E-Talk with Shaun Evaristo Part 1/3 – “Dancing makes me Feel Good.”

Hi, I’m Lyna. I’ve previously interviewed Aimee Lee Lucas, principal dancer of YG Entertainment. If you haven’t read my chat interview with her, please click here.

Now, I brought to you another person who never fails to amaze us. If you’re YG family fan, you must have heard his name countless times. In KPOP world specifically in YG Family Fandom, he is known as one of their choreographers. He is no other than Shaun Evaristo.

Shaun is well known for his creative ideas in choreography. His achievements include working with famous international multi-talented personas like Omarion and Vanessa Hudgens. How he entered Korean Entertainment thru YG Entertainment will be revealed as you read on.

I never thought I would get to have a conversation with someone as awesome as him. I’m truly grateful to Shaun for giving me such chance. Thru his answers, I find him truly amazing not just as an artist but as a person as well. And I’m sure, you will do too. Without prolonging much, here’s the first part of my interview with him.

What is “Dancing” and “Choreography” for you?
Dancing is the movement that naturally comes out when I hear music that intrigues me. It’s something that makes me feel good, and it’s my body expressing myself in that state of listening to it. Choreography for me is the imagination that comes from the music that I hear, the emotion I feel and movement that I decide to use to express that feeling.

What inspired you to dance? Or who are your inspirations in the world of dancing?
Well, at a young age I saw many things that made me want to dance. Music videos, pop artists, hip hop/pop/r&b music, even people on TV dancing. When I saw it, I told myself “I want to do that”, “I can do that” and so I tried. Formal training did not come till way later…
As far as inspirations in the dancing world before…people like mindtricks, mind over matter, 3 muskee, chain reaction. All groups back in the day in the bay area, I grew up watching. Of course there was MV and artists like MJ, JJ, usher, B2K, Nsync, etc. as far as choreographers’ definitely Marty Kudleka, Jayson Wright.
Nowadays, there are so many people that are my peers that are amazing! Jillian Meyers, Lyle Beniga, Dmoe Gomez, Mischa Gabriel, Nick Bass, Tony Testa, AJ., Etc. too many!

Are there any Filipinos among your peers too?
There are many. Filipinos love to dance haha. Lyle Beniga, Keone Madrid, Pat Cruz, JP San Pedro… We are everywhere. Haha…

What is the song you love dancing to the most?
Changes every time. Life changes and so do you, and to me, songs I love are always changing.

Recently? Any songs in particular?
I recently made a piece to Alicia Keys’s “Unthinkable” (I’m ready) it’s an awesome song that has a lot in it. And, I was able to relate to it in many ways in personal matter. Probably not what you would think automatically when you hear the song but it definitely hits me when I hear it.

What is your basis in creating a concept for choreography? Like in Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress”? Do you base it on the personality of the artist too?
My basis for creating a concept for choreography is to search things that happen on a daily basis. What I feel, why I feel that way and do others feel the same. Even how can I relate to them.
For “Wedding Dress”, me and Lyle choreographed it, so it was a collaborative effort. I feel like we created it based on what the song felt like; we saw the translated lyrics and did our best to represent the song. By the way, Lyle is amazing, the movements that come out of this guy’s body are ridiculous, and naturally he comes out with moves that are visually great. I feel like automatically his stuff will catch your eye.

“Where U At” and “Wedding Dress” choreography are really great. Did you really plan to have dancing and choreography as your career ever since when?
Yes, I dreamed of doing this my whole life. I knew this is what I wanted at a young age and felt like dancing and creating was my calling. I didn’t know what level, and sometimes I still don’t but I want to be able to reach people. Be able to talk to them with my art and also be financially stable so I can continue to do so.

Shaun Evaristo Commercial Reel 2010

Besides dancing, what do you usually do? Like hobbies… I guess you find shopping as a good diversion (this is kinda mentioned in your tumblr?).
Yea, shopping is a good one. I blame Lyle for part of this, joke. uhm really I enjoy being in LA and working on my craft. It drives me on a daily basis and I never really know what’s gonna happen, that excites me. As far as hobbies, eating at dope restaurants, having a nice drink at a dope lounge, being with friends to have good convo, and creating for myself.

If you don’t have “dancing” and “choreography” with you, do you picture yourself doing other professions? Like singing, perhaps?
I like a lot of things. LOL. Right now I’m focused on finding ways to help better my dance industry and community. But if it doesn’t involve dance I wanted to do snowboarding or skateboarding. I really like film and photography, or even interior decorating. No joke! LOL

Really? I read from your tumblr, there is this entry there where you mentioned about arranging some curtains… =p I love interior designing too. Any career you would like to venture too?
Fashion or Film. I feel like I’m going to be doing both anyway, but maybe a steady learning pace and hopefully someday you’ll be wearing something I create, or even watching what I’ve created on film.

Really? Have you started making / drawing some clothe designs? Can you show some for us? (^_^) It would be really nice if you can give some pics. I also love fashion designing. Drawn and styled some myself but nothing professional just drabbles.
Well……..Movement Lifestyle is a new company I’m working with and it basically is a full service choreography management company. Its goals are to create ways to help expose upcoming and established choreographers using media, product, music and dance. And we as a company are coming out with some general tees for our staff and possibly a limited run people to wear depending on the demand. I wouldn’t want folks to buy it because of the hype, more because it’s something you support because you believe in artists, and what they create. To me our shirts represent the hard work that people put behind their craft, the artistry behind their movement and that love they put into it. And yea those shirts should be within the next 2 weeks 🙂

How do you find the entertainment industry?
I find it scary, exciting, fun, worth trying and shady all at the same time. It’s a crazy business, and something that you need to have guts if you’re going to do something in it.

Shaun Evaristo  “Visions of a Love Unknown”

Up Next: Part2 – A Closer Look I would love to teach in the Philippines

Coming Soon: Part 3 – YG Family Family! “I have shared many closed door moments with the whole family that I am grateful to have been a part of.

Check Shaun’s Official Website: http://web.mac.com/shaunevaristo/Site/Welcome.html

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Follow Shaun in twitter: http://twitter.com/shaunevaristo

OT: Also, Please check C.N.BLUESTORM, international fansite for C.N.BLUE


22 thoughts on “E-Talk with Shaun Evaristo Part 1/3 – “Dancing makes me Feel Good.”

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  7. What a great way to start the interview. I love it.
    We get to know more about every little thing about him and behind his dances.
    I, myself loves to dance 🙂 Yayy~

    fighting ❤

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  9. your interview is great.. i really love Shaun and Aimee…both are so talented and down to earth…always trying to be better..so great in dancing, they inspire me…proud to be Pinay! ..im excited for the other parts…love YG fam too!

  10. Love it! ❤
    Such a nice guy and you can tell that's he's really down to earth!

    Likes to do lots of things…I can definitely relate to that! haha! Its fun but for me, (sometimes) I take it as a torture of creativity haha. Anyway, 'RIGHT BRAIN' rules! 😛

    Mabuhay ka Shaun!

    Mademoiselle Deshi

  11. WOW~! awesome interview. i love how the questions are not general questions. can’t wait for the other part to come out.

    i’m also really excited for the movement lifestyle shirts.

    and yes shaun i’d buy it to support you guys because i’ve been watching all your’s and the rest of MOVEMENT LIFESTYLE choreographers’ videos on youtube. it really inspires me to do some dancing…i took up a beginning hip hop class at school…but hopefully i’ll be able to take some of your guys’ classes in the future. still a bit too amateur. ^~^

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