That winter the wind blows… my Heart away.

I’m still having post-drama syndrome after watching ‘That Winter The Wind Blows’ starring Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo along with Kim Bum and A Pink Eunji. I usually have post-drama syndrome when the drama is either very good or frustrating. This time, it is both.

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The plot is very good. It keeps you on the edge, like every end of the episode makes you gripping. That’s why I finished this drama in less than a week, after watching the pilot episode aired at ABS-CBN on July 8, 2013. I really have no intention of watching this drama at first even though Song Hye Gyo, my favorite actress, is on it. Simply because, I have no time and I prefer to watch romantic comedies or Running Man. Even when it’s making fuss online, I didn’t even read any articles about the drama. But then, I was able to watch the trailer showed at ABS-CBN. That trailer is enough to captivate me to watch the pilot episode.


 The video above is dubbed in Tagalog. For a higher quality, please click THIS.

Credit: ABSCBNOnline

After watching the pilot episode, I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t wait to finish the drama. This is bad for me since I’m totally loaded and don’t have internet connection at the office anymore. By the way, I work Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the office and every MWF, I teach on college from 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM. And during Saturdays, I teach at another college for the whole day 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. And, I do tutorial sessions on Sundays when I’m on a mood. I only have TTh after office as my vacant time and sometimes on Sundays too. I treasure holidays the most. No matter how tired I am, I watch Running Man, it’s my stress reliever. ^^ Now, when do I have time to watch dramas? I have none. And, when I get addicted to one, it’s really bad for me. Kekeke..

So, after I watched the pilot episode. I was able to bear it for a week, watching the drama at ABS-CBN tagalog dubbed. Then, last Saturday at school, I was giving examination, so I have time to just stay put in the computer. I started downloading episodes 2 – 6 and watched episode 2 and 3. Eventually, when I got home I watched episodes 4 – 6. Afterward, I was so frustrated because I can’t continue watching anymore since I got no internet connection at home. I had to wait till Monday. Ooops… I have no internet connection at office either. I couldn’t help it and used my tattoo mobile broadband USB stick. I started downloading the rest of the episodes but wasn’t able to finish it to episode 16 since the internet connection is crappy. While I was downloading, I was also watching some episodes while doing some work at the office. The talent of multi-tasking was unleashed again. I think I was able to do such when I was hooked on “The Princess’ Man” before. Since I have no time on Monday night, I was able to watched 1 episode only. I think I slept around 11 pm that Monday night… not so late. Because the next day, I watched 6 episodes from episode 8 to episode 13 during office time while doing office works. Episode 13 is the most nerve-wrecking episode of all and I couldn’t wait to get home to finish watching the drama. But, I have lots of obligations, I need to do some grocery shopping so I arrived home around 6 pm… prepared dinner, did some tutorial and planned to start watching around 8 pm so I can sleep around 11 pm. But nothing goes as planned… because we (me and my family) watched other dramas airing at ABS-CBN, so I only get to watched ‘That Winter The Wind Blows’ every advertisement period. I finished watching the drama around1:00 AM with puffy eyes from crying and woke up at 5:00 AM to start preparing for the day. That’s how good ‘That Winter The Wind Blows’ is, enough for me to make time for it.

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Credit | Source:


Starring Jo In Sung as Oh Soo and Song Hye as Oh Young with Kim Bum as Jinsung and A Pink Eunji as Hee Sun. I’m familiar with the whole casts except for Jo In Sung. I’ve watched dramas where they starred in and some were one of my favorites. Full House is a drama which every K-drama addict must have already watched. That’s when Song Hye Gyo became one of my favorite actresses. She’s not just beautiful in face but in acting as well. A Pink Eunji was one of the casts of Reply 1997, a drama which has a very nice plot and direction, it’s like reading a diary and reminiscing high school life. Have you watched those dramas? If you haven’t, you should. As for Kim Bum, he was one of the F4 of the popular drama Boys over Flowers which is a remake of Hana Yori Dango (Japan) and Meteor Garden (Taiwan). I’ve watched The Classic but wasn’t able to figure out that Jo In Sung was one of the casts. Talk about memory loss.

You don’t need the whole details of the story because how it unfolds is the magic of “That Winter The Wind Blows” which will truly blow your heart away.


Oh Soo is a professional gambler who doesn’t believe love exists and will do anything to survive. His mother left him at a tree when he was still a baby and his girlfriend died in an accident after he didn’t take responsibility for their child.

Oh Young is blind and the sole heir of PL Group after her father died. Her mother and brother Oh Soo left their house after their parents’ divorce. Her life was manipulated / controlled / assisted by Secretary Wang. Thus, she doesn’t value her life and doesn’t have the will to live.

A year after Oh Young father died, they searched for her brother Oh Soo who happens to have the same name with the gambler Oh Soo. Oh Soo was framed up by her ex-girlfriend Jin Sora in stealing a huge amount of money which prompted Oh Soo to pretend as Oh Young’s brother.

