#wwlyna 2011 Best K-Drama

2011 totally brings a lot of good K-dramas…

Heartstrings / You’ve Fallen For Me

You’ve Fallen For Me” (Korean Title Translation) or “Heartstrings” (International Title) is one of the most-awaited and most popular Korean drama overseas. I’ve been waiting for it to air the moment I heard that Jung Yonghwa and Park Shinhye is going to be pair-up again and this time they will end up together. Unlike, their former drama “You’re Beautiful” where in Shinhye as Go Minam end up with Hwang Taekyung played by Jang Geun Suk. I believe the popularity of “Heartstrings” had something to do with 2009 drama “You’re Beautiful” which becomes very popular in Asia. I bet a lot of watchers of “You’re Beautiful” wished that somehow Go Minam (Shinhye) will be with Shinwoo (Yonghwa) in the end. So, the drama “Heartstrings” is a wish come true for those watchers including me.

“Heartstrings” is a drama filled with music and passion for dreams and love. It’s a very refreshing light drama. Music lovers will really enjoy the fusion of modern and classic music. As for the pairing, they are indeed the cutest couple I’ve ever seen. I know they are already friends so they must be comfortable with each other. But somehow, you still see the awkwardness in them. As for the story, its great… but doesn’t meet my expectations. But still, its worth watching. I just love them together. And the soundtrack is soooo good. My favorite soundtrack is… all of it. ^^

49 Days / Pure Love

49 Days” (Korean Title Translation) or “Pure Love” (International Title) defines the word ‘DRAMA’. For me, since I am an emotional and kinda-sensitive person, this drama really moved me to the core. Lots of lessons to learn about valuing life or living life to the fullest. You never know when it will come to an end so never put off tomorrow what you you can do today. This drama totally let out different kinds of emotions, hatred, pity, love, frustration, sadness and a lot more. That’s why I really am very amazed with Lee Yo Won who played the lead character Song Yi Kyung. She really played her character very well and deserves the best actress award. The actors and actresses are really good… not to mention that the reaper (Jung Il Woo) is very handsome. But what makes this drama really good and worth watching is the STORY. The twist are really good especially the ending. It’s painful but its soothing. Like a saying goes, after every storm is a rainbow.

City Hunter

Now, who haven’t watched “City Hunter” yet? The most expensive Korean drama who garnered the highest ratings. I’m not a fan of Lee Minho but I cannot deny his hotness, good looks and charms. Who could? *sigh* Lead woman Park Minyoung must have saved a country in her previous life. She got into 2 consecutive good dramas “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and “City Hunter”. Not just that, Lee Minho and her are dating in real life. T_T That fact prevented me from watching “City Hunter” sooner. I only watched the drama recently.

This drama is not only composed of good-looking magnificent actors and actresses. But, the story is really GOOD. I know this drama is based from Japanese manga written by Tsukasa Hojo, but the re-writing of the storyline by Korean writers Hwang Eun Kyung and Choi Soo Jin made “City Hunter” the best action drama filled with romance (not really the right word but I meant, it got a good love story). Every episode puts you on the edge that you just can’t wait to watch the next episode. That will make you sleepless during nights and restless during days. You just can’t stop thinking about it… until the very last episode.My heart cringes every time I hear the soundtracks. My favorite soundtrack is “It’s Alright” and “So Goodbye“.

The only drawback on this drama is the LAST episode which makes me pull my hair. Is that it? Is that the ending? I had to search the drama in the internet to make sure that its the last episode I’ve watched. T_T It was like hanging at the edge of a cliff gripping on a single strand of hair. Oh well… Don’t we all hope for a Season 2 with the same lead characters please.


With everything said about my favorite dramas for 2011, I just can’t decide what is the best Kdrama of the year 2011. So, I come up with this:

2011 Favorite Drama – “Heartstrings”

2011 Best KDrama of All Times – “49 Days / Pure Love”

2011 Best KDrama – “City Hunter”

What’s yours?


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