ReLiving Big Bang ALIVE Galaxy Tour 2012 @ Manila, Philippines – The 1st K-Pop Concert I’ve attended

I can hardly remember anything from the concert, 2 hours and 30 minutes “something” seems like a second when it was over. Really, it is. Before I rambled what happen that night which is like a dream or a blissful moment for me. Please take a look at the photos on slideshow below. ^^

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We pass by the venue 4-5 hours before the concert starts. The area is already packed with people. Fans are either joining the Samsung Galaxy event or buying merchandises while others wait for their companions i.e. fellow Big Bang fans.

The fans swarming at the venue…

Oh how I envy the fans on 1st floor, the VIP V.I.P. (above) Then, off we went to the 4th floor on escalator. While waiting on our line, we took a picture together with our tickets – Upper Box. ^^

And off we went to our seats… at section 420 B. Below is a picture inside MOA Arena, waiting to be filled up with VIPs.

The crowd screams and screams even before the concert start, I think those who are seated where backstage is visible spotted the artists or crew… (Photo below: backstage)

and seconds later. The concert began…

Lights Off! *screams*

Tonight. Such a beautiful night… The arena looks pretty with all the light sticks on. The concert opened with Big Bang members enclosed in capsule with the song “Tonight“. Gah! So beautiful!

Then, I have no idea what other songs they sang in sequence. Am pretty sure they sang Fantastic Baby, How Gee, Last Farewell, Haru Haru (in Encore?), Monster, Number 1, Bad Boy, and Blue. (Photo below: Big Bang singing Blue)
Taeyang sang Look Only At Me and Wedding Dress, Seungri sang What Can I Do, GD & Top sang High High with a bit of Oh Yeah and Daesung sang Wings. I’ve been wanting to watch Daesung perform Wings live, its my most favorite song. I was hoping he will fly in harness with wings. T_T But, oh well. Still, am sooo ecstatic on their solo stages. It’s awesome. They are all awesome! When GD & Top sang their songs, we went dancing, putting our hands up while grooving in High High.

Taeyang is attractive, that I cannot deny. With his voice and hot body and sexy moves, he is undeniably HOT. I bet those fans which he was grooving most of the time won’t be able to sleep that night. LOL. And of course am so happy since I get to watch him perform Wedding Dress live, another favorite song of mine. ^^ During his performance, I was kinda laughing. The crowd seems to be waiting when he will go topless. LOL. Cause every time he turns his back and walk on the ramp, the crowd roars. LOL. And when he finally tears off his shirt, the crowd got exhausted from previous screaming that it was like they go breathless. Who wouldn’t? His body is hot. I wonder how many shirts he must have ripped off.

But, Seungri surprises me if not most of us. Honestly, if I rank my favorite members, Seungri will be the last. But that night, even from the start of the concert. He took me by surprise, especially every time his face flashes on the big screen and he of course knows where the camera is, he keeps facing the center camera closely… too closely which will make you take a step back. Not, because he makes you afraid but he makes your knees crumble which makes you tumble. I bet a lot of VIPs will agree that on that night, Seungri is the handsomest among Big Bang members, bias aside. TOP is my bias… not my favorite member but my bias. I want him for myself. LOL.

The night pass by quickly and the concert is near end… When Big Bang moved to go to backstage, my heart dropped. LOL. The lady beside me almost cried when she said its already over. Then, the crowd started chanting “We want more… we want more…” I forgot how many times we chanted that, but it made my throat really dry. The band encourages us to chant and to chant. LOL. Didn’t they know, we are already out of our breathe? LOL. But we chanted and chanted “We want more..” until Big Bang appeared again and they sang the song Heaven! So, our spirits are back up high, we sang along and cheered with our hearts out. Then, they sing again Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby. During Fantastic Baby, they totally got wild, running around the stage, laughing, sprinkling waters, dancing while singing. The sprinkling of water started with GD, he first poured water on Daesung while taking a video of Dae. They even sprinkled some water to fans. (Photo below: TOP and Daesung sprinkling water to each other. TOP is laughing so hard while Daesung wipes his face with towel. LOL)

TOP wore a Mickey / Minnie Mouse hot PINK headband (I think it was thrown by a fan). See the picture below. Sorry, its not so clear. But on the above photo, you can see him wearing the headband too. He looks cute! ^^

And TOP really danced in the middle of the ramp. Totally danced, I think we all know that among Big Bang members, TOP hardly ever dance. You can see him dancing from the video Seungri took, please see below. Where ever Seungri goes, a Panda plush toy was thrown at him. He took 1 big panda, where he put in the center stage and seat beside it while singing along. Sadly, that panda was kicked by Taeyang. -.- You can see the panda on the video (below) taken by Seungri too. ^^

