Songs you should Listen to and awesome Music Videos released in April 2011!

I haven’t made a post recently. These past few days after watching GLEE Season 2 with the episode where they showcase songs from Bruno Mars album Doo Woops & Hooligans, I’ve been replaying Bruno Mars album every morning. Yes, the moment I wake up, I play his songs. My favorite songs in his albums are Just the Way You Are, Count On Me, Marry You, Somewhere in Brooklyn, Runaway, and Who Is. I’ve never liked too many songs in 1 album except CNBLUE’s ThankU and First Step. Bruno Mars is totally awesome. I like his type of songs, brings back old memories and the likes. I also like Katy Perry‘s Firework, the lyrics is full of meaning but I haven’t listened to her whole album yet.

I’ve been looking for new songs to listen to. And just this April, 3 songs with Awesome Music Videos have been released. Since I Love those 3 songs very much, I vowed myself am going to make a post about it. Yes, those  3 songs deserves a post. Let’s find out what songs are they.

On April 13, YG Entertainment drop an amazing Bomb to all VIPs. They released another remarkable Love Song by Bigbang. I started my KPOP fandom thru 2NE1 and Bigbang. As a VIP, i love all Bigbang songs. But Love Song is different, I really REALLY love this song. The beat and melody is unique as it starts with TOP‘s solid bass voice and switches to Daesung‘s soothing tenor/soprano. I really love Daesung‘s part in here since his voice really blends well with the tune. In short, I love Daesung’s voice. And the chorus is what most composers/producers are looking for, the HOOK. I stumbled on the term “hook” when I come across a Black American friend. It refers to a part of the song that is addictive, catchy and what makes the whole song to be popular. The chorus is just a small phrase, but it makes the song whole. “I hate this Love Song…” Yes, that phrase makes up the whole chorus. ^^ Does this style reminds you of the popular songs from Black Eyed Peas? Let’s Get Retarded, My Humps, and Imma Be. The chorus of the said songs are made up of small phrases or just the title itself, right?

Bigbang‘s Love Song music video is amazingly made also. It shows the wonders of the camera. Without further ado, check it out below and let me know if you hate or dig this Love Song.

When CNBLUE released their album First Step on March 21, one of  its songs caught my ears. In twittersphere, they have been saying Love Girl is a very nice song though their title track is Intuition. And when I heard it, it became one of my favorite songs. It is very catchy and had the groovy sound that blends well with acoustic beats. I’ve been praying since then that hopefully FNC will release a Music Video of the song and feature one of my favorite KPOP female artist like 2NE1 Sandara Park or Kim Yeo Hee. Well, days later, news have been spreading that FNC will released a Special Edition with Behind the scene photos from Love Girl MV. Omo, does that mean there will be a music video for Love Girl? I was very happy that my prayers have been answered. FNC finally released the music video on April 25, 2011. As expected, it shows CNBLUE’s cutesy side. And the storyline of the MV adds volume to the song. If you’re a CNBLUE fan, you would trade anything in the world to have that magical poster in the MV. Be sure to watch the music video below! ^^

Lastly, I never thought, I would add another KPOP group into my list of KPOP fandom. Am not sooo into them like what I’ve been as Blackjack, VIP and Boice. But, I love them from the very first time I saw them. Talk about love at first sight. LOL. They debuted in KPOP fandom just this year. Yes, they’re a rookie. And after watching all the rookies (Rania, Block B, etc. except X-5) that debuted this year also, I think they stood among all of them. It’s not really love at first sight. I first saw them in their debut performance in a Music Show. As a rookie, their performance is full of energy and shows a lot of confidence that you rarely find in rookies. Who is this rookie? Tededeng… they’re B1A4! Their debut song OK is a type of bubble gum song that POPs! Not all bubble gum songs pop, some flop. The song is so bubbly that you want to jump up and down with them like what they did in the music video. When I’m tired or stressed or depressed, I watch their music video and I’ll be smiling. Please watch B1A4‘s song OK below and let me know if it pops you up too!

PS. They said that if you kiss with someone you love, its like a Bubble Gum that POPs! I also would like to recommend another song from B1A4. It’s titled Only One, its the ballad track in their debut album that sounds very soothing. Are they rookie or what? And they are soooo CUTE!

Disclaimer: All photos / videos posted in here is not mine.
Credits goes to the rightful owner.

If you have any songs you would like to recommend, please do leave a comment. Share with me your thoughts about the songs I’ve mentioned above. Thanks!


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