[#Lyna4u Proposal] RUNNING MAN In Philippines ~ The Search for Ibong Adarna

In Philippines
The Search for Ibong Adarna

Visualization by @Lyna4u
Edited by @raantonio

Wish Guests: Song Joongki, Kim Woo Bin, Choi Jin Hyuk

Team Yellow: Song Joongki, JongKook, Kwangsoo
Team Red: Choi Jin Hyuk, Jaesuk, Sukjin
Team Blue: Kim Woo Bin, Gary, Haha
Ibong Adarna: Jihyo



 Once upon a time, in a peaceful kingdom of Running Man, there lived a king with his sons.

 One night, the king had a terrible nightmare that frightened and depressed him. Then, the king fell ill. The following morning, all the doctors in the kingdom were called but, nobody could figure out what the illness was. Then, one of the men mentioned that the Ibong Adarna was the only creature in the world that can cure the king with its magical song.

 The king’s sons went forth to search for the Ibong Adarna… in the Philippines!


Estimated Time of Arrival in Philippines – around 10:00 AM (Philippine Time)

1st Mission – Lasang Pinoy (Filipino taste)

Location – Restaurant. Do you have a suggestion? Which restaurant do you think serves famous Filipino dishes in its most delicious taste? ^^

A long table filled with Filipino dishes awaits them. Each team will select 9 dishes. Each dish is served on a colored plate. They will place their dishes on their respective tables with rice and soup. Colored balls will be drawn through a lottery. The team with the same colored plate with that of the drawn ball will get to eat the respective dish on the plate. The first one who will be able to finish eating their dishes wins. The team who wins 1st place will get the Ibong Adarna (to be played by Jihyo).

Introduction of Guests

NOTE: The Ibong Adarna / Jihyo will be able to help the winning team. She will be an extra team member and will be able to participate in any game of the respective teams. For some missions, the Ibong Adarna is the reward thus there’s a possibility that she will be transferring from one team to another.

2nd Mission – Laro ng Lahi (Game of Culture)

– Traditional games played by Filipinos during their youth. There will be 3 different games. The team who will win in each of game earns a key. The key is very important.

Game #1: Basagin ang Palayok (Smash the Pot) – Estimated Time Start is 1:30 pm. Preferred audience are kids.

A “palayok” (clay pot) containing candies and coins will be hanging on a tree branch 8 feet above the ground. Each team will select a representative who will be blindfolded. The representative player carrying a wooden baseball bat or anything that can be used as “pamalo” (bat) will stand 4 feet from where the pot is hanging and she/he will be turned 3 times then let go of. The player should move toward the pot’s location. The other team members can help him/her identify the location of the pot by shouting directions. The player will have to hit the pot with the bat. The player is only allowed to swing the bat once in an attempt to hit the pot. If the player fails to hit the pot, the player of the other teams in turn is given a chance. The team whose player successfully hits and smashes the pot first will be declared as the winning team. The winning team will get 3 keys, 1 for each team member. In case the winning team is where the Ibong Adarna belongs, the keys will be given only to the male members excluding Ibong Adarna. To determine the sequence of player, they may play Jack En Poy (Paper, Rock, & Scissors). The sequence is very important because the 1st player has an advantage.

Game #2: Luksong Tinik (Jumping Over Thorns aka ”Feet”) – Estimated Time Start is 2:00 pm

 Location: A rubber mat with lots of room to run and tumble.

To determine the sequence of the teams in jumping, they can do another round of Jack En Poy. The production staff / somebody will have to act as thorns. Jumpers will form a queue according to the sequence of their team and will take turns passing the levels. To successfully pass the levels, all the players in the team should jump over the “thorns” without touching any of their body parts with those of the thorns’ body parts. If a player fails to jump successfully, then he will be out of the game. The player who succeeds jumping over the last level gains 1 key. The number of keys gained by the team will be determined by the number of players who are successful in jumping over the thorns up to the last level. In the case where everyone gets to jump successfully up to the last level, everybody gets a key and the team where Jihyo belongs gets an extra key.

On 1st level, the “thorns” (A & B) have to sit facing each other with the soles of their feet touching. As shown on the picture below.

luksoTinik1Next level, the two thorns must adjust their distance a bit towards each other so they can comfortably and successfully create level 2, where one of “thorn A’s” foot is used as base, and another of “thorn B’s” foot as the second level above the base.

luksoTinik2Then it is thorn A’s foot as base, thorn B’s foot as second layer of base then thorn A’s other foot as 3rd level.

luksoTinik3Then both A and B’s feet create level 4. Then it is all four feet plus thorn A’s hand: Level 5. A & B’s feet and one hand each: Level 6. A& B’s feet and two of A’s hands and B’s one hand: Level 7. Finally Level 8 has all four hands and feet alternating.


