Lyna is my Name,
I’m here to join in the Game,
Philippines is the place where this gal stays.
  And I’m ME no matter what anyone says.

L– Loner. ”I’m A Loner” without C.N.BLUE. I’m a C.N.BLUE fan and admin of CNBLUESTORM. Actually, L is for Lover of Arts (Visual), Stories, Novels (Ken Follett, Sidney Sheldon, Stephanie Meyer, L.J. Smith, etc.), Movies (Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, many more), Music(Korean Pop, Japanese Pop, Taiwanese Pop, English, OPM), Dramas (Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese), Animes (Deathnote, Bloody Monday, Naruto, Yamato Nadishiko Shichi Henge, Avatar – Aang the last Airbender, etc.) and many more … I probably try anything new and get hooked with the one which captivates me.

Y– Yawn! I get to yawn most of the times not because I’m sleepy but I seem to lack oxygen… Just my opinion… Okay, you got me. So, I’m always sleepy cause I usually sleep late at night watching dramas or Running Man. I’m so addicted to Running Man, its the best variety show for me. It’s my stress reliever and medicine for loneliness.

N– Naruto Addict! This Anime is something I cannot miss every week it updates! Lols… I’m Nice, Nature Lover, Neat, Neat-freak… LOL…

A– Artistic. Many says that I am! and that’s how I see myself too… I love visual arts and hope to travel around the world collecting artifacts and crafts… I love making crafts and scrapbooks. Also, I venture into song and fan fiction writing. I hope you get to love reading my blog. Thanks for visiting!

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They say that you can get to know a person through her likes and perceptions…

Korean Artist

2NE1 - Hot To Anyone

2NE1 – Hot To Anyone

Japanese Movies


Korean Movies


Japanese Doramas


My 2008 Favorite J-Dorama

Akai Ito (Red Thread)

My 2009 Favorite K-Drama

You’re Beautiful

My 2010 Favorite K-Drama

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

My 2011 Favorite K-Drama

City Hunter


My 2008 – 2010 Favorite Asian Drama

My 2011 BEST KDRAMA of aLL Times

49 Days / Pure Love


26 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. You love Naruto, CNBLUE and Asian Dramas just like me!… I’m gonna totally follow your blog!!!!
    Hope you don’t minnd!! :B

    • thanks for leaving a comment Nao.. am so into Jdorama before. i Love YUI, Utada Hikaru, Rei Fu, and a lot more Japanese songs. Erika Toda too.^^
      Japanese writers really write good story. Would you like to recommend a Jdorama? am reading manga now “Zettai Kareshi”, I’ve watched the Live Action too and fall in love with Hiro as Soushi there. But, Hiro is already married. T__T
      Am also downloading anime School Days. ^^

    • LOL! my favorites are same like you Kakashi, Shikamaru and Gaara, they’re so charismatic. Ah and the Yondaime too! :p have you read the latest chapter?

  2. Hi I’m also from the Philippines! I saw that your the administrator of cnbluestorm 🙂 Where do you specifically reside here in the Phil? I’m from QC Manila.. Hope to see more of cnblue through your efforts and the others as well. God bless you 🙂

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  4. I’m so glad to have found your blog. I do have a question for you. It’s been YEARS since I last heard of this band….They were called “So Bang Cha” Or Fire engine in english. I use to listen to them when I was a kids and now being a lot older I no longer have their tape…ya that should show you how old I am….LOL. Would you know where I would be able to find an told tape or find some of their music?

    Thanks for any help you can give me….and BTW I LOVE your blog!

  5. Hey this is kimt08 from Kpop Rants!

    I already added your link ^^ Thank you for taking interest in my blog and also thanks for that interview with Aimee Lucas! I think a lot of readers will enjoy learning more about Big Bang haha

    Anyways, my love right now definitely lies in BEAST and C.N BLUE so we’re on the right track 😛


  6. one word eh?you’re ‘BOLD’.and i love that in a writer.love your interview with aimee.got to knw you 1st through aimee’s Twitter.carry on with the awesome work.hugs*

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