[FanFiction] ALR Special Chapter Part 2: “Written in the Past”

First of all, I would like to ask Forgiveness to my readers for such delay. =( Totally Sorry.

What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment.  And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new.  Right now.  ~Author Unknown


Sandy can’t take her eyes off the drawing. Yes. It’s her illustration. The drawing seems to come to life. She was sitting in an empty room but her presence ignites bright feelings giving the picture a pleasant aura rather than a gloomy one. All day long throughout her class, she wondered how he was able to sketch her like he has known her for such a long time or if she’s actually been in an empty classroom. And she hasn’t been in an empty classroom or been friends with him. She only met him once. That was only when CL asked her to give the pen to him.

“Dee… That’s him. That’s the guy.” CL whispered to Sandy as she dragged her towards a post.

“The bleach-haired guy?” Sandy asked CL. They’ve been waiting for 30 minutes just for that bleach-haired guy. So, he is the one CL had been fussing over this morning.

“Yeah… Can you give this to him?” CL shoved a pen to my hand.

“Eh? Why me? Why can’t you?” Sandy bewilderedly shoves the pen back to CL’s hand.

“Come on… Pretty please Dee… I’m afraid he might recognize me.” CL with her puppy eyes pleads Sandy in puppy tone.

“Aishhht… why is returning this pen to him such a big deal for you. You can keep it for yourself.” Sandy agreed contemptuously just to stop CL’s whim.  She grabs the pen from CL’s hand and CL pushes her slightly towards the hallway. They even have to go to the Art Department building when their building is four buildings away from here. That means, the Nursing department building is far from where they are now. When come to think of it, seems like it’s her first time coming to this building. When she started to approach the guy, it seems like he knew he was being followed cause he quickened his pace and seem to be almost running. Yes, he seems to be running. Sandy quickens her pace to catch up to him. She’s running for dear sake and she hates it. She’s running for someone she doesn’t even know. The afternoon wind seems to piss her also. Her hair is swishing in her face as she runs. That’s why she did not know she already bumped into him and almost caused her to fall if not for him who catch her on time. “How frustrating, I’ll get CL for this.” Sandy muttered to herself as she tried to stand up and fix herself. But the guy who caught her seems entranced and keeps holding her arm.

“Excuse me? Can you let me go now? I’m fine.” Sandy took a step back with her arm still on the guy’s hand.

“Ow… I’m sorry.” The guy said immediately releasing his grasp from her arm.

Sandy straightened herself up and fixed her hair. Then, she shoved the pen to the guy’s face. The guy looks bewildered and raised his eyebrows in confusion.

“I think this is yours.” Sandy said as she waved the pen in front of him.

“Huh?” The guys looked more confused now. Is he the one CL referring to? Sandy slightly turns her head around and tries to look for other bleach-haired guys casually. None. So, he must be the one.

“It fell out from your bag.” Sandy just grabbed his hand and placed down the pen into his palm. And she quickly left.  Geez… so much trouble for just a pen. If it were me, I would never bother returning it. Sandy mutters to herself as she stomped her feet and went towards the post where CL is hiding. CL must be feeling my anger because CL is now heading towards her car. Aishht… Sandy didn’t even know why she’s frustrated. When you come to think of it, there’s nothing to be frustrated about. But why is she bothered? She pictures the guy in her mind. He looks attractive and seems to be the playboy type. She hates those types of guys. She quickly gets inside CL’s car when she reached it. Inside, Sandy face CL and try to plaster a fake smile in her face which made CL laugh as she roars the car to life.

