My CNBLUE ‘Bluelove’ Album with their Autograph

I really never expect to get a signed album.. I know how hard it is to get one… So, when unnie told me surprisingly that she got me a Bluelove album with CNBLUE’s autograph, I could hardly contained my excitement…

Signed Album Cover

And when I received it, I got late from my class cause I was busy staring at the album… checking out every page and just simply smiling while staring at it. And I kept wondering how come they’re too gorgeous for words… am lost.

Please check out all the photos related to this at

I also got to share my thankU album which is given by Lydia, a friend I also met online. I think the album was given around August or September? =)


thankU album

I’m so thankful that I have found good generous Boice friends.. It’s great to be a Boice! I Love You! ~Lyna



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