Game #3: Piko (Hopscotch) – Estimated Time Start is 3:00 PM. Piko or hopscotch is very popular in the Philippines.
A figure similar below is drawn on the ground, numbered 1 to 10.

pikoTo begin, the sequence of the team should be identified again with whoever finishes a bottle of water and then whistle first. (Suggestion given by Ate Weng.)

Then, in sequence, each player will select a colored stone to be their own individual markers or pucks, it has to be heavy enough to stay when thrown but flat enough to get the right balance so you can throw it easily to where you want it to land (onto which box and/or number). The names of the players will be written on each puck for identification.

This game has 10 phases. On 1st phase, the player will throw his/her puck on number one. If the puck successfully landed in box 1, player should skip that box and jump to box 2 two using only one leg. Players can only land with both feet in boxes 4 and 5 and also on boxes 8 and 9. Upon reaching box 10, players can turn around to skip back to box 2, then pick up the puck by bending and keeping one leg up and jump out of the boxes on both feet to complete a phase.

piko2If the player successfully returns (outside the boxes) before box 1 without stepping in any lines or falling or in the box where a puck is, then he may proceed to the next phase, otherwise it’s a fail.

Next, throw the puck and make sure it lands on box 2. Again with one foot, step in box 1, skip box 2 where the puck is, using the same leg, land your foot on box 3 and continue up to box 10. Pivot and go back, at box 3, bend to pick up the puck on box 2. Since box 2 is now empty, player can now jump into it down to box 1 and out of the boxes to complete phase 2.
Players take turns throwing their pucks starting at number 1. If the player does not throw the puck in the correct box, the player misses his/her turn and the other players will have a chance after all the others have finished their turns. The first player who is able to complete the 10 phases gets to select the first key.

FAIL means player throwing the puck on the wrong box and stepping on the line or the box where the puck is. If the player fails, his/her puck should be left on the box where he succeeds completing a phase. Thus, it will be harder for the players if the boxes are filled with pucks. He / she have to jump over to the box where there is no puck. It will be advantageous to the first player if he gets to finish the 10 phases successfully in one try.

Players who succeed can eat their snacks – the most famous and delicious Filipino halo-halo with barquillos as well as, get enough rest for the next game. The team whose members get to succeed first will have a very good advantage during the next game.

3rd Mission –Patintero

Location: SM Megamall. The three teams will be secretly situated in different areas inside SM Megamall to avoid being bombed with fans before the start of the game. The team will have to look for 3 individuals who would be able to sing a K-pop song with them while going to the next location – Megamall Activity Center, where fans can watch them from above floors. Estimated Time Start is around 5:00 – 6:00 PM.

Patintero. This is a game of speed, agility, and teamwork. The game location should be secured. There should be sturdy barriers/customized divisions for security purposes and to avoid stampeding. That means, only the production crew, Running Man & guests along with the chosen additional individuals can enter the vicinity. Public can watch them outside the secured vicinity. A path to the location will be cleared or secured to make way for the team to enter and exit.

Now, each team has at least 6 players, the team where Ji Hyo belongs will have an advantage since they have 7 members. The floor area will be drawn with the following illustration:

2 teams (Team A & Team B) will be playing first against each other. The third team (which won on the previous mission) will have to wait for which team will win. Afterward, the winning team, from Team A & Team B, will be fighting against the third team to settle who the winner is.

Players of the offensive team will have a name tag placed on both their upper arms. The offensive team gets to run first while the defense team will guard the lines. The team leader is on the first line and has the “power” to also run along the middle line.

basicIn case of the team where Ibong Adarna / Jihyo is a member, they can assign another person to guard the middle line. To catch an opponent (the player of the opposing / offensive team), the defense team members should remove the nametag of the opponent which is attached on their arms.

patototThe offensive team should use all speed and bluffing strategies to get through the lines and back earning them points relative to how many players were able to enter the lines and come back to the starting point.

When one member of the running team is tagged, then the runners now become the line guards and the guards now take turns as runners.

We will settle for 2 rounds for each game only. For each game, the team with the highest points wins.

