August 14, 2012 – 1 of my Happy Days

Life for me these days is tiring. I don’t want to go into details why… but I’m busy. XD

Yesterday was a great day for me. I always check a seat sale to save on air fare since I will be going to Manila on October to meet new found great friends thanks to CNBLUE. Yeah, I may be unfortunate at most cases but I have the greatest friends. Why I am going to Manila on October? I’ll make another post for that.. kekeke. Yesterday, there is a seat sale in, I was really disheartened the previous days because I might not be able to get any seat sale anymore since October is drawing near. So finally, I was able to book my flight to Manila at a less cost. Yey!

During afternoon, a tweet puzzled me.

Screencap from @siwon407

I’ve known Perez Hilton as the most known Hollywood critic and Siwon as the most popular Super Junior member. So, I was wondering why Siwon mentioned Perez. Then, I tweeted “I didn’t know @siwon407 and @PerezHilton have contact with each other.. hmm..” So, I dig about it. There must be something. I stumbled on an article about Siwon’s latest photoshoot on VMAN and there’s a mention there that Perez blogs about it. So, I go to Perez Hilton’s blog site and search for it, I wasn’t able to find the article easily because it wasn’t actually posted there. So, I reread the article about Perez mentions on it, cause I might have misread it. It was actually posted on Perez Hilton’s other blog, where he blogs about Fashion. So, I started my search again. Finally! I found the article I was looking for.

Screencap from

Out of Whim, I tweeted about it.

Then, something BIG happened. Perez Hilton re-tweeted MY tweet. What? OMG! – That’s what I’ve been screaming off my mind. I was really giddy. I didn’t expect it. If only I knew he will RT it, I would have said something better. Because of Perez’ RT, I gain a lot of followers and my Interactions was busy. Thank you Perez!

Aug.14, 2012 Interactions at Twitter

To those who knew me, I’m a no BIG fan of Super Junior. I love only 2 of their songs “No Other” and “Mr. Simple“. I can recognize few members especially Siwon, Shindong and Heechul. I like Siwon and Heechul. I’ve come to like Siwon during a Winwin episode with CNBLUE Yonghwa. I found Siwon to be really talented there, he played the drums and mentioned a lil bit about his family background. How he handle a tease about his wealth and how he can buy himself a chopper / jet. As for Heechul, I don’t know where it started but I’ve come to like his wits and tweets. I can recognize those 3 in their group photos or videos.. and maybe Kyuhyun and Leeteuk or Eunhyuk too. As for the rest of the members, I need to take time identifying which is which. When I said “I could have said something better“, I wish I said something which comes from a BIG Super Junior or Siwon fan. Maybe instead of saying “Siwon is really a Hottie after-all.” which I find as a weak statement. I should have said “Siwon is a bomb!” ? ^^

Yesterday also is my brother’s birthday. Happy Birthday Tom! I wish you more success in the future and good health.

Till my next post,


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