Thus, the two of them started living their lives together. Oh Soo falls in love with Oh Young and Oh Young in return falls in love with him. How it unfolds is totally spectacular and it usually happens on life and death situation. Oh Soo started falling in love as early as in episode 2 where Oh Young ask Oh Soo to kill her if he is only after her money, he can just push her at the train. Oh Soo is confused as to why Oh Young could easily gamble her life while he is doing everything to survive. As I heard, it all starts with curiosity. ^^

Credit | Source: playfullkiss.tumbr

Credit | Source: playfullkiss.tumbr

Below are my favorite scenes in the drama:

winter cottoncandyThe cotton candy scene is when I believe Oh Soo fully realized he love Oh Young.

Credit | Source: theasianpopculturist

Credit | Source: theasianpopculturist

A kiss in the forehead means sincerity. That’s why, for some woman (including me), a kiss in the forehead is very romantic. This scene was during their trip which Oh Young treats as her first outdoor field trip with friends. They were ski gliding and they happen to win against Jinsung and Hee Sun. Oh Soo overwhelmed with happiness suddenly kiss Oh Young in the forehead.

winter 2

Oh Young’s favorite sound is the sound coming from bells / chimes. For me, Episode 8 reveals why the title of the drama is ‘That Winter The Wind Blows’. Oh Soo brought Oh Young to the top of a mountain where all the tree branches are frozen solid. And the statement Oh Soo gives on this episode is one of my favorites.

“I, for your sake, placed a million bells.”

I almost believed it. LOL. Then…

“Actually, this sound is from the rustling of the frozen branches of the trees.”

Credit | Source: bestkoreanmoviess-blogspot

Credit | Source: bestkoreanmoviess-blogspot

Every woman loves a grand gesture from a man. For me, it’s a very wonderful grand gesture. This scene is where Oh Young gave Oh Soo a kiss on the cheek which surprised him.

Credit to the owner.

Credit to the owner.

The scene above is when Oh Soo threatens to leave Oh Young unless she will say she wants to live. I don’t want to spoil you so I won’t explain much what makes Oh Soo threaten Oh Young.

Their love story is very colorful which makes me wonder if such love or story exists. That even a gambler or trash can have such wonderful life and will be loved. A blind woman is loved by a man who will do everything for her even risking his life. What makes this story interesting is not just the difference in their backgrounds but the environment surrounding them and the situation they are in.

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Credit | Source:

Adding to the flavor of this drama is Jin Sung and Hee Sun who makes an adorable couple.

Now, why is this frustrating? SPOILER AHEAD.

The ending is not the way I expected it. I’m not fond of dramas which have time skip as ending.

1 year later… what happen within that year???

Is he dead? Did he die? I’m going to haunt the writer if he is dead.

Practically, they made it look like that which makes the viewer confused in the end. >_<

Thank goodness, I stumbled in an article where Jo In Sung revealed answers to my questions in the drama. Please READ it HERE.

The ending I desire. Oh Soo will fear that Oh Young will not like him when she starts to see. So, Oh Soo will leave after finding out the surgery is successful. Talk about stupidity. Don’t we become fools when we are in love? When Oh Young finds out Oh Soo left, she didn’t believe it and believe that Oh Soo will come back. So, she focuses on getting well… the chemotherapy and the likes. While Oh Soo is becoming the unlikeable stalker of her since Oh Young doesn’t know how he looks like. He follows Oh Young around and then finally decided to show himself. He will set up an appointment with Oh Young. Atty. Jang and Secretary Wang will be helping him arrange their 2nd 1st meeting on the next winter. Again, at the top of the mountain where frozen branches sounds like chimes. It will be like… “Hi, I’m Oh Soo.” Then, Oh Young will smile and say “I’ve been waiting for you.”

Then Part 2… kekeke.

What do you think?

If you haven’t watched this drama yet, be sure to watch it. This is the drama I will surely watch again if I have time. Hehehe…

Below are very beautiful fan made trailers of this drama with English subtitles:

Credit: flovdb1995

Credit: sarah13blue1

PS. Because of Jo In Sung, I will be watching “Memories in Bali“.

I will truly appreciate if you comment. ^^



2 thoughts on “That winter the wind blows… my Heart away.

  1. Indeed, That Winter the Wind blows is one of the best dramas that I have ever watched. But does rustling of the frozen branches of the trees really make sound as beautiful as what we have watched? I am a Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo fan. What Happened in Bali is also a very nice drama but you might not like the ending. and the latest of Jo In Sung is Its Okay its Love! where he again portrayed an award winning role.

    • I’ve watched those drama too.. and yeah the ending of “What Happened in Bali” is tragic…
      I like “It’s Okay It’s Love”… I’m a fan of Jo In Sung too.. hehehe

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