3rd Mission Prize: Ibong Adarna. Will the previous team get to keep Jihyo with them? Or will she go to another team?

Credits: larongbata.blogspot.com


The winning team of the Patintero game will gain the Ibong Adarna / Jihyo as one of their members. To secure her, they decided to lock her up in a room during the night. But when the morning comes, the Ibong Adarna / Jihyo is gone?! A note was left on her bedside table. “If you want to find her, come and find me in Palawan.”

Who took the Ibong Adarna / Jihyo? Is there another guest?

Their next mission will happen in Palawan, off with the Running Man members, guests and the production crew to… Palawan, the best island destination in East and Southeast Asia region, and one of the best islands in the world having “incredibly beautiful natural seascapes and landscapes.

Photo Credit: asiatravel

Photo Credit: asiatravel

I am torn about letting them use copter for their tour in Palawan since they will be hopping from one island to another. Taytay Town is a 4-hour drive from Puerto Princesa City. T__T Maybe El Nido Resorts and Island Transvoyager Inc. (ITI) can sponsor their whole trip by letting them use their 50-seater ATR aircraft. If the Running Man production staff wants to save time, each team should be provided with a copter. If they have time to spend, they can travel on land.

Mission #4 – Find the Ibong Adarna / Jihyo and Guest in Palawan

This mission is similar to their mission in Running Man Episode 33 where the Running Man casts have to search for the guest Oh Ji Ho all around Seoul in a City Chase to stop him from going abroad. On episode 33, they were given a tracking device to track the guest. In this case, they will be given the Ibong Adarna’s abductor’s itinerary in Palawan. Team IBA (‘Iba’ means other, this team is composed of Ibong Adarna’s abductor and Jihyo) will have the same itinerary but different missions with the other 3 teams. Team IBA is ahead by 1 flight or 1 hour whereas the other 3 teams will board the next flight.

TEAM IBA’s Mission: Look for the 3 South Sea Golden Pearls of the Philippines marked with ‘R’ and have it verified.

Photo Credit: beadsnob.blogspot.com

Photo Credit: beadsnob.blogspot.com

South Sea Golden Pearl of the Philippines is found in the gold-lipped Pinctada Maxima Oyster. It is the biggest pearl producing oyster and because of environmental reasons, it can only produce the Golden Pearls here in the Philippines. Due to some factors and the sheer beauty of a South Sea Golden Pearl, former President Fidel V. Ramos declared the South Sea Pearl as the National Jewel of Philippines in 1996.

1st Stop: Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park / Puerto Princesa Underground River – a large limestone landscape with an underground river. One of the river’s distinguishing features is that it emerges directly into the sea, and its lower portion is subject to tidal influences. There are small waterfalls inside the cave.

Palawan - Underground River

Team IBA will be looking for the map containing the location of the South Sea Golden Pearls of the Philippines marked with ‘R’. For the chasing teams, they have to successfully pass the underground river alone (without a guide/rower) in their boats and they will earn a copy of the map which Team IBA holds.

2nd Stop: Pearl Farm in TayTay, Palawan – Team IBA’s mission here is to look for the 3 South Sea Golden Pearls of the Philippines marked with ‘R’ among the thousands of pearls. Once done, they will go to the next stop which is El Nido, Palawan.

Disclaimer: I do not own this photo. Photo Credit goes to its rightful owner.

Photo Credit as labeled: flaircandy.com

If the 3 chase teams fail to reach Team IBA, the team will select a card containing photos which will determine their next stop and mission in El Nido, Palawan.

If one of the teams catches up with Team IBA, they may help Team IBA with their mission. Why? This is like another twist. Team IBA / the abductor can ask the chasing team to help them complete their mission and they will surrender themselves once they complete the mission… since the two teams have different mission. Please note that Team IBA’s mission is to find the pearls and the chasing team’s mission is to find them. But this one is tricky especially if the chasing team who catches them does not want to help them. They can just remove the wrist band of the abductor and win the game. This means, the next stop missions will have to be revised.

But, I doubt if there is a chasing team that can catch up with Team IBA, since Team IBA has an hour advantage. Unless, they are having a hard time searching for the pearls. To be able to fully catch them, the chasing team should remove the wrist band on the abductor.

3rd Stop: El Nido, Palawan – composed of 45 islands and islets, each has its own unique geological formations.

