May 22, 2012 – City Fiesta and my Palm Reading Result

Gingoog Bay (Photo Taken By: GaL)

May 22 is our city fiesta in honor of Sta. Rita de Casia. On its afternoon, we strolled on one of our city’s famous tourist spots, we called it here “Pantalan”, its like a bay walk area? One thing that we can be proud of in our city is its cleanliness and nature.

The place is crowded… like I have never seen so much people in one place. I thought the fiesta is going to be boring again. I usually spent holidays inside the house watching dramas or movies. That’s me. I love watching videos, surfing the net, writing and reading. I am not an out-going person, I find it tiring. LOL. It’s actually me who is boring. Am glad I get out that afternoon, we went to Mass before going to Pantalan.

Photo Courtesy of Gingoog City Tourism Office via James Achacoso Facebook

A fiesta event titled “Lubi-Lubi Festival” is held at Pantalan, one reason why it is so crowded. But, people are scattered everywhere. And most people are not watching the Lubi-Lubi festival, which is actually impossible to watch without being squished. I wish we have a dome or something like that which can cater a large crowd comfortably and safely.

Photo Courtesy of Gingoog City Tourism Office via James Achacoso Facebook

Most of the people are walking with friends or families, eating or just chatting. We, were sitting on the long benches… I hope I took a picture but I forgot to bring a camera. So, no picture. A man passed and asked if I wanted my palm to be read. He won’t be able to foretold the future but just the present. It will help me realize what I am now or how I lived my life presently. It will also tell my attitude or personality. It will help me get to know myself and what I want. Part of me was curious but basically I just wanted to help the man earn something. It’s his “source of income”.

So, below is the result of the palm reading and what I think about it.

Two Lines
According to him it indicates I am living a double life, both are independent and I would be able to sustain living double life. I guess its partially true, or it is true. I am living two lives: offline and online. ^^ I have fondness for fandom and online stuff but I don’t want it to get mixed with my private life. So, I separated it as much as I could. Online, am Lyna. Offline, am C.A.C. ^^

Yeah… I am independent in the sense that I cannot rely to anyone. My family is very complicated. Just picture a puzzle which have pieces who doesn’t fit. I can’t depend on anyone. Basically, its what makes me strong and yearn for affection. It’s good in the sense that I believe I can do anything. Its bad in the sense that I don’t trust other people and tend to hate the world. I think I really hate the world, my friends told me, my perception of things are slightly off, full of hate. Maybe that is me before… year 2007. But, I think I changed now, KPOP made my life full of hope and excitement. It’s safe for me to love it. It won’t hurt me and it won’t disappoint me. Because I know I will only get what they have to offer… nothing more.. nothing less. But, I wanted to change my life this year. To what? Secret… I cannot tell anyone yet. Mianhe.

I believe I am. I am considerate to the point of being stupid. A lot of people around me offline says if they are me, they wouldn’t allow things I do. I just don’t want to complicate things. So, I just say yes. I know I have to say No, but it will only cause a lot of discussions, and usually I don’t have strength for arguments. So, I’ll just say yes, ok, whatever.

Slightly out-going (short distance)
0.o – my reaction. I love going to other places but I don’t like to travel. If I will be given 3 wishes, I will wish to have a power to teleport. The other 2 wishes is… for wealth and love. So, I am not sure of this one.

Slightly calm
I am a worry rat. I don’t know if I am calm. I am calm at most normal situations but I easily get triggered and bothered. Maybe, I am. ???

Not contented of present life situation
Now, who is?

Slightly stable
In job, maybe. In life, I don’t know… if I am riding on a boat, then the sea is calm.

Still plan to travel far distance but this time sober
I really wanted to go to a lot of countries. Number one on my list is KOREA, next is Japan, then Singapore, Hongkong, etc. I want to experience things I haven’t experience yet. But, reality check, I can’t afford it. T_T

Looking at the results, I don’t know if the man just made a good guess. I have watch a movie where these type of people just know how to read people. And I was wondering if those stated above is common for everyone. I mean, I was like, of course, everyone is not contented of their present life situation, or most people plan to travel far distance…

Is it really me or just me?


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