[FanFiction] ALR Special Chapter Part 1: “The Perfect Subject”

It is a sunny afternoon. The school is empty except for those who are practicing for the upcoming school activity but even so, the rooms are pretty empty. Looking outside one of the classroom’s window gives a feeling of serenity. It’s going to be a perfect day. Turning around, I search for the perfect place to do my plans.

I choose the teacher’s table. It’s suitable for what I’m going to do today.  I put my bag down and take out the things I need, pencils, Oslo papers and colored pencils. I sit down afterwards and gaze at the barren room. It’s empty and so is my brain. I just sit there and just keep staring at nothing. 5 minutes passed… then 10 minutes. No ideas seem to be pouring out. I scratch my head furiously. Everything seems to be so empty. Geez… The ambience is perfect. I need serenity but how come my mind seems to be blank during such a perfect time. I look at the window and watch the sky. The sun is fading and seems to be moving away. White clouds perfectly decorate the blue sky. I stand up and walk to the window then look down below.  Everything looks the same as what I’ve seen before.  Empty.

I stride back towards the table and start pulling it towards the window. Now, I have the perfect view.  I’ll just illustrate what I see to start with. Maybe ideas will come pouring in after.  I sit down at the table and readied my pencils and papers. I just start sketching the blue sky ornamented with puffy clouds… with the sun moving far away. When I was done with it, I held it up in front of me to check it out. Perfect. I put it down and start thinking of what to draw next.

Nothing… Nothing crossed my mind. This is getting frustrating.  I was about to stand up and call it a day when I remember the girl I just met earlier. Trying to picture it out, I closed my eyes.

“Excuse me! I think this is yours!” Somebody was shouting behind my shoulder. I was in a hurry to go to my next class. I’m incredibly late. I abruptly stopped which cause that somebody to bump into me. That somebody must have been running to me while she’s shouting.

“Ouch!” I automatically turned just in time to catch her from falling.

“Are you okay?” Her hair covered her face. She was clutching her right arm. She must have been slammed into the hallway when she bumped into me. “I’m sorry. Does your arm hurt?” I slowly remove her hair from her face. And Lo! Behold! The loveliest face I’ve ever seen. I was staring at her intently when I didn’t notice she was trying to pull away from my grasp.

“Excuse me? Can you let me go now? I’m fine.” She took a step back.

“Excuse me… umm… “ Somebody seems to be tapping my shoulder lightly.

I shrugged it away.  “I’m thinking.”

“I see… but I think you should know that your papers are flying out the window.”

I quickly open my eyes just to see my papers swooshing towards the window. I hurriedly stood up and grab the papers.  I piled them up and clipped them in my folder.

“Here…” The sketch I just recently drew was shoved in my face. “It’s really nice… but it looks sad.”

I took the sketch and turned around to see who’s there. I stepped back. It can’t be. Here I am just thinking of her recently and she magically appeared out of nowhere. Am I still dreaming?

I pinched my face. “Ouch!” The pain stings me. This must be real.

“Are you okay?” She looks at me with a worried expression. She must be thinking I’m an idiot. Oh well, I look like one right now. Better get hold of myself before I embarrass myself more.

“I’m fine. Thanks!” I raise my drawing. Then turn to the table and arrange my stuff.

“Are you done?” She moves towards my side and look at me. Her eyes seem to seep thru my soul. It sent shivers to my spine.

“Yeah… I can’t seem to think of anything to draw. I thought today will be a good day to draw something beautiful.” I answered as I continued to shove my things in my bag.

“Will you draw me?” Her questions stop my movements. I look at her. She defines beauty. She’ll be a perfect subject.

“Will it be okay?” I nervously ask. I want to draw her so badly.

She smiled slowly then nods. It brings a different aura in her beauty, radiance.  She looks magnificent.

“Ummm…. Okay.” I let my things out then quickly turn the table around to face the whole room. What concept will fit her?  I look around the room trying to picture her out in it. She also followed my gaze.

“Where should I sit?” She softly asked then walks slowly toward the center of the room.

She looks perfect in an empty room. Her presence make the room light up. Something I can’t describe.  I point at a chair situated in the middle. “Please sit there.”

She obediently sits and smiles. “What should I do?”

Okay, I’m dumbfounded. I gape at her and she started to laugh. “That’s perfect… just be happy.” I try to scowl and tease her. It makes her laugh even more. I also start laughing with her… She’s contagious.

“Okay… that’s enough… Shall I start?” I look at her teasingly as I move towards the table and sit in front of her. She smiles as a reply.

I position my pencils in front of me and start scribbling. It must be 10 minutes after I finished the base of the drawing. I wanted to continue it there but I’m afraid she might get tired. “We’re done.” I quickly shoved the drawings to my bag and gather my other utensils.

“Eh? Can I see it?” She quickly stands up and moves towards me. Her expression is priceless. She looks like a kid wanting to have a lollipop. Amusingly genuine.

“No. no. no. It’s just a draft, I’ll show it to you when I’m done.” I smile at her as she scowls.

“Ow… When could that be?” She crossed her arms in between her chest and pouts her lips. She looks cute.

“Soon.” I smiled at her as all my things are safely packed inside my bag. “Hmm… should we go home now?”

She pouted her lips but walks toward the door. We walked side by side the empty hallway silently. As we reached the ladder in the 2nd floor, she looks at me and said “I have to go upstairs and meet someone.”

“Ow.. okay… I’ll be going then.” I wanted to go with her but I’m scared to know that someone might be a guy waiting for her. I’ll totally be disappointed. I am about to move away and proceed towards the gate when she calls me back.

“Ey!!! By the way, my name is Dara.” Her head was peeping from the stair wall as she wave and smile at me before disappearing.