Photo Credit: elnidoresorts.com

Photo Credit: elnidoresorts.com

Team IBA (with or without the new team) will look for a person on one of the three islands (where the chasing team will be) to confirm if they have the correct 3 South Sea Golden Pearls of the Philippines marked with ‘R’. That is, because, there are some fake South Sea Golden Pearls of the Philippines marked with ‘R’. This will determine if they succeed or fail the mission. They can only show a maximum of 12 pearls to the verifier. If in those 12 pearls, the 3 South Sea Golden Pearls of the Philippines marked with ‘R’ are found, they succeed on their mission. If it’s only 2 or 1, they FAIL.

For the chasing teams, maybe Team IBA (the Ibong Adarna and her abductor) is still around in one of those islands. Their mission will be to dance Filipino cultural or folk dances. The type of dance will be based on the team’s chosen photo.

When the Running Man team arrives in the island, they will be welcomed with a dance performance that will be the same as their mission. The dancers will teach them and the team will have to perform the dance to succeed the mission. Then, they will receive the “actual” location of the Ibong Adarna and 3 keys, 1 for each team member. They cannot search for the Ibong Adarna or leave the island without succeeding in their mission. Thus, time is of the essence. The sooner they finish the mission, the more advantageous it is for them to search for Team IBA.

  1. Island A Tinikling is considered the national folkdance with a pair of dancers hopping between two bamboo poles held just above the ground and struck together in time to the music. Originated from Leyte Province, this dance is in fact a mimic movement of “tikling birds” hopping over trees, grass stems or over bamboo traps set by farmers. Dancers perform this dance with remarkable grace and speed jumping between bamboo poles.

  1. Island B Pandanggo sa Ilaw is a very popular folk dance in the Philippines. It is said to have originated from Mindoro, the seventh-largest island in the Philippines. This dance of lights simulates fireflies at dusk and at night.

The word pandanggo is from the Spanish fandango, a dance in 3/4 time. The phrase sa ilaw is Tagalog for “in light” and it refers to the three oil lamps that a dancer has to balance — one on the head and one on the back each hand. The oil lamp is called tinghoy. Sometimes, candles in glasses are used instead of an oil lamp.

  1. Island CBanga displays the Igorot women on their way to the river to fetch the daily water supply for their families. It shows the skill and strength of the women because they would carry heavily laden clay pots (Banga) filled with water. Their grace and agility while balancing the heavy pots, sometimes stacked up to 5 clay pots high, is a testament of the Filipino and how hardships become a form of art and talent. Pots could be stacked as high as 5 or 6. The number of pots shows skills and standing among the women of that area.

As a reminder, Jihyo need to help the team she belongs. Team IBA can ask the chasing team who will find them to help them complete their mission.

For the chasing team to succeed, they have to remove the wrist band of the abductor. If they succeed, the Ibong Adarna will then belong in their team.

If the abductor succeeds on his/her mission, he/she and the Ibong Adarna / Jihyo will gain 1 of the South Sea Golden Pearls of the Philippines marked with ‘R’.

As reward and appreciation for everybody’s hardwork, a feast of seafood dishes will be awaiting them for dinner.


During the feast, the sons of the king asked the Ibong Adarna to sing a song. Unfortunately no voice came; the abductor then announced that the Ibong Adarna lost her voice. A mermaid stole it and put it in a locket. And it can only be found at the islands of Coron, Palawan.

Last Mission: Search for the Ibong Adarna’s voice… in Coron, Palawan.

Coron, Palawan

The abductor may help any of the team he/she wants to help.

1st Stop: Calauit Safari Island. This is an open wildlife sanctuary and the animals are roaming freely. Varieties of birds, giraffes, calamian deers, antelopes and zebras roam the island. Since most of the animals are still wild, wandering and getting near the animals without permission of the Calauit guide is strictly prohibited.

Succeed in any of the missions to earn a key. The more keys the team earns, the more advantageous it is for them.

Mission #1: Feed any of the animals in the island using your mouth to earn a key. Please see the photo above on the bottom right corner as a sample.

Mission #2: A pig will be enclosed in a muddy area. The player who is able to catch and bring the pig to the guide succeeds!

Mission #3: Catch a rooster / hen and give it to the guide to succeed.

Then, they can exchange 3 keys for the exact location where the locket can be found at Coron, Palawan with _______.

LUNCH: A feast in fiesta style is being prepared, lechon is being cooked. Can we do this at Calauit Island? Cook a pig? Or maybe the Lunch can be prepared at Club Paradise?