I think they sang Haru Haru on Encore, but I am not sure. Then each of them are giving messages in English and Tagalog of Thank You “Salamat” and I love you (plural) “Mahal ko kayo“. Daesung is so cute when he walk on the ramp saying Mahal ko kayo while doing Sandara‘s signature wave. ^^ TOP is the last one who give his message, and it is in Korean. Omo. When Taeyang asked “How about you TOP?” after each of them give a message, the crowd roar loudly, it was louder than any cheer that night. TOP got the loudest cheer. And then he started to speak in Korean, his message is long but we were umm clueless what it is. Then he said, Mahal ko kayo or Salamat in the end. I hope somebody would be able to tell us what TOP said. But, I think that somebody must have forgotten what it is too. XD Because, I even forgot the last song they sang. But before they sang it, they went to the backstage door and pushing it, but the door to backstage seems like it won’t open. Taeyang is so cute when he said something like “They won’t let us leave.. I can’t leave you like this.” Then, they sing again. Was it Bad Boy? or Blue? or another song? Please help me remember it. LOL

Then after that last song, they wave and murmured “Salamat” / “Thank You” or “Mahal Ko Kayo” and even “We Will come back again.” They said they will come back again, they should. ^^ They keep on saying “I love Manila! I love this country“.. and Taeyang said “Manila Baby” as if he was singing a song with such lyrics.

And off they went to backstage.

WAIT! Taeyang pulled TOP back to the stage and made him dance.

LOL. Then, that’s it. Lights went ON. Most of us can’t believe that its actually over. Instead of going out from the concert venue. Most of us stayed and sat down. The seats are actually weren’t used much. We have seats, but we are all standing during the concert. LOL.

It was totally a blissful moment. Feels like everything is just a dream. I hope to see their concert again and on that time, I want to be nearer. So, please help me God. ^^

Just some moments to remember:

  • GD wearing a skirt with his pants underneath it.
  • Taeyang ripping his shirt off and doing most of the talks.
  • TOP wearing Mickey Mouse headband and dancing to the fullest.
  • Seungri being so handsome in military uniform.
  • Daesung dripping wet and shaking his wet hair.

I also have some regrets that night. I wish I have more money. So that I could have brought a light stick, there’s something missing when you’re not holding a light stick. And, I wish I could have seated nearer. The view from up is great, but I think it would be better up close. I am really grateful for just being there, really. Being in a concert is close to impossibility for me. So, I am totally sincerely grateful to unnies who made this possible for me. Am not complaining about my seat, I’m simply wishing for something better. And, every time the dancers went on stage, am really looking for the Kwon Twin, was it Deuk or Don who went with them? I have a feeling its Deuk. Anyway, I am soooo sorry I didn’t get to see him upclose. I really had a hard time recognizing him and when I did, my heart flopped. He was lying on the stage on encore. LOL.

Do you know what it takes for me to get there? We crossed the stormy weather just to get there. LOL. Our flight with Cebu Pacific is actually canceled. My heart breaks upon hearing the news, I can’t just go back home after arriving at the airport. All flights have been canceled on the morning of 24th at Bancasi Airport. So, I have listed my name as a chance passenger on 2PM flight which is fully booked. And my name is on number 15. T_T I am already losing hope but then I met an office mate. We are both working on LGU but on different office. She’s with her mother, they were also supposed to watch Big Bang’s concert together. They already have their flights canceled and get their travel refund. But, I was not giving up. I told her we can be chance passengers on the afternoon flight. But, then that chance is also very bleak. Then, we heard a PAL officer saying their plane is already boarding from Manila, its coming at Bancasi airport soon. What? So, I asked that officer, is it really sure that there is a flight coming to Bancasi and he said yes. Unfortunately, its already cut-off for promo ticketing, 4 hours before flight schedule which is on 12:30 noon. So, the fare is totally expensive (times 2 with out concert ticket price). So, we paced back and forth. It’s already 11:00 AM. Where should we get the money? Then, her mother offered to buy the plane tickets for us using her credit card, which we can pay within 1 month. Should we board on PAL or wait for the 2pm flight as chance passengers? Is it really worth it? To clear our mind, we took our lunch. It’s almost 12 noon. Then, we finally decided to watch the concert. We went to PAL office, purchased our air tickets, and board the plane. In the plane, i kept saying “I won’t regret this..” over and over in my head. LOL And I didn’t! I’m still smiling reminiscing it. LOL. Money can be found but the memories can’t be. By the way, the 2 PM flight where I am supposed to be a chance passenger was also cancelled.

October 24 is not just a special day for me because of Big Bang’s concert, but its also a day where I get to meet my virtual friends, friends I only communicated online or thru mobile. ^^

Thank you unnies!.. for making one of my wishes come true!


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  1. just have a question are the pics taken from a telephoto camera? sorry for the nonsense question checking if I can see the concert from the upperB part. Thanks

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