#wwLyna Fangirl’s Wish List

I’ve always been thinking of posting this. But then, I hardly had time to gather my thoughts and make a post on it. LOL. I hope with this attempt, I will be able to make a post and published it soon. *fingers crossed*

I am a big K-Pop fan. It started way back 2009. Girl group 2NE1 drive me to where I am now. Yes, and its all because of Sandara Park. I would like to enclose all my wishes and dreams of the other part of me, the fangirl within me, Lyna. Below are my wishes, maybe not all, since it usually adds up as time passes. We might have similarities, or differences. Please check it out below:

Fangirl’s Wish #1 : Build a Fansite

I have lots of favorite artists or groups but my enthusiasm for some of them doesn’t last long.. some just because of a song.. the others just because of their looks or involvement in a drama or shows. As of now, I love five (5) K-Pop artist groups. On the lead is CNBLUE, I believe my love for them runs deepest because I think I won’t be able to built and maintain a fansite dedicated for them if I’m not.

Print Screen from cnbluestorm.com

Before, when I was a fan who supports artist by giving compliments and spazzing about them and was as an active forum member also, I have a different thought about a fansite then. I would like to keep those thoughts to myself.. but it is really different from now, that I, myself is handling a fansite (though not as active as before). Now, when I was able to run a fansite for more than 2 years already, I was able to realized the hard work, understanding and cooperation it needs for it to be maintained. So, I would like to congratulate all administrators of fansites for their efforts. Because IT is really hard. And, I mean it, HARD. I built cnbluestorm.com without knowing what’s in store in it, or even how to run it. I just started it without any expectations but with hopes and some pushing from friends. I built cnbluestorm.com with the thought of simply collecting information or updates about CNBLUE and sharing it publicly. Then, comments from friends came pouring in which urge me to aim for more with the hope of showing our support and love for CNBLUE. We all know how hard it is to be an international K-Pop fan, who admires an artists / groups from another country. Thus, in our own little ways, we want to show our love and support to our beloved artists/groups. cnbluestorm.com is also built with friend’s beliefs and dedication to CNBLUE. As time passes, it grows, it reaches 30+ staffs where only few are active nowadays, and gain a lot of followers and subscribers. I also gain a lot of new friends, which I am truly grateful for and the main reason, why I am still standing up for it. With every gains, there are losses. Along with it, comes unexpected expectations from us (staff), I don’t know how others view our situations, but personally, I felt like I lost my own identity. I guess, that’s a price we have to pay too. Fansites runs for free, not paid. So, most of fansites depends from donations or ads to keep it running, on other situations, staff have to finance it to keep it in a good shape. cnbluestorm.com is running on donations from patrons and contribution from the team members with the support of our followers and readers. The members or staffs are encouraged with a  thought that “you are to give updates in your own free time on your own free will“. Each of the team members have different situations, some are studying, others are working, some are working while studying. Nowadays, I am handling 4 roles in my real life aside from being a fansite administrator. So, most of the time I am out of coverage area or offline. Most of us give updates when we can as soon as possible. I just wanted to share what’s happening on the background of a fansite. I am not complaining but rather asking for understanding. We cannot please everyone, I know. But, I hope if I (or we) can’t please you, I hope you will also understand why. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the team members, active or inactive, for all your contributions and for bearing with our family. Especially to Bianca, Dorothy and Fizzy, my co-administrators for leading the team and for bearing with my bossy and moody attitude, thank you for being at my side. Thanks to all our loyal supporters and readers for giving us support thru ups and downs. To our virtual friends, thank you for giving us more strength to press on.

As a fansite administrator, I have another wish list. ^^

A Fangirl’s Wish #2 : Attend a K-Pop Concert

I believe it is every fangirl’s dream and wish to be able to attend a K-Pop concert especially of their favorite artist.

Photo Credit as tagged: yesasia.com

With the help of some friends, who are my genies, this wish might come true soon. I will soon be watching Big Bang Alive Tour Galaxy 2012 Live in Manila, Philippines with some friends, hopefully together, this coming October 24, 2012.  I am financially incapable of watching concerts so I’m really grateful to my genies, you know who you are unnies. ^^ And some of them are not fans of Big Bang, they are of course, Boices. ^^

Big Bang is one of 5 favorite K-Pop artist, so imagine how excited I am for this is the first time am going to watch a K-Pop concert. Thank you unnies!

A Fangirl’s Wish #3 : Spot your Gift with the artist!

As a fan, we love sending gifts to our favorite artists or idols. I bet we usually wonder if they receive it. For me, seeing my gift with the artist is truly Daebak! Either you spot it during filming, or in a photo background or they tweeted about it. So, I always pour my heart out when I made gifts for the artist. Below are some of the gifts which I made for my favorite artists.

My Gift to CNBLUE Jungshin on his birthday Sept. 15, 2012

How about you? What are your wishes as a fan?


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