Sandy looked at the drawing again as she waited in the hallway of the Art Department building. She left both CL and Seungri after their class with an excuse that she had to be somewhere her mother ordered her to be. The three of them have only one same subject. CL, her high school best friend is currently a cross-enrollee from another school. She’s an irregular student majoring in Music but has taken an English subject in Sandy’s school. Seungri on the other hand who is also currently taking up an English subject was a transferee from another school. Though he is still a Nursing freshman student, he never have interest in studying. He only took up the classes which have Sandy on it. Unfortunately this semester, he could only take one similar subject with her. He spent most of his time bboying at clubs. And she comes to love them both. Sandy understands Seungri’s action; she met him during a highschool event. He was so different back then. He was silent and rarely approached people but he looked cheerful when he was with her, Goo Hara, Seungri’s dancing partner is the one who introduced them both. Seungri and Hara were both of the same age, 2 years younger than Sandy. The two of them love dancing very much even when they were still young. Hara who is Sandy’s neighborhood friend was a ballet student during her elementary years. Then, when Hara reached highschool, she moved to pop-dancing and dance sports. Sandy have come to know Seungri very well when Hara invited her to watch them practice or during their performances. Seungri and Hara seem to share both goals that they plan to pursue dancing as career when they graduate high school. But, something came up for Hara. During one of their dance sport performance, an entertainment agency found a liking to Hara and gave her an offer. After high school graduation, Hara left for United States to be trained professionally. Since then, Seungri changed. Seungri grew up having Hara as his closest friend. He got used to her presence that when she left him, he was devastated. He felt betrayed. Hara tried contacting Seungri for weeks until the time comes when her schedule is already too tight. Hara contacted Sandy every week to check up on Seungri for the first few months cause Seungri never answered Hara’s calls. It was only around 3 months after Hara left that Seungri seems back to normal but he was changed to what he is now. Seungri never takes girls seriously maybe except for Sandy. But he views her as an older sister.


The school bell rings. Students crowd the hallway as everyone go to mind their business for the rest of the day. Since it’s the usual time for Art Department’s last class for the day and artist free time to use the laboratories, the hall is very noisy. Most art students never go home after their classes but rather look for rooms where they would create another piece of their art work.

Sandy patiently waits for him. She didn’t know where she would be able to find him but she’s standing in the entrance or exit hallway. All students pass that area. What worried Sandy is, GDragon might not be going home anytime soon. Sandy keeps her fingers cross and hopes she’ll be able to catch him.

Five minutes later, a blond hair guy came down the main stairs facing the entrance or exit door. He was surrounded with girls as well as guys. Their group attracts tons of attention not because they’re noisy but they’re wearing clothes of unusual styles for students. The girls look so colorful wearing short colorful pants matched with an off shoulder blouses. The guys also stand out with their colorful polo shirts and jeans with matching colorful sneakers.

GD, as his friends called him stop in his tracks as he sees her. “Ey!” He waved at Sandy’s direction. It taken aback Sandy cause she taught he won’t recognize her. Sandy waved back with a smile.

GD excused himself from his friends which made them turn their heads to her. The girls smirk while the guys just smile at Sandy. Sandy didn’t mind them and just watch GD as he saunters toward her.

“What made you come here? Are you looking for someone?” GD asked Sandy the moment he reaches her.

“Actually, am looking for you.” Sandy answered shyly with a smile. What is there to be shy about? She wondered.

“Ow.. Really?” GD seems to be so happy hearing Sandy’s answer. “What for?” GD smiled widely.

“Umm…. I just wanna thank you for the drawing. It’s awesome, feels like its alive and I happen to be there…”

“That’s great… but you were actually there…” GD answered looking bewildered at Sandy.

“Huh?” Sandy asked confused.

“Ey GD! Aren’t you coming with us? We still have to prepare for the upcoming fashion show.” A girl called out to him. His group of friends stood around at the bottom of the stairs practically waiting for GDragon.

“Wait up!” He shouted back to them.

“You should probably be going. Your friends are waiting for you.” Sandy suggested to GDragon cause some of his friends already looked impatient.

“Umm… I’m really sorry. I hope to catch and talk with you sometime. Can I have your number then?” GDragon answered wearing his big smile.

Sandy can’t help but laugh. He really doesn’t let a chance pass by. “Sure. Its ###…”

So, that’s how Sandy and GDragon’s friendship along with Seungri and CL started.

[Special Chapter Part 1]


3 thoughts on “[FanFiction] ALR Special Chapter Part 2: “Written in the Past”

  1. wow~~~!!!!!

    you never fail to excite me!
    It was a fabulous correlation story.

    it’s cool how you incorporated their relationships!!

    please write more! ~waiting patiently~

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