[#Lyna4u Proposal] Running Man ~~~ A..Maze…ing Race

I’m a BIG fan of Running Man. I started watching it since Yonghwa started guesting on the show. I’m a BIG fan of CNBLUE since their debut. So, I watched all the member’s guesting as well as the episodes where Big Bang, 2NE1, and my favorite actors / actress are guests. But, it all started out with Yonghwa’s guesting… Episode 7, Episode 17, … and the recent with all CNBLUE members is Episode 186. Then, I decided to watch the whole show starting from Episode 1. ^^ I still have a lot of catching up to do. I’ve been watching episodes here and there so I can’t say I’ve watched all the episodes… but I will.

When I love a show, the first thing I will think is how amazing the writers and the people behind it. I’m giving two thumbs up and around of applause with standing ovation to the production team of Running Man. It’s a show which I recommend as stress reliever. Since stress is becoming part of everyone’s lives especially those who got so much in their hands, heads and hearts.

And once, I got addicted, I usually start thinking of how I can contribute… and one of my wishes is to become part of the show… not literally as a cast or guests. My respiration is not that good. But, I would love to challenge myself. ^^,

Thus, I made this proposal. Did you notice that though Running Man is a variety show and not filled with scripts… it contains a story or theme? Which makes the show MORE interesting. The casts are very interesting already. The games especially the mechanics and how it is played is very enticing to the point that I sometimes tried playing the game too. Is there any Running Man fan out there who didn’t try playing the game after watching it? Who gets curious if those games are possible to play? All in all, the show is so interesting and amazing.

I’ve been thinking of a lot of games which can possibly be played in Running Man. But, what pushes me to write it, is the episode which is conceptualized by Irene Tam. I envy her so much! Seeing the whole running man casts and being with them… is a dream come true for a fan. Please read my proposal below and let me know what are your thoughts about it. And will you help me make my dream come true too? 🙂


A..Maze…ing Race

The search for the Amazing Running Man

Visualization by @Lyna4u

Wish Guests: CNBLUE, 2NE1 Sandara Park / Past guests which will make a strong opponent and Song Joongki.

Introduction will be after Mission #1.

1st Mission – A.. Maze…ing Heaven & Hell

  • Player: Individual / Survival Race. Total of 12 players (RM Members and 5 guests).
  • Location: Two-Level Maze. Hell Level or the 1st level flooring is acupuncture mat. The hall of the maze contains sliding wall doors they can use to trap another player or make an escape route. 1st level contains 4 rooms which is divided into different colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green where you must passed to go to Heaven Level or the 2nd level. 2nd level floor is carpeted and the halls contain secret doors or passages.
  • Mission: A flag is hidden in the maze. The first one to find the flag wins the game. Eliminate the other players by removing the name-tag. The name-tag contains pieces of the map of the maze. The map shows where the flag is located in the maze. The more name-tag you remove, the higher the chance of completing the map of the maze. There are chances that the players will have the same piece of the map. Or, find PD Dongwan to get the whole map of the maze.
  • Complication: 1st level has reapers (men wearing black) which will drag the players to rooms where PD Dongwan will be disguised as 1 of the reapers. 2nd level has angels roaming around where 1 of them has a clue to the location of the flag. To go to the 2nd level, the players must pass any of the 4 rooms which has a hurdle.
  • Prize / Award: The winner will know ahead what the next game is all about and will be given the privilege to choose his/her partner and to select what is their sequence for the next game. And, the map of the maze with the correct path will be given which will be needed for the next mission.
  • What makes this fun/funny: Name-tag elimination is a signature game of Running Man. It makes the players and viewers thrilled. How much more if the setting has an acupuncture mat which will make them want go to the 2nd level faster. But, to be able to go through the game or proceed to 2nd level, they have to go through the rooms containing a hurdle without being eliminated. The hurdles are designed to be annoyingly funny. We can have this game early in the morning like 5 or 6 AM where players are still sleepy. This is going to be a good wake-up exercise for them. ^^
  • NOTE: The reapers and angels will be the one to guide the eliminated players to the prison cell. Also, the design of the maze is created to make it more fun, funny and will keep the players on their toes.

Introduction of guests at the prison cell.

