes me too. Aishhht… What am I thinking?

“Yes, she loves you too.”I just answered plainly. It’s good that Bom really believes in me and I’m sorry I have to lie at her. Am I lying to her?

“Boo… I’m not sure if this is good news or what… I know you’re kinda angry with me. Not calling me frequently anymore or maybe you’re just so busy. I am busy too. By the way, I discussed  with my manager about our wedding plans…”

“I thought that was already off and put on hold.”

“Yes… but you know… I’m trying to get permission from her. There is a way out. We can tell our parents. Like, we can have a secret family wedding. Just you, me and our family. No outsiders. I think that’s pretty good enough and it should be held in a place where nobody knows  us.”

“Whoa… whoa… What did you say?”

“Let’s get married. I’m not dreaming of a big wedding ceremony  anyway. A simple secret wedding will do. We can’t do it after my debut so… We have to get married before next year. How’s that?”

“Is this for real? You’re not joking, are you?” I can’t believe what I’m hearing…

“No i’m not. It seems that missing you so much have this effect. You didn’t call me anymore like you usually do. So, it kinda gets me worried. And when you call me… I know you feel bad about something. You think I’m unfair or whatever… But Boo… Though my mind is pre-occupied with lots of things… you’re always in my heart. You know that right?”

“Yeah… Let me get a grip of myself… I still have a hard time digesting what you’ve just said.” I answered with a laugh. Really… Lots of things can happen in one day.

“Okay Bae… I have to go to the studio now. Call you as soon as I’m free.” *Click* um… um… um…

I turn my phone off and lie down on my bed for awhile and think. What will happen now? I know I’ve gotten myself into a BIG mess. I couldn’t end up hurting either one of them. But… I will have to if I want to be with either of them. But, what will happen to the sisters relationship. That’s what really worries me most. Bom and Sandy are pretty close. Bom is Sandy’s confidante and strong ally in her family. Bom treasures her sister very much. I don’t know what to do without ruining that relationship. I ruffled my hair and decided to think straight. I have to talk to Sandy. What will I tell her? That it was mistake?That I’m only having fun with her? That I needed someone and she was there and that’s it? Sandy will never forgive me in her lifetime. But, I can never be with her. It’s Bom who I love.

“What the f*ck is wrong with me!!!” I could just have gotten myself a prostitute… My mind is screaming that I got myself in a f*ck up situation. “Aissh!” I grab the nearest pillow and threw it on the floor. Like that would help me. Think… Think… Think…

I better get myself some clothes first. I stand up and grab a new pair of clothes from my closet then went to shower. Feeling refreshed , I quickly dressed. When I was about to put my shirt on… I heard a knock on my door.

Knock… Knock…

“Oppa…” Sandy is calling me from the other side of the door. What should I tell her? I’m not yet ready to speak with her.

“Yeah… Sandy-ah…” After putting my shirt on I move to open the door for her. She looks refreshing in jeans and shirts.

“Would you like to have some breakfast?” She tries to put on a smile.

“Sure… I’ll be out in a minute.” I grab my coat and bag before I went to the door to follow her.

While walking silently towards the cafeteria… I’m thinking of ways how to let her understand. I’m still battling with myself of what to do. When…

“Oppa… I understand. I’m sorry for what happened last night.” Sandy looks at me when she said that before she let her head down and continue to walk.


“It’s okay… Don’t worry. I won’t tell Bom-unnie.” Talk about being lucky…

“Really? You know…” I still can’t believe it. My worries are gone. She understood.

“I know you love my sister. I also love her. I understand about your feelings. Nobody will know about this except us.” My sentiments exactly.

“Thank you.” I can’t thank her enough for saving my @ss. I tried to hold her hand but she moved away.

“Let’s eat now since it’s really late might as well have a lunch. Ka ja!” She opens the door in the cafeteria and scamper like a happy child towards the food.

Sandy’s POV

How did I manage to say that? I knew all along that it would turn out like this. I must be so stupid thinking he will choose me over my sister. And, I’m the worst sister in the world. How can I do this to Bom-unnie? Stealing the man she loves most. Yes, Stealing. But, I didn’t do anything for him to act the way he did last night, did I? Or my thoughts are so loud enough for him to hear.

“Sandy, you have a sauce on your lips?” Youngbae asked me with a smile. The smile I adore so much.

Before I can say anything, he brushes his forefinger against my lips and wiped  it with a tissue. I stare at him gaping. How can he act like nothing happened? Doesn’t he know I’m hurting inside?

“You know… You’re really pretty. Prettier than your sister. I’m sure you’ll definitely find the man you’re looking for.” Now, that really blew me off. Here I was, trying to act calm , holding up tears, swearing I won’t ever cry in front of him again. Pretending everything is okay and he goes on and says that.  I guess he can be such a jerk sometimes.

I stand up and gather my plate. Staring directly in his eyes I say, “Oppa, Can I ask a favor? Please don’t be nice to me anymore.” With that, I turn my back and leave.

I have to hate him… I should hate him… I will hate him… I hate him.



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