When I reach my home, I quickly went to my room and take the draft out. I wanted to finish her portrait as soon as I can.

It was around midnight when I finished it and got to sleep.

The next day.

I’ve been waiting at the school gate hoping to catch and see her. I wanted to give the sketch to her. 5 minutes… then 10 minutes… She must not be going to class today. I decided to proceed to my class when I saw her. She was chatting happily with a chinky brown-haired girl as they walk towards the gate. I wait and wave at them trying to catch their attention. Eventually, they stop in front of me with a smile but with a questioning look.

“Are you calling out to us?” The brown-haired girl asked me.

“Umm… yeah.  I have something for you.“ I quickly hand over the sketch to Dara. “Hope you like it.”

“Thanks! But…” Before she could finish her sentence, a guy joins them and hugs them both from the back.

“How are the lovely ladies today?” The guy muttered smiling while looking at both of the girls. The brown-haired smirk and remove the guy’s hand while Dara just smiled and ruffled the guy’s hair.

“You jerk! Don’t try to sneak on us like that next time. Okay?” The brown-haired girl retorted back as she removes the guy’s hand from Dara’s shoulder. The three of them look pretty close.

“Chaeri-ah… seems to be in a bad mood today. As always… “The guys snickered as he put back his hand at Dara’s shoulder. “Noooona, shall we go to our class now?”

I feel so left out, I try to excuse myself and start to walk out when the brown-haired girl grab my arm. I look at her hand on my arm.

“Sorry… “ The brown-haired girl mumbled with a smile.

“Nah… It’s okay… I also have to go. Am late for my class.” She let go of my arm and I quickly left them.  I look back at them and catch the three of them bickering at each other. They seem to be close friends. I smiled at the sight but there is something inside me telling that am not happy.

Yeah, I wish we’re also close friends. It’s not that I don’t have any friends. At our class or department, you may label me as a popular guy. Girls want to have my attention and the guys want to be my friend. But, I wanted to be alone. Yeah, I actually don’t like to mingle too much. I don’t know… But, I go to parties and hangout a lot with my classmates but not a regular guy. They always thought I’m weird. My fashion, my art and how I view things are odd for them. I love bright colors which is unnatural for most guys. And I love abstract and outrageous things. I love to stand out. The time when I bleach my hair, all attention was on me. The girls told me how it looks great on me and the guys seem to wonder if bleached hair would also look good on them. But, I never wanted to get close too much. I wanted to be neutral and just freely hangout with whoever I wanted to. Yes, that’s how I am with girls too. I date a lot of different girls occasionally but never went steady with them. Just friends, that’s how I want it. But now, I don’t want anything but to be closer with her.

The moment I got to my classroom, a big smile is already plastered my face. The girls hurdled over me asking how my weekend is and who I go out with. The same routine, I smile at them and wave to the guys and went to my seat and chatter with my seatmates before our teacher arrives. Another usual day and its getting boring… I wonder if she likes my drawing.


“Dee, do you know him?” Seungri asked as he looks at the guy who is walking away. But, the girl’s eyes were glued to the paper given to them. It was a sketch of a girl sitting in the middle of the classroom. How did the blond-haired guy be able to illustrate her perfectly? The image seems so real, it’s like its moving. CL muttered to herself amaze at the sketch. Then, she looks at the subject of the drawing who is amazed herself.  Below the sketch, written in neat hand-writing is “GDragon”.  CL read it aloud.

“So his name is GDragon? Who is he? He seems to be quite familiar.” Seungri scratched his head as he tries to rack his brains about it.

“That’s his pen name. He is from art department majoring in fashion design. Still sophomore but he already won a lot of fashion designing competition.” CL answered Seungri.

“Oh yeah! He’s the weird artist in their department whose fashion is so out-of-this world.” Seungri laughed and receive a smack from CL.

“He’s great cause he stand out unlike you. Look at your outfit. Who wears a long sleeve tee under a shirt during summer?” CL retorted back with a smirk.

“Ey! It’s not that hot… and its still spring not yet summer.”  Seungri defended himself looking at this outfit. “Many girls thought it looks cool. I am cool!”

“Oh yeah! Those girls must be out of their mind.” CL snapped back.

“At least they got taste.” Seungri won’t just let it go but he diverts his attention to his other friend who is still looking at the drawing.”Ey Dee, that drawing will surely melt the way you look at it. How come he was able to draw you perfectly like you’ve been there? Or were you?”

No response.

“Hello! Earth to Dee!” Seungri moved to his friend side and snatch the drawing away from her hand. “And the weirdo even titled his illustration as ‘The Perfect Subject’. Are you the perfect subject, Sandy?” He grinned as he looks at his bewildered friend teasing her.

Thanks to Ellys for the sketch! Gal for the edits…

[Special Chapter Part 2]


3 thoughts on “[FanFiction] ALR Special Chapter Part 1: “The Perfect Subject”

  1. Your such a good writer I can temporarily forget the fact I hate Daragon… Temporarily. Mostly the characterizations, they’re so realistic.

    Also, I thought Dara died ?_?

    • This is a flashback to explain why G-Dragon is Sandy’s BF and how he like Dara.. =)

      Thank you very much for the compliment.. this inspires me to continue writing.. =)

  2. oh you update! good thing i visited your site today …it seems something/someone is calling me in here kekeke …. though short, i kinda liked it … wait, im assuming this is the continuation of the previous story, right??? i did remember sandy meeting gd in the last story … well i was hoping for top and sandy interaction , i want to know what will happen to Top and sandy being pregnant by yb … and bommie too … sorry for being so demanding kekeke …thanks for this…cant wait for another one …hope it will be soon 🙂

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