Songs you should Listen to and awesome Music Videos released in April 2011!

I haven’t made a post recently. These past few days after watching GLEE Season 2 with the episode where they showcase songs from Bruno Mars album Doo Woops & Hooligans, I’ve been replaying Bruno Mars album every morning. Yes, the moment I wake up, I play his songs. My favorite songs in his albums are Just the Way You Are, Count On Me, Marry You, Somewhere in Brooklyn, Runaway, and Who Is. I’ve never liked too many songs in 1 album except CNBLUE’s ThankU and First Step. Bruno Mars is totally awesome. I like his type of songs, brings back old memories and the likes. I also like Katy Perry‘s Firework, the lyrics is full of meaning but I haven’t listened to her whole album yet.

I’ve been looking for new songs to listen to. And just this April, 3 songs with Awesome Music Videos have been released. Since I Love those 3 songs very much, I vowed myself am going to make a post about it. Yes, those  3 songs deserves a post. Let’s find out what songs are they. Continue reading


My CNBLUE ‘Bluelove’ Album with their Autograph

I really never expect to get a signed album.. I know how hard it is to get one… So, when unnie told me surprisingly that she got me a Bluelove album with CNBLUE’s autograph, I could hardly contained my excitement…

Signed Album Cover

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C.N.BLUESTORM – Cause C.N.BLUE took us by STORM!

I’m sorry for making a late post. Finally! We have launched C.N.BLUESTORM, an international fansite dedicated to C.N.BLUE.

Please check all C.N.BLUE updates there as I have set all C.N.BLUE related posts here to Private. Please click the image below to proceed to

Please leave comments there as well. If you found some errors in the posts, pictures not showing (you can just see boxes without images) and broken videos (taken down, set to private, or removed), please leave a comment at the chatbox so we can fix the problem right away. Thanks!


[Opinion] C.N.Blue, A Bend in KPOP Trend

Amidst the usual trend of South Korean Pop Music and Male Groups, something caught the eyes and ears of many Kpop followers which make them turn their usual path towards a bend. It was because of a new boy group who emerges as an instrumental rock band.  A very different style from the typical scene Kpop followers usually trail. It’s not so different because there are other boy bands that can also play musical instruments like FT. Island. But the thing that made them exceptional from the other male groups is their ‘rock’ music style. Continue reading

FaLL in Love with C.N.Blue!

C.N. Blue is under the management of F&C Music (Korea) and AI Entertainment (Japan) , the same company of F.T. Island. Fall in Love with them as they sing an English song! Wherever You Will Go (The Calling) *faints* I’m so in Love with them… Can’t wait for their debut!

Do you know Jung Yong-hwa, who played Shin-woo in the SBS drama “You’re Beautiful”?  He happens to be my favorite member of AN Jell. Well, he is a member of this band. Yey! *shouts with Glee* Check out the rest of the members below. Continue reading