E-Talk with Shaun Evaristo Part 3/3 – “YG Family Family!”

Part 1/3 – “Dancing makes me Feel Good.”

Part 2/3 – “A Closer Look”

Everybody must be anticipating this part of interview where a man who has worked side by side with our favorite idols of YG Entertainment namely Teddy, Kush, Se7en, Uhm Jung Hwa, Gummy, Big Bang and 2NE1 will give his insights about them and share his experiences he had with them.

This man, whose parents are both Filipinos, was born in the United States. He is originally from San Francisco and currently residing in Los Angeles. He grew up dancing in a garage and with determination and passion, he started learning dance movements, created routines, did formations and directed shows when he was still in high school. From then on, he knew that dance and choreography was his calling. In 2006, he seriously started pursuing his career in L.A. Then, he takes the journey towards his aspiration and is able to reach where he is right now.

The man, Shaun Evaristo started working with YG Entertainment‘s dancers, choreographers, artists and producers in 2008. He will now reveal the story clearly of how he began with YG Family.

From your previous interviews, we get to know that you were contacted by YG thru a choreographer… Will you please expand the story about it?

Well, I was first contacted through a representative of YG, but when I looked deeper into the story, it was “Twitch” who first told them about me. Twitch, a previous dope choreographer was working with them and from what I was told he showed them videos of me while they were in rehearsals. I guess from there a representative got a hold of me.

From a man’s point of view, what are the personalities of each Big Bang member?

YB: thinks too much, nice, thoughtful, critical and hardworking. To me it seems like he only lets a few people into his mind.

GD: when I see him he’s always tired. I ask him from what and it’s always a different answer. Producing, recording, commercial, partying, etc. he’s always up to something. Seems like he’s ready to take over in anything he touches.

VI: confident. He believes in himself and that he’s capable of whatever he wants to achieve, at least this is what I see. Willing to help, and interested in anything dance related.

DS: quite. Respectful. Knows how to carry himself around anyone. Charming personality and funny when he comfortable.

TOP: shy, focused, chill, and works hard.

What about 2NE1?

CL: the baddest female….lol. She’s dope, to me she’s not so hardcore. But I guess that’s to me when I teach her. CL is her alter ego for me, and off stage she’s so kind and cool.

MINJY: she’s awesome! Really thoughtful and so humble. Innocent as well but her on stage she’s a monster!! I mean that in a good way. Her performance level is ILL.

BOM: funny. To me she’s always dreaming. She’s really quirky to me in a cool way. Fun to mess around with and interesting to work with.

SANDARA: when she’s got your attention, it’s awesome to me. Not shy, really out going and easy to get along with. She has her shy moment also, but she’s usually playful and in good spirits when I see her.

Who among 2NE1 members you think fits the adjectives below?

Pretty: Dara

Funny: Bom

Sweet: Minji

Caring: CL

Charming: Dara

You’ve mentioned in one of your interviews that Dara speaks Tagalog fluently, does she teaches you some “Tagalog” words?

No not really. I’d rather her teach me more Korean.LOL.

Among Big Bang members, who is closest to you?

Hmm, I would say Taeyang. I worked alongside him for his first concert and have worked with him numerous times with BB. We’ve had many times to talk after rehearsal, go out for dinner or just chill on set.

Any memorable moments you’ve shared with them?

I remember moments with all of them. i.e., Taeyang bringing me to eat traditional Korean food, GD giving me his hat for my birthday, Teddy hooking me up with a Louis Vuitton belt. yea…. When I go, they treat me real well.

What’s your favorite Big Bang song?

There’s a lot. I like a lot of the Japanese stuff they make, and they have some songs in English I’ve heard that I like because I understand it. LOL

Who is the 2NE1 member closest to you?

I’d say maybe Minji… she always checks in with me even though she doesn’t really know what to say. Also CL, speaking English is great with her so we just talk about whatever

Any memorable moments you’ve shared with them?

Minji giving me a gift for teacher’s day LOL, and CL introducing me to Korean rice water.  There are some really good moments with BB and 2NE1 but it’s hard to think off the top of my head. I have shared many closed door moments with the whole family that I am grateful to have been a part of.

What’s your favorite 2NE1 song?

Probably “In the Club”.  The joint has some soul to it.

What can you say about Teddy, Kush and Papa YG (Yang Goon)?

Teddy is the dopest man! He’s a guy that I really respect as an artist and every time I work with him I enjoy it. Kush is funny. He can make you laugh that’s for sure, a really go for it kind of guy. And YG…he’s reserve, fair, particular… he knows what’s up and is in the position he’s in for a reason. I believe he’s a good business man, and also knows when to chill and enjoy himself. I think he knows a good thing when he sees it…..and lets hope that’s the reason why he continues to work with me:) haha…

Lastly, anything you would like to share with us?

Thank you to all of the people that have been supporting what I do. Thank you to all the people that are beginning to catch on to me and enjoy my work. Thank you to the fans in Korea, the VIPs, and the 2ne1 fans for all the great emails and comments. Oh and all the gifts too! I’m not even the artist, LOL so I feel blessed to have gotten anything from you guys!

Stay positive, share that energy with others, and follow you dreams. (That sounds so corny, but it’s true.)

~The End~

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***I’m so glad that I have been given the chance to converse with someone like Shaun and Aimee. Thru them, I grew fonder with YG Family and wish to be able to meet them in person too. YG Family seems totally cool to be friends with. Dream on… There’s nothing wrong with it, right? I wish to be given a chance… Opportunity, please knock on me. =)

Shaun is really cool too… I had to google what “dope” means, cause it seems to be his favorite adjective or word, if you notice. LOL. I’m really grateful to Shaun cause despite being busy and there was a time when he was not feeling well, he still sent some replies to me. Thank you Shaun! And also to Aimee, thank you for all the replies. I feel so lucky to be able to converse with the likes of you. Thank you.

To the readers of my interviews with Shaun and Aimee, thanks for the love and comments. For patiently waiting when it’s going to be released. LOL. Thank you! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we enjoy it.  Please help promote our site too by linking us back every time you re-post. Thanks!

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  6. Unnie, I wanted to ask if you’re going to post this full story interview up on lp21? 😀 I love the full story ❤ Makes me feel so jealous. Lucky Shaun and Aimee and also you unniee, coz you get to interview them 😀 ❤ ❤

  7. haha Shaun’s cool and so is Aimee. love them both. too bad Shaun can’t speak Tagalog (I assume)… it would be cool to call him “Pare” 😛

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