Facebook, Twitter and WordPress.. How I started?

I’m not fond of social networking sites like twitter and facebook before… I find it somewhat a hassle, that’s from someone who haven’t even tried. I have a friendster account at that time and I’m so addicted to forums. When I go online, I login to forums or check my friendster account.

FACEBOOK. For some reason I forgot, but it must be because of a person that I opened a Facebook account. It’s not active since I find it a hassle to keep a friendster account and a Facebook account at the same time when both of them have similar features. But then, I started using Facebook account since most of the people around me are using them and I want to find a particular person. That account was opened to my friends in personal life and virtual friends. Due to some reasons, where people in my personal life find my liking to Kpop absurd, I deactivated my first account and created 2 accounts, 1 for fandom and another 1 for personal. I am actually living 2 lives. XD

TWITTER. I am trying right now to check the very first tweet I posted. But it is impossible. I have 1,800+ tweets. I don’t remember how I started to have a twitter account. Must be because its the trend at that time and my friends in fandom urge me to make one. I still remember that I have few friends but we exchange tweets a lot before. As I have searched “twitter” on my blog, I think I created a twitter account because of TRENDING projects..  I created one for Dara too. It’s my very first project as her fan. [Project] Showing the WhoLe WorLd How Much We Love Sandara Park!

WORDPRESS BLOG. I have to thank someone for this, its Alex known as AA-CHAN. I think he was really the one who urge me to create a blog. Check out my very first blog post: HeLLo WorLd!


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