C.N. Blue or Code Name Blue debuted on January 14 of this year with the released of their mini-album Bluetory. Before their debut in KPop scene, they’ve already debuted in Japan as an indie band and have already released 2 mini-albums, Now or Never and VOICE respectively. They were labeled as the “2nd FT. Island” due to similar style but mainly because they are under the same company (FNC Music & AI Entertainment) as FT Island.

C.N. Blue is composed of Lee Jung Shin (Bass & Rap), Kang Min Hyuk (Drummer), Lee Jong Hyun (Guitar and Vocal) and Jung Yong Hwa (Leader, Vocal, Guitar and Rapper). As a male group, their looks stand out. All of them are scouted because of their pretty faces which captures the eyes of many fangirls. Not just that, but among the usual KPop male groups, they have incredible stature. Their average height is 180 cm or almost 6 ft. (Yong Hwa -180cm, Jong Hyun -182cm, Min Hyuk -184cm/6 ft. and Jung Shin -186cm/6.1 ft.), and they have good built (probably from walking while carrying their instruments during live street performance before their Korean debut). With their stance, they could all be professional runway models. Not just that, what captivates most is their talent in playing musical instruments which makes them apart from the typical boy groups. And as a rookie, they were able to release their own compositions in their debut album Bluetory (“Y,Why” co-produced by Yong Hwa). It is no doubt that they would create a “Blue Storm” in the entertainment industry. After 2 weeks from debut, it is said that the group already signed endorsement contract from 3 different companies and they are still receiving many endorsement offers.


FNC Music introduced them by releasing a Music Video teaser for each one of them. Check it out below!

Burning” Lee Jong Hyun

Lovely Kang Min Hyuk

Untouchable” Lee Jung Shin

Emotional” Jung Yong Hwa

First Music Video: I’m A Loner

Their debut album Bluetory is composed of 5 songs. Their debut single “I’m A Loner” or “Alone” is an alternative indie pop rap rock music style, a very good choice for debut single. This type of song is dominant in UK and underground music that’s why it can be labeled as alternative indie pop, common preference of guys. It emits a punk vibe which makes it catchy and as a rap rock, it is not too noisy apart from the usual rock music. That’s why female populace is also captivated. The beat is not too fast or not too slow. “I’m A Loner” based from its music style will also be good for acoustic or ballad melody. The acoustic or ballad version will be ideal song for solitary and personal reflections. Surely it will be appreciated by ballad lovers. This song also have a ‘hook’, term used for phrases that stands out and easily remembered which catches attention. “Oh baby oetoriya oetoriya daridiridara du~ oetoriya oetoriya daridiridara du~ oetoriya oetoriya sarange seulpeohago… Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad Tonight~ gaseumi apa~ Oh no no no no Nobody know~ maeumeul molla~ One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Night…It is no wonder that this song goes #1 on music charts, music online sites, and Hanteo’s Real-Time Chart just 5 days from their debut and official album release. And also 2 weeks from their debut, C.N. Blue garnered the January 2010 K-Chart award and 2010 Week4 (last week of January) Mutizen award.

The other songs in their album are “Love Revolution(upbeat rock music which makes you wants to head bang and groove), “Y,Why(acoustic rap blues-rock music which jumbles a romantic ballad and punk vibe), “Now or Never(alternative rock style and semi-punk since it have fast electronic and hard-core beats, favored by guys) and lastly “I will… Forget You(the Korean version of “Teardrops in the Rain” from their Now or Never album, the only ballad acoustic soft-rock music in their album, favorites of most girls).

Bluetory as a whole is a tremendous album, all songs are worth listening. As confirmation, it top the album charts a week later from its release. Also, over 30,000 copies are already sold 2 weeks from C.N. Blue’s debut. And with that, they’ve held a fan-signing event last January 23-24, 2010 where thousands of fans come over to see them closely. Moreover, their fans ranged from those in the teens to those in the 30s.

Reference | Credits: FNC Music + CNBLUE Official Website

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