My 1st post for 2011 and my Favorite KPOP Songs of 2010!

I know this is rather a late… but who can blame me? Lots of things happened during the last quarter of 2010. I lost my USB, my card reader doesn’t function anymore and my internet connection got cut off. But 2011 seems to kick off with a good start. I got promoted at my workplace! Wee! *throws confetti* And I have received a signed “Bluelove” CD of CNBLUE (courtesy of my Korean friend and am going to make a separate post for this). And my dear Malaysian friend will be giving me CNBLUE “Season Greetings 2011” which I hope to arrive around February. It’s okay to be late, so long as its coming… Am so excited! Did I make you envious? Mianhe… hope you can be happy for me. Am very thankful to be blessed with such good friends. Thank you, you know who you are. =)

I may not be able to remember everything but I believe it won’t become my favorite if I forgot about it.  The songs below captivated me enough for me to remember them from the day it was release until now. That’s my criteria for a song to become my favorite. It should leave an impact that is hard to forget.

Please take note that everything is JUST my OPINION. And may change any time. Just enjoy reading. OK? ^__^

Super Junior – No Other

Honestly, am not a big fan of Super Junior. For me, they are too many for me to remember. I only know a few members. The first one to capture my attention is Shindong, I first caught him in twitter. I think he is the first among Super Junior members even in KPOP idols to have a twitter account. Since, I am a KPOP fan, I decided to follow him and did a little research on him. And maybe from wikipedia, I get to know him a little and watch some variety shows which he is in. I find him funny and with cute personality. Next is Siwon, I think among all Super Junior members, he is the most popular, cause he is the most good-looking. But, I can’t be too sure cause everyone has its own taste. When I said good-looking, am not only referring to his looks, but to his character and profile as well. I get to notice him first at Win Win Episode with Jung Yong Hwa. You got me, I watch Win Win because of Yonghwa. And, since Siwon is in the same show, I find him very attractive as he played the drums and answer the variety questions with charms. I followed him at twitter since then. Next is Heechul, I get to know him cause he always stand out in a weird way, and I think he is gay or feminine much o.0 Don’t throw your tomatoes yet. In group pictures, you can easily pinpoint him cause his pose is different among the other members. Being unique is his charms. Then Donghae, since he is good-looking and Minhyuk’s favorite Suju hyung. From the No Other music video, he looks hot. And since by the time I watched, (I only know the 3 previous members I mentioned, ) I don’t know his name or who he is. And it is hard to research just by face only. I did research him and since he get to be featured with Minhyuk cause of their drama It’s alright Daddy’s Daughter, I get to be familiar with him. =p The song No Other captured me right from the moment I download it without even looking at what I have downloaded. I was skimming at my hard drive to delete whatever file I could to make some space and I stumbled on it at my dwhelper folder. Curious as to why such file exist, I click to watch it. And I fall in love with the MV and the song ever since.

Kim Yeo Hee – My Music

Yeo Hee… also known as Apple Girl. I don’t even know when I have started liking her. Maybe, when she was featured at allkpop for using iphone features and her videos get awesome number of views. Whenever it is, I like her. I started following her activities and researching her past activities (am no stalker). I found out she was with Lee Hongki at MNET Scandal. I dig in their episode videos, look for downloads and subtitles. Unfortunately, most of it have been removed. Thru research, I found out that the 2nd part of their MNET Scandal episode was subbed by Primadonna Subbing Squad. I asked my friend Hailey, team leader of Happy Island Subbing Team, if she knows where I can get their files. Well… it happens to be that Happy Island Subbing Team was formerly Primadonna Subbing Squad reformed. I got so lucky, so I get to watch their MNET Scandal Episode Part 2 with subtitles. After watching it, I fell in love with the couple and how much I want them to be together again. I hope they get to keep their promise. And, I always think that Lee Hongki is Yeo Hee’s driving force to fulfill her dreams as a singer and artist (apart from her talents). In MNET Scandal, they promise to sing a duet when they meet again. I hope they will. What I love in Yeo Hee’s debut song My Music is its tune, very refreshing and the English rap part. Who would think that this sweet beautiful girl can rap. I love it! I memorize it. hehehe… It would have been great to have English version, but when it came out, I get kinda disappointed. LOL. The English lyrics doesn’t seem to match well with the tune. Oh well.. I love the Korean version. Hope you get time to listen to her song. It’s wonderful and worth listening. I think its underrated. Argh.. I hope she gets more credit.

Taeyang – Move (ft.Teddy)

I love lots of songs from Taeyang‘s Solar‘ Album even the Intro is so amazing. “Are you ready for solar?” After hearing it, every fans would surely scream “Yes!”Taeyang is undeniably talented. (Teddy is a genius.) Wedding Dress is my favorite music video created under Solar album, even if I Need A Girl featured my favorite and lovely Dara Park. Wedding Dress has an amazing storyline and choreography and the song is simply awesome. It fit the whole thing. After hearing the whole album, Superstar became my favorite because of its upbeat tune. But as I heard ‘Move’ featuring Teddy, it had been on repeat on my Music Player. I just can’t get enough of it. The song totally hit me. The lyrics can be dirty and naughty (if you think of its double meaning) but its extremely sweet and nice… LOL. The tune totally get me hooked into the song. And as the title goes, it MOVEd me to my core. I just love it without knowing why… I just love listening to the song. If they will make an MV of this song.. It’s like Taeyang will be teasing us all to come and grab him. Him saying “I want you badly” in the song is sooo “Ey, that should be my line“… right?… I think  this song will be perfect for (wet) dreaming of someone you love. LOL.  Really, Teddy‘s rap… Aigooo.. Oppa, such naughty sweet words.. hehehe… And I’ve been wishing and hoping, they will release an English version of it cause it will be purely amazing. And I believe it will top international music charts. It is so western. So, please listen to the song and let me know what you think about it. Let’s MOVE on…