2nd Mission – A..Maze..ing Guide

  • Player: Duo / Partner/ Couple Race. Total of 6 pairs.
  • Location: Maze made up of rubber ropes, rubber bumps, and rubber beams. The design of the maze is made to be difficult and fun!
  • Mission: The pair which passes the maze fastest wins! This will be determined with time. 1 partner will be blindfolded while the other partner will guide the partner who is blindfolded by shouting directions like turn left, turn right, crawl, roll, jump.
  • Complication: Other pairs / players can distract the players who are currently playing by shouting. Thus, the blindfolded person will get confused as to who will she/he listen to.
  • Prize / Award: The 1st winning pair will get 2 answers to the crossword puzzle while the 2nd winning pair will get 1 answer to the crossword puzzle. And both winning pairs can select which member would they like to have in their team for the next mission.
  • What makes this fun/funny: The design of the maze is already constructed to make it fun and funny. And don’t you think that how they will pass through it will be fun and funny alone. ^^

3rd Mission – Crossword Puzzle…ing

  • Player: Trio / Team made up of 3 members. Total of 4 teams.
  • Location: Village / Building where they have to complete missions to get an additional clue for the crossword puzzle. Similar to the Bingo game they had before.
  • Mission: Complete the crossword puzzle. The crossword puzzle holds the location for the final mission. The winners of the 2nd mission got an advantage. Complete the mission at different locations to get additional clue to the answers of the crossword puzzle. The teams can select which location they can go to. The first one to arrive at the final mission location has an advantage of winning. There will be 8 items to answer in the crossword puzzle but there will only be 6 missions which will have additional clues to the 6 items in the crossword puzzle. Thus, there’s a chance that the remaining 2 will be unanswered.
    • 3rd mission #1: The team members will sing a song at a karaoke bar where they will have to fill in the missing words in the lyrics. The one who completes the song without singing the lyrics wrong succeeds in this mission! If the team sings the wrong lyrics, they will be given another song to sing. (Similar with the singing bee)
    • 3rd mission #2: 1 member will eat super cold patbingsoo while 2 members will have to keep tossing 1 balloon until the other member finishes eating the patbingsoo to succeed in this mission. The other 2 members will have to make sure the balloon would not touch the ground, if it does; they fail the mission and will have to re-do it.
    • 3rd mission #3: 3 vs 10. A team member should win the chicken fight against 10 men to succeed in this mission.
    • 3rd mission #4: Drink milk and throw it in a trash can. All of the team members should drink the milk and throw it in the trash can successfully to complete the mission. If 1 of the team member fails to do so, he/she will have to keep drinking milk and throwing it to the trash can until he/she succeeds.
    • 3rd mission #5: Jumping rope. The 3 of them should do jumping rope and make 10 jumps TOGETHER in 1 rope successfully to complete the mission.
    • 3rd mission #6: Fishing. There will be a tank of fish. The three of them should catch fish using a paper fish net and transfer it to a fish bowl to succeed in this mission.
  • Complication: The answer to the crossword puzzle is in English. Each team will be given a tablet which contains a translator which they can use to translate their answer to English.
  • What makes this fun/funny: Their guesses to the answers and how they complete the missions in order to get an additional clue.
  • NOTE: In the case where they know the answer already, they don’t have to do mission in order to get an additional clue. Each mission number corresponds to an item number. Item number 7 and 8 won’t be given additional clue.

Mission #4 / Final Mission – Complete a Puzzle

  • Location: Secret (since this is the answer to the previous mission) LOL
  • Mission: Find the missing pieces of the puzzle and complete it. Each team has a different puzzle to complete. The missing puzzle pieces are hidden throughout the maze. The first one to arrive at the location has an advantage. The first one to complete the puzzle wins.
  • Complication: The pieces can be stolen by the other team members. A member should guard the room containing the puzzle pieces and frame. As a clue of what pieces they should find. An image of the puzzle will be given. Each team will be given a map of the maze where the puzzle pieces are located. If the puzzle piece is gone, it only means that the members of the other team must have taken it. There are also lots of fake puzzle pieces scattered to create confusion.
  • NOTE: The shape of the puzzle and its pieces are square. The pieces will be hanged on the walls like a portrait. The hallways will be filled with portraits to create confusion.

NOTE: Design of the map / maze and the plot of the hurdles are not publicized for reserved purposes. >_<

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39 thoughts on “[#Lyna4u Proposal] Running Man ~~~ A..Maze…ing Race

  1. Great idea. Hoping that the Running PD will see this. Lol. I also knew Running Man because of Jung Yong Hwa <3. I watch all his episodes first last then I also started watching from episode 1.

