E-Talk with Shaun Evaristo Part 2/3 – “A Closer Look”

On my previous interview, E-Talk with Shaun Evaristo Part 1/3 – “Dancing Makes Me Feel Good”, we got to know Shaun’s passion for dancing and Choreography. We also discovered the people who influenced him and his thoughts on other professions.

Now, let’s take a deeper look into the man behind such great choreography and get to know him more as a mere individual.

When is your birthday?
October 7th….

What do you want to receive as a gift?
Something dope! Its gotta be something I can’t get from just anywhere, or something I’m proud to have.lol I really like lavish things….but I enjoy buying them myself!

Are you right-handed or left-handed?

What are the three material belongings that are most valuable for you?
Material…..phone, because I’m on it all the time. Laptop, I’m on it more than my phone if not the same. Wallet, because it holds the things I need to buy stuff. haha

What is your favorite food?
Curry in Korea! More specific, sanchome and del mundo in hong dae!

I love curry too… I wonder how curry taste in Korea. It must be different from the way Filipinos cook it.

What is your favorite movie?
Too difficult

Is that a movie title? Just joking… =p

What is your favorite color?

Common favorite of guys… oh yeah! C.N.BLUE! So, now you know why his answers are colored in blue.

Are you afraid of anything?
Yes! zombies, snakes, ghosts, spiders,  etc. yikes!

I heard that you’re a Filipino from your “Movement Lifestyle” video and interviews, will you tell us the story about it?
Yea mom and dad are from PI, and I was born here in the states.

Have you been to the Philippines?
Yea when I was 5 but I don’t remember it. Sorry.

What is the thing that you miss most in the Philippines?
going to the hospital because I got sick. haha and the beach and the food.

Yeah… Philippines do have nice beaches and nature scenery. Do you have plans to visit Philippines soon?
I hope to visit very soon. Possibly in October, because there might be a family event. We’ll see, I would love to go back and enjoy it because I don’t remember much of it.

Would you like to undertake dance schooling in the Philippines?
I would love to teach in the Philippines, but I would have to be with the right people because I’m not too familiar over tin the homeland.


Up Next: Part 3 – YG Family Family! “I have shared many closed door moments with the whole family that I am grateful to have been a part of.

Notice: Part 3 will be posted at CNBLUESTORM as OTP (Out of Topic Post). ^__^

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  8. Wow,! I’m loving part 1 and 2 of your interview with Shaun Evaristo unnie.
    I can’t wait for part 3. I’m glad that you had a chance to have an awesome interview with the greatest choreographers related to YG family.

    Sorrie if I couldn’t comment to the other post. I will right now ❤

    Fighting~ & you can kindly post this in our letsplay2ne1 site 🙂 Thank you

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