On the way to… Island _____. The team should divide the keys among each member.

2nd Stop: Island ____ has many tall corals, which are very splendid. Under the sea, in the midst of oceanic beauty, a shell-shaped locket can be found. Does that locket hold the voice of the Ibong Adarna? Who holds the key that will open the locket unleashing the beautiful voice of the Ibong Adarna?

For safety reasons, the lockets will be tied under a floating balloon, that is, it won’t be touching the coral reefs… or… we could have mermaid swimmers wearing a shell-shaped locket swim around the island.

The main winner is the one who unlocks the locket which will unleash the beautiful voice of the Ibong Adarna. The main winner will receive a jewelry made of South Sea Golden Pearls.

3rd Stop: Maquinit Hot Spring. Chill. Relax. Enjoy! I love hot springs!



 The sons went back to their kingdom with the Ibong Adarna. The king and queen are waiting for their return. The Ibong Adarna sings and the king is healed.


References | Credits:

 Author’s Message:

I have never been to Palawan and it’s one of my goals and dreams to go there and spend a vacation tour. I would love to stay at El Nido Resorts, Flower Island Resort, or Club Paradise resort… the website features are very wonderful. I think all resorts there are wonderful.

Since this is Running Man’s first visit in the Philippines, I would like them to experience and sense the Filipino culture. So in their missions, they will get to eat famous Filipino dishes, play games which are commonly played by Filipino children and learn folk dances. Also, while traveling they will get to see the beauty of nature.

This took me a month of visualization and research to finish. And, every time I tried to finish this, I end up editing and re-editing. Am glad I already finished it. I have another proposal entitled “Search for the Ultimate Duo” – A Couple Race! Hopefully, I would get appreciation and recognition. Your comments will be very much loved! Thank you so much!

P.S. Ate Weng, thank you so much for helping me edit this. *mwah*

[EDITED]Last Mission Version 2: Search for the Ibong Adarna’s voice… in Coron, Palawan.

Before the start of their mission, they will be dividing the keys per members. Starting from here, it will be an individual race… including the members of Team IBA and Song Jihyo.

1st Stop: Calauit Safari Island. This is an open wildlife sanctuary and the animals are roaming freely. Varieties of birds, giraffes, calamian deers, antelopes and zebras roam the island. Since most of the animals are still wild, wandering and getting near the animals without permission of the Calauit guide is strictly prohibited.

Succeed in any of the missions to earn a key. The more keys he/she will earn, the more advantageous it is for the person. There will be a limited time frame of 1 hour. The players can do the missions more than once.

Mission #1: Feed any of the animals in the island using your mouth to earn a key. Please see the photo above on the bottom right corner as a sample.

Mission #2: A pig will be enclosed in a muddy area. The player who is able to catch and bring the pig to the guide succeeds!

Mission #3: Catch a rooster / hen and give it to the guide to succeed.

To minimize the number of fake keys, they can exchange maximum of 3 fake keys to get to the next location where the locket in a shape of a giant clam is hidden.

2nd Stop: Wreck diving sites in Coron Bay or at Island ____ which has many tall splendid corals. In the midst of oceanic beauty, keys can be found underneath the floating balloons. There will be mermaid swimmers who wears a necklace with a key pendant around the area. Their mission will be to retrieve as many keys as possible within 30 minutes. This is their last chance to get the key which will open the locket containing the Ibong Adarna’s voice.

3rd stop: Kayangan Lake, dubbed as the cleanest lake in Asia. Their ultimate battle for the keys. The players will be situated at one side of the lake and they will have to reach the other side to get a chance to check if their keys will fit the locket. There will be floating boards on the lake which will serve as their bridge to the other side. Their mission, aside from reaching the other side, is that they can remove the name-tags of the other players. The keys of the player whose name-tag is removed will belong to the player who removed his/her name-tag. Located at the other side is the locket, in a shape of a giant clam, waiting to be opened.

NOTE: There are 4 keys that will fit in the locket. Each of those authentic keys can be selected during the games in their 1st mission, 2nd mission 3rd stop at El Nido where they have to dance, and during the 1st stop and 2nd stop of their last mission. Thus, there might be 4 bearers of the correct key. But, only the bearer of the key who is able to open the locket first wins the game.

4th Stop: Maquinit Hot Spring. Chill. Relax. Enjoy! I love hot springs!