2NE1 – Love is Ouch

How could I forget my favorite Girl Group? Never… their much awaited comeback didn’t fail the expectations of their fans… Their album ‘To Anyone‘ is jjang! Can’t describe it in words… It’s sooo amazing. I love most of their songs… but as you can see… I have different taste. Am not a club-banger or party-gooer… So, I stick to sweet melodies. LOL. Really.. If you listen to Love is Ouch, its somewhat uniquely familiar. It had a touch of simplicity and freshness. When you hear the phrase “Break it down“, it usually goes with an upbeat party song… but those phrase softly blends with the melody. And the lyrics is soo full of meaning. Really, Love comes with Pain. You have to bear the pain in order to feel the value of love. The more pain and anguish you get through by loving someone, the more stronger  your feelings for that person which will be very hard for you to let go. As usual with their songs, its full of girl power. But different from their usual lines of letting go. In this song, they let go of the guy thinking of him always and treasuring the memories they had. If only this was made into a Music Video, it will have a wonderful storyline with Dara on the lead… in pain for someone she love and had to let go. You get the story… aishht…

After School – Because of You

Need I say more? The melody is amazing.. though I never even checked the English translations of the lyrics, but the melody seems to say it all. It’s my first favorite KPOP song of 2010. And still is…

2AM – I Did Wrong

Though the song that became extremely hit is I can’t let you go even if I die.. I find this song full of emotions. The melody is not so soft or slow that it becomes boring or good for sleeping but the beat is just right for you to go  along with it… and the MV adds color to the song. Good storyline.. I love music videos with stories. I love this song very much… it had a catchy tune and hook chorus. When I hear this song, it becomes my last song syndrome.

se7en – Better Together

When I heard this song… I like it already. The MV adds more beats to the song… Se7en is just amazing, he moves swiftly… And when I get to interview his choreographer Keone Madrid, Keone is full of praise for Se7en. How he easily get the moves even just by watching them practice. But I love the choreography of Digital Bounce more. hehehe… I just love it. Oh well… I love it. Period.

Lee Hyori – How Did We Get (ft. Daesung)

I’m a big YG family fan… ^__^ Am not so into Lee Hyori.. cause I started following KPOP thru 2NE1.. So yeah, I got hook into this song because of Daesung. And when I heard this song, it is undeniably  amazing how their voices blend so well. Perfect song for duets.

oh yeah.. am getting tired. LOL.. But who can forget my favorite Instrumental Boy Band CNBLUE….

Am a proud boice… though I started following kpop cause of 2ne1. I stumbled on CNBLUE thru Korean drama You’re Beautiful.. I guess most Boice started by watching that drama. From then on, I’m a hardcore Boice.

Here are my favorite songs by CNBLUE:

I’m A Loner

by mnet

by cnblue

by fncmusic1

When I heard that CNBLUE is going to debut in Korea, am very excited for their debut single. When the music video for I’m A Loner was released, I was like “Eh?” Honestly, the music video didn’t do much justice for me. I find it kinda boring. Sorry. If not for those eye-candy boys, I wouldn’t have look at the whole music video. But, when I watched their Live Performance, I was like “Yatta!” It had a very different impact which is very hard to explain. When they perform, the world seem to stop and focus on them. They seem to ignite charisma which is very rare with other artists while performing. Maybe because their passion of music is reflecting in every strum of their guitar, beat of their drums and voice. Their strength and power lies in their performance. Watch the video below to see what I meant. I think its one of their debut performance at KBS Music Bank.

PS. I’m so disappointed that their official music video can’t reach million views because it was re-uploaded more than 10 times by different youtube users. I wish they will delete their videos cause when I tried searching for it, I can’t even find the one uploaded by cnblue and fncmusic1. Even if  I’m not a fan of the music video but I wanted them to be recognized internationally and  youtube is one of the best way. So disappointing. T_T

Love Light

When Bluelove album was released, this song take my interest after listening to it only once. I love acoustic songs, and this have the feel of it. Maybe that’s why I really love this song.

Sweet Holiday

Lyrics written by the Lovely Drummer. This makes me so proud of Minhyuk, though he is usually placed at the back, he ignites light showing his presence. This song will make you want to experience Sweet Holiday. ^_^

If only I could include the Banmal song for “First Time Lovers.. I would. It’s totally Daebak… A song that killed all charts less than 24 hours. Composed by Yonghwa… my love for CNBLUE is so hard to put into words. Their passion and the way they communicate with fans is just too lovable.

Their recent update of blog where they mentioned they are growing together reminds me of a song. I want to dedicate the song “Grow Old With You” by Adam Sandler to CNBLUE and You. I want to grow old with CNBLUE, my fellow Boice and KPOP friends. =)

May we all have a Prosperous 2011!

If you have read this post, I hope you have the time to leave a comment. Please forgive my grammar cause I’m not so good in it. =p

Video credits to uploaders.


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