Going the Distance once in a Blue Moon

I know this is kinda late post already. But, I owe my blog this. ^^

The title “Going the Distance once in a Blue Moon” is inspired by the movie “Going the Distance” starring Drew Barrymore. ^^ According to free dictionary, ‘go the distance‘ means “to do the whole amount; to play the entire game; to run the whole race” and ‘once in a blue moon” means “very seldom“. Why did I choose such title? 

Attending an expensive concert for me is next to impossible and will take a miracle for it to happen. The most expensive concert ticket price here in our province is 500 Php. That’s why, those concerts with lowest ticket price that cost more than 500 PhP is expensive for me. :p Not to mention that you need to fly to get to the venue. So, when a friend of mine offered to pay for my round-trip airfare, I can’t believe it and was really and truly grateful. I think it’s the most expensive gift I’ve ever received from someone I hardly see in person. Unnie! I know I wasn’t able to express how grateful I am but you know from the bottom of my heart I am. That left me with the concert ticket and accommodation, another friend of mine offered to give an amount to help me with my expenses. I actually was going to settle for a lower box seat but then a lot of fellow Boice, you know who you are, offered or pooled in an amount for me which enabled me to get a VIP Patron ticket. I feel so blessed because of you guys… I can’t thank you enough.

As if those things are not enough to make me cry, during the concert date, a lot of Boice, fellow CNBLUE fans, helped me with my tasks and gave me gifts. I keep on saying thank you and thank you, but I totally broke  down when June, a Malaysian Boice from Singapore, gave me a Blue Moon Special goodie… keyholder by Jonghyun! Do you know how hard it is to get that? I tried getting it for a friend but I couldn’t and it’s not available at the FNC store. So that item is like a limited fan collectible… for me. I was totally touched. See the gifts below. Thank you so much sincerely.


My family especially my father doesn’t really like the idea of me leaving our place for pleasure or leisure. Because he believes, it doesn’t suit my situation and being a KPop fan doesn’t suit my age any more. T__T He was totally against it. So even on the night before I left, we were still arguing. But I told him, I would totally let down my friends and myself if I don’t go. I think I would be crying for a week..LOL!

Things did not go as planned… most of the time for me. As if my father being against me and my financial capability is not enough to hinder my trip to watch CNBLUE concert, the day before my trip, my daughter fell ill. I was at my wit’s end! If my father found out that my daughter is sick, do you think he will let me go? So, I brought my daughter during the night to the hospital, got some laboratory tests and all. Based on the lab test, it’s nothing serious but she has bacterial infection or tonsillitis. So, I contacted my long time best friend who is currently in our home town. Thank goodness she is home because she used to work in Manila before. My best friend is the one who accompanied my daughter for check-up to her doctor while I’m attending CNBLUE press conference at SM Megamall. Gal, if not for you, I wouldn’t be able to go… you know that I can’t possibly leave my daughter in such state if I don’t have someone I trust… like you. So thank you very much.

I also would like to thank Happee… for being such a dear to me and for bearing with my messages. Thanks for all the replies, for taking my suggestions and requests. Thank you for everything.

Thanks to Pulp Live World for bringing CNBLUE here in Philippines and for the press conference invitation. Thank you.

And to everyone for making my trip very memorable, thank you so much. I wish we will meet again soon. 😀

If not for those certain people… I think watching CNBLUE concert with VIP ticket and press conference pass will still just be one of my dreams. But because of you, I was able to go the distance. Thank you so much.

Please read my article about CNBLUE press conference for their Blue Moon 2013 World Tour held at SM Megamall on June 14 HERE.

Also, please check my review of Blue Moon 2013 CNBLUE World Tour Concert in Philippines HERE and reviews by others HERE.

Thank you so much!

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I actually wrote this 2 days after the concert. kekeke.. so that I won’t forget it. LOL

#1 Yonghwa’s Impromptu Song Lyric Mistake and Clueless moment

#2 Jungshin’s cuteness and fan-service overload

#3 Jonghyun’s shocked or surprised expression

#4 Minhyuk’s “I am a Fool” remark

I wish I had more moments to remember about Minhyuk. I hardly saw him during the concert because he was situated at the far back and during the press conference, I was in a state of shock. Hahaha… Below is a video of Minhyuk exclaiming how he likes lechon and jeepney.

During Yonghwa’s birthday surprise moment, each member aside from Yonghwa read a message in “Tagalog” leaving Yonghwa wondering and clueless about what they were saying. It’s a cue for the fans that the birthday surprise will start. After that, Minhyuk remarked that they must have looked like a fool saying something they don’t even understand. He said that while laughing and looking at Yong. See one of the videos below.

Throughout the whole visit, my eyes were glued on Jonghyun… starting from the press conference. I can’t believe he is terribly and undeniably good looking in person. The photos or videos didn’t do him justice. LOL. I am also seated on Jonghyun’s side. So, most of the time all I see is him! But there was this moment, when I felt terribly hurt because of him… that made me want to shift to another favorite member and that would be Jungshin.. LOL! But, during the concert, he was really in a good mood… smiling, stroking his hair, laughing and singing passionately while playing guitar. All of them were quite in a good mood. When did his shocked or surprised expression show? When he moved closer to the edge of the stage, a fan threw a cap and 2 stuffed toys which were scattered on the stage near him. When the talking part started, he picked up the stuffed toy from his left to place it beside the other stuffed toy on his right… and when he looked back on his left, lots of stuffed toys or gifts appeared. He was totally shocked… biglang dumami yung stuffed toys.. hahaha.. Then he diligently piled them up.

Jungshin… is Mr. Congeniality amongst all of them. He truly knows a fan’s heart. During the press conference, when he was talking, the crowd’s scream grew louder which made him wonder why. He turned his head towards the monitor behind him and saw his face up close on big screen… Then, he looked back at the camera and posed with a cute expression and a peace sign. Gawd! The crowd roared, Jungshin is just soooo cute. Another moment was during the dinner after concert at KPub. They were at the second floor covered with blinds. We can’t see them unless they go to the comfort room where they will have to pass the veranda. The other members passed by but Jungshin sat on the sofa at the veranda and lounged on it while gazing at the fans on the first floor… that means including us! He is just sooo cute. He folded his arms on the veranda rail and placed his head on his arms. I wish I had a clear photo of him doing that. But all I got is a blurred snap shot. Then, Jonghyun called him over because they’re about to leave.

Yonghwa… I bet Yonghwa will never be able to forget Filipin… that’s how he pronounces it… without S. Most of us hardly forget a mistake. I bet Yonghwa too. During his impromptu song with the band members playing a melody and he was singing an adlib, he accidentally sang “I love Singapore”… Jungshin who noticed it quickly shouted “I love Manila”. Yonghwa realizing his mistake said “I’m sorry” with a laugh and turned his back to hide his embarrassment. When he faces the crowd again, he keep saying, I love Philippine! Jonghyun and Minhyuk laughed their asses off. Jonghyun is almost on the floor with his guitar. Dinilaan nga sya ni Yonghwa… hahaha.. Check the video below.

The other moment he won’t forget is the surprise prepared for him. When the other members spoke in tagalog…that was truly awesome!!

Videos from youtube channels AppleRellaTheCNBLUESTORMtanny083


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