 The sons went back to their kingdom with the Ibong Adarna. The king and queen are waiting for their return. The Ibong Adarna sings and the king is healed.


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43 thoughts on “[#Lyna4u Proposal] RUNNING MAN In Philippines ~ The Search for Ibong Adarna

  1. Great idea if incorporating our countries best tourist spots, Filipino values and culture. Hope to see more of your creations.

  2. Sinu-sino yung nasa abductor team? Medyo walang kinalaman sa story yung missions but they’re very good. Sana may female guests kasi sa story naman (Ibong Adarna), magkakaroon ng female partners yung mga prince.

  3. Read this article and quite interesting. It’ll be fun since all the games are new to them. Just wondering if all the resources mentioned will be available and wont cost them too much. Sure thing that the government will allow it coz it’ll promote tourism in the Philippines. Hopefully it’ll push through and we Filipinos has something to be proud about despite the current political issues. Overall, this is a brilliant idea! Daebak!!

  4. Woahhh cool!! Pinoy na Pinoy yung idea na ‘to, ang cool \m/ If only I know how to send this to the productions.. try filming yourself too ate! loljk Irene lang ang peg XD Pero *sigh* sana mapansin ‘to ng RM PDs ;~~~;

    • Thanks a lot for your comment and suggestion. I really would love to have a video sana may magaling na videographer or animator na gustong tumulong gawin tong video. hehehe

    • Yeah.. white river rafting would be great.. It would be really nice if Running Man would be able to visit all the tourist spots here in Philippines but I think that would be impossible in just one visit. Hehehe.. even us Filipinos who lived most of our lives in Philippines haven’t been to all the tourist spots here. I think that would be possible if we can divide their visit into Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao.. hehehe and 1 week each? or multiple visits here in PH. =p

  5. I definitely want Running Man to visit Philippines! I have watched Running Man from episode 1 until now and I can’t wait for them to visit our country! I will repeatedly tweet about this 🙂 hahahaha

  6. wow! amazing! i love the idea of running man with the philippine setting. plus ibong adarna pa. hahaha. i like the characters and story plot. sana magkatotoo. magkatotoo lang pala pag tapos na si song joong ki sa military. XD Running man, i became a fan of it because of CNBLUE hahaha. para syang amazing race sa pinas mas makulit nga lang na version. congrats miss lyna. its very nice. keep it up! 😀 <33333

  7. I would love to ask Running Man about this too! XD Maybe we can add Intramuros as their location. Also Marikina for the shoes. For the foods,maybe Lechon, Adobo, Sinigang etc would do. Balot too! For the games, they can also do tumbang preso, palo sebo (lol the thought of kwangsoo doing it) or pinoy henyo hahaha please add an easy access location in manila so the fans can also come and see them not just in the airport XD LOL I hope they’ll read your post.

    • We can have those foods prepared for their 1st mission. hehehe.. sana magustuhan nila..
      I find Palo Sebo kinda dangerous eh.. hehehe…
      My wish location for the patintero game is at Mega Mall..
      And I really hope this will materialize.

  8. Your plan’s awesome Ate Lyna! I feel excited thinking that they would be playing our own games for the show ❤ Though I don't think they could easily film anywhere with corals, since they are protected, and well, you know, they might get criticized if they continue. But there are a lot of other islands (I guess-most likely) where fish can easily interact with people (just like the one of their episodes in Australia)

    • Yeah.. I was thinking about that too that’s why.. we could either have mermaid swimmers holding the locket. So that they won’t have to look for it at the sea bed. They just have to look for the mermaids wearing lockets. 🙂
      Or we have have balloon floating in the sea where lockets are tied underneath it.

      thanks a lot Ellen!

  9. Lyna unnie..woah daebak.. i love it..really brilliant..you already unnie..heheh i’m so proud of you unnie. This is really great..i wish it will be recognize and that hoping this will be made all possible..waahhh..looking forward..:) go3x aja unnie! fighting!..:)

  10. Unnie!

    Firstly, I didn’t know you write fanfics. Wow. Daebak!
    Secondly, I honestly became a recent fan of Running Man when the CN boys guested there. I seriously laughed my head off in every episode I watched since then. (Too bad I can’t watch all episodes coz they are just too many) Anyhoo, I love this idea of Running Man in the Philippines though 🙂 (My friend told me that there’s a rumor that the cast would have a fan signing event? But it is just a rumor) Hopefully, it would come true soon! 🙂

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