An anime which I want to have a Live Action drama – Sakamichi no Apollon / Kids on the Slope

Sakamichi no Apollon

Sakamichi no Apollon is a Japanese manga series by Yuki Kodama. It has been adapted into an anime television series subtitled Kids on the Slope in 2012. (Source:

I haven’t read the manga but I just watched the anime recently. While watching, I can’t help but wish for a Live Action drama, and I wish it will be produced by South Korea. Junichi, Kaoru and Sentaro are good-looking based on my perception. So, I really wish those who will bear those characters matches my expectation with regards to looks. I already have umm actors and actresses who I deemed fit to play the characters… ^^

  • Kaoru Nishimi – ZE:A Im Siwan (The Moon That Embraces The Sun – Heo Yeom)
  • Sentarō Kawabuchi –  Lee Minho (City Hunter), Super Junior Choi Siwon (Midas?)
  • Ritsuko Mukae – Park Shinhye (Heartstrings, You’re Beautiful)
  • Yurika Fukahori – Kim Ji-won  (To the Beautiful You – Seol Ha Na, Reply 1997)
  • Junichi Katsuragi – CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun (A Gentleman’s Dignity), No Min Woo (Gumiho)

I just find them fit for the roles based from their previous films and skills aside from their looks. ^^


Nishimi Kaoru has moved from city to city and school to school because of his father’s job, so having his first day at a new school was just routine for him. Being intellectual in addition to being a transfer student all the time, he has always been seen as an outcast. All he has had to do was bear it as usual until the next time he moved.

But things were slightly different this time. First, he started to get close to the class president, Mukae Ritsuko, and secondly, unlikely as it seemed, he grew closer to Kawabuchi Sentaro. Sentaro was infamous for getting into fights, skipping class and was an overall bad boy. Strangely enough, the three of them find common ground in music, namely jazz, and Kaoru finds himself actually enjoying the new town.

Credit | Source:

The story revolves around 3 friends Kaoru, Sentaro and Ritsuko “Riko”. I find the story ordinary or common between friends but how the story was laid out makes it extra-ordinary. Sentaro is Riko’s chilldhood friend who happens to be her neighbor too. Kaoru is aloof with people, since he moves a lot, he hardly can make a friend. Kaoru is smart and discipline, Sentaro hates class and loves fighting, Riko is a casual girl, nothing too special about her character, which any girl can relate to. The three of them are unlikely trio. So, you can expect clashes with their different personalities. But, they have one thing in common, love for music. Can you imagine Lee Minho playing drums? XD

Junichi is what every girl will label as “ideal guy” with his handsome looks, intelligence, musical skills and voice. When he starts singing, girls will be sighing. I actually place Jonghyun on Sentaro’s character because of Jonghyun’s love for action scenes. But then, I just can’t find any guy who will fit Junichi’s character, so I decided to put him there. ^^

As for Yurika, I can’t deny Kim Ji-won‘s beauty. I like her in “To the Beautiful You” though her character is kinda irritating.  From prim and proper young lady to persistent woman, how she undergo such change just for Jun. ^^ And I can’t wait to pair her up with Lee Jonghyun. ^^

I would like to change a little bit from the original story. In the original story, the “jazz” band was formed with Riko’s father (upright bass), Junichi (trumpet), Kaoru (piano), Sentaro (drums) and Riko (vocals). I want the band to be formed with Junichi (guitar), Kaoru (piano), Sentaro (drums), Riko (vocals) and maybe Yurika can play violin. ^^

As for their love story / triangle, Kaoru already have taken liking to Riko from their very first encounter. But then, he was rejected and he found out that Kaoru likes Sentaro since before. Sentaro on the other hand, falls in love with the beautiful Yurika. Though Sentaro and Yurika seem to hit it off… Yurika falls for Junichi when she met him. What makes their love story cute is, Kaoru accepted Riko’s rejection so he tries to create circumstances for Riko and Sentaro. But Sentaro knew Kaoru likes Riko, so he pushes Riko to Kaoru. Then, Riko seem to develop feelings with Kaoru. She was able to realize it when Sentaro and Kaoru got popular after their School Festival performance. She started getting jealous when Kaoru receives gifts from other girls. But then, she rejected him before right? So she worries if Kaoru will still accept her.

As time passes by, people change, either because of some happenings or because of a person. Junichi changes because of an event, he dropped out of school, got abandoned by his parents, and left town. Yurika changes for Junichi. Jun views her as a young lady, rich, prim and proper… Jun push her away saying what he need is a woman. Sentaro also left town for family reason which left Kaoru and Riko in distress. While Riko fights to win Kaoru back, Kaoru succumbed to his studies. Kaoru in the end, pushes Riko away and left town for college. Kaoru was left alone in their town. Then, 8 years later…

I like the ending though its hanging. It will left the viewers craving for Season 2. ^^

Have you watched this anime? or read the manga?


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