  2. I’m laughing right now at the concept of Mission #2. Just imagine Kwangsoo blindfolded and his partner shouting the wrong directions on purpose for comedic act. Haha! Mission #3 is too busy, I suggest you take out 2-3 acts. Because it would be tiresome for the participants. Oh, and add a Filipino touch to it, like “Pinoy Henyo” or eating balut game. That way they would realize Filipinos are good at this kind of things. Who knows? They might even film RM in here. Good luck! I hope this proposal would reach them, especially CNBLUE. Hwaiting! ^^

    • Thanks much! I am loving the concept of Mission #2 too.. awaiting Kwangsoo’s performance for that too.. I hope it won’t take too much time. The screen time would matter who performed it funny and exemplary so anticipating Jongkook and Kwangsoo on this. I wonder how the other guys would do too.. Gary, Haha, Jaesuk and Sukjin. I love all the Running Man Casts… they’re all great.

      With regards to the sub-missions on Mission #3. They don’t have to do all of it. They only have to select the mission which they need to find the answers.. but possibly they will.

      With regards to Pinoy Henyo.. am making another proposal for Running Man in Philippines… hope to finish it within this week. I am incorporating the “Ibong Adarna” story on it. ^^

  3. I really love the concept eonni. Wishing for CNBLUE to be able to try out your proposed game:-) hwaiting eonni!

  4. this is amazing! i hope the running staff would get to see this too! just like irene’s proposal!
    i’ve also known about running man because of Yong Hwa’s guestings and i also dream to be part of the crew!
    i can just imagine their reactions in that acupuncture name tag elimination! lol

    Hwaiting! 🙂

      • i’m not really sure about how irene’s proposal got noticed by RM staff but maybe if you try spreading it more..
        oh and there’s this website isubs-squad.com they create english subs for RM and they also have a forum there.. maybe someone there might have an idea on how to reach the RM staff

  5. ,,its sound good.. i love it so much.. i feel like im so excited for this.. your right.. running man is so good.. can removed stress..kekekek….i wish this will come out in running man soon..!!! fighting!!!!

  6. Im amaze with your ideas and i can really see your effort in this proposal. I wish you the best and hope that your proposal will be accepted by them 🙂


  7. Nametag game is always good but having that with acupuncture mat would not it be too painful for the cast and idol? The whole show seems a little difficult to follow as the team and team member keep changing. I am getting confused whether it is an individual game or a team game. The individual missions are going to be a hit though.

    • Thanks for the comment. I have it designed wherein the winners of the previous missions will have an advantage and thus as part of it would be choosing the member who they would be with for the next mission. At the end, the winner will be the team who will finish the last mission earliest.

      Also, it is a test for an individual who works well alone and with a team.

      With regards to name tag elimination in an acupuncture mat. Yes,it would be painful… same with an obstacle course in acupuncture mat as well as jumping rope in acupuncture mat which they did in the previous episodes. But based on observation, the pain will subside /ease the longer time you are in the mat. Also, you won’t be staying long on the acupuncture mat when you get to be eliminated or proceed to the 2nd level.

  8. Agree with you, I think this show is really one of king and ‘must watch’ kind kkkkkkk~
    oh ? is there any concept from fans which choosen by RM producing team ? wuaah daebak.
    Then I surely will support you since the guest is CNBLUE, yeaaaayyyyy. Make it happen juseyooooo
    Fighting \^O^/

    • Thank you. I have the Running Man members on my mind when I visualize this. I just remember how the Running Man production team is able to make a pool beside Han River… they’re just simply amazing.

  9. Wuaaaaaaaaa how come you have such a detil planing like that, daebak dd^^bb

    anyway, there is a map ? it’ll be perfect if there is~
    It’s great seriously dd^^bb

    Go send it to RM PD kkkkkkkk 😀

  10. The mechanics of the game are so cool and unique. Plus the guests, OMG! I hope you’ll get the chance to send this to the Running Man staff and realize this ‘dream’. The members will have so much fun, i’m sure! I, too, have been wanting to be part of them or at least get to see them in personal while filming. That episode of Irene Tam really made me cry and want this dream so bad. Like you, i have all the episodes stored in my hard drive. They’ve been making me laugh and cry for almost 3 years now. I just love them, for real. Fighting! 🙂

    • I hope so… My Hard Disk is already almost full. I need another drive for Running Man only.. hehehe
      I was hoping someone would help me send this to Running Man production team. ^^

  11. the idea is fresh and fun! ^^ it would be fun to see this episode in running man! 🙂 i hope this proposal reaches the running man pd ^^

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