My Love for CNBLUE

My Love for CNBLUE have brought to many places (virtually) and made me do a lot of things I didn’t imagine I could.

The photo above is my entry in an event hosted by CNBLUE at their Official Facebook Page. Sadly, I didn’t win. But its okay. ^^

My Love for CNBLUE connects me to myself, friends, and the whole world… as I’ve stated in the photo above. How?

I’ve gone thru a stage where I find Life too depressing. So, when I met KPop thru Dara, my path seems to have gain a direction. As I’ve started to find my way as a KPop fan which started with 2NE1 then Big Bang until in 2010, a BLUE STORM swallowed me and brought me to a different path. How I came across CNBLUE is posted HERE.

My Love for CNBLUE then began. For me that’s how I was able to connect to myself. I was able to found out what I love, who I want to be, what I want to do, and what makes me happy. It’s like rediscovering myself.

My Love for CNBLUE introduce me to a lot of great people who became my friends virtually. If there’s one thing that I am very grateful of, its having great friends. I never imagined I would receive a lot of love from loving CNBLUE. Thank you my friends… you know who you are.

(07.03.2012) Lunch Date with @nunaynunay & @dindinmejong at Bigby’s, Cagayan De Oro City. First meeting with Ate Gen, 2nd time meeting Dindin. ^^ (Photo taken by @dindinmejong)


My Love for CNBLUE showed me a map to the whole a new world. If we look for a country or a place, we usually refer to a globe. If we need to find our way, we usually need a map. I am Lost. I thought I would never be able to find a way. I am trapped, enclosed in a world I can’t escape filled with fear and depression. CNBLUE gave me hope and showed me the way that the world is not something be feared or be depressed about. I’ve learned to live in that world filling it with hope to battle my tears and courage to stomp my fears. There’s a movie (The Hunger Games) I’ve watched, that said, Hope is Greater than Fear”. It really is. I can testify to that. ^^

My Love for CNBLUE made me do things I never imagined I could. Out of random outburst and bold actions which gain followers and supporters, I was able to give a name for the fanclub BLUE + VOICE = BOICE. Maybe that is the best thing I can be proud of. I was able to built a fansite for them solidified by members with their support and devotion. That is All of it would be impossible without support and love. So, I THANK YOU.

My Love for CNBLUE made me a superhero. Superhero in the sense, I was able to master multi-tasking. hahaha… I was able to survived sleepless nights. Especially when I was making the “i ♥ CNBLUE” Message Scrapbook.

My Love for CNBLUE keeps me inspired. I love writing. Be it poem, stories, and even lyrics. I’ve made a song for them which I wish someday they will be able to sing. To CNBLUE only, if you’re curious what it is, just contact me at XD

My Love for CNBLUE made me stronger. Love comes with Pain. Loving someone comes with a risk. As my Love for CNBLUE grows, so is the pain and risk. But once overcome, that Love can withstand whatever is brought upon it. As a fansite administrator, we’ve went through a LOT which made me restless, panic and cry. When cnbluestorm was still being built, I was kinda restless of its preparations. When cnbluestorm was suspended, I think I panicked. When cnbluestorm receive hates and accusations, I cried. My Love for CNBLUE made me too attached to cnbluestorm. It has become somewhat a part of me. There are times when it becomes a burden, I don’t even know if I’m doing all those things out of Love or obligation. But I just can’t stop. If I find a burden too heavy to carry, I think I would have drop it and leave it. Don’t you think? But, I didn’t. For whatever reasons, be it obligation or what? I think my Love for them still is the main reason which keeps me going. CNBLUESTORM is 1 proof of that Love.


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