[Announcement] What’s going on at wwLyna?

To beloved readers and avid viewers,

You might wonder what’s happening with this blog. Yes, its becoming more and more like a C.N. Blue fan site. My love for them is this BIG that I actually turn my blog into what it is right now.

With this, I’m going to make a fansite for C.N.Blue, will update you about its domain name / web address (I already have something in my mind) once we have it registered and fully discussed with fellow CNBLUE fans, we will announce it. You may suggest a domain name if you want, we may consider using it. =p

So, what will happen if I’m going to make the fansite? I will be managing 3 blogs (o.O) which are Let’s Play 2NE1 (please visit it for 2NE1 updates), wwLyna (this one which will become my personal blog), and the new fansite for CNBLUE. All content in this blog which are CNBLUE related will be transferred to the new CNBLUE fansite. How? Don’t ask me, I just happen to have a friend who is a Web Designer and Programmer of PADDSolutions, which will be sponsoring our server if this push-through. Hopefully, their support for this movement will push through. It will be AWESOME! Shout-out to Dulce, “Please support us!”!

As for now, we would like to ask you to please bear with how things are going on for the moment. There will be random posts about YG Family in here besides all related information about CNBLUE.

To give you a teaser: I just finished interviewing Shaun Evaristo, (part-time) choreographer of YG Entertainment. He reveals characteristics of Big Bang and 2NE1 in his own point of view. It is still in the process of editing and review. Please anticipate it here in wwlyna.wordpress.com!

Members as of the moment are:

  • Lyna (LynaSy@twitter / colyn7@ygladies,CodeAzzurro,BBVIP,youtube,etc.)
  • Younie (nulsaranghae@twitter / cnbluemoonlight@CodeAzzurro) – Korean Translator
  • Lyka (ddochiRoo@Let’s Play 2NE1 / letsplay2ne1@twitter)
  • Gelie (ohkpop@twitter / ohgelie@iloveohkpop)
  • Belle (knucklepink@21evo, twitter, ygladies) – Korean Translator
  • Jam (Jam_Berry@twitter) – Thai Translator (she will be updating us with Thai related news)

I’m truly grateful I have them with me to help give updates with anything CNBLUE. Thank you guys!

For the upcoming CNBLUE fansite, we need staff (to manage posts and comments), translators (Korean, Thai, Chinese,Japanese), subbers (Korean, Thai, Chinese,Japanese) , graphic designers and donations! You may email me (colyn7@yahoo.com) your application. Don’t be shy… I’m just like you. =)

What are the donations for? It’s for the domain name and other related projects for this CNBLUE fansite. Don’t worry, we will be transparent in all Financial Aspects. Please contact me at my email (colyn7@yahoo.com) with regards to donations.

Thank you! Please feel free to comment! We would like to hear your ideas!

Love, Lyna

PS. Please follow us at twitter: LynaSy, letsplay2ne1, nulsaranghae, ohkpop, jam_berry, knucklepink


3 thoughts on “[Announcement] What’s going on at wwLyna?

  1. good luck on plans specially CNBlue fansite! Hope it will push through!
    Just wanna know? Did you enjoy the Kdrama Your Beautiful?

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