E-Talk with Shaun Evaristo Part 3/3 – “YG Family Family!”

Part 1/3 – “Dancing makes me Feel Good.”

Part 2/3 – “A Closer Look”

Everybody must be anticipating this part of interview where a man who has worked side by side with our favorite idols of YG Entertainment namely Teddy, Kush, Se7en, Uhm Jung Hwa, Gummy, Big Bang and 2NE1 will give his insights about them and share his experiences he had with them.

This man, whose parents are both Filipinos, was born in the United States. He is originally from San Francisco and currently residing in Los Angeles. He grew up dancing in a garage and with determination and passion, he started learning dance movements, created routines, did formations and directed shows when he was still in high school. From then on, he knew that dance and choreography was his calling. In 2006, he seriously started pursuing his career in L.A. Then, he takes the journey towards his aspiration and is able to reach where he is right now.

The man, Shaun Evaristo started working with YG Entertainment‘s dancers, choreographers, artists and producers in 2008. He will now reveal the story clearly of how he began with YG Family.

From your previous interviews, we get to know that you were contacted by YG thru a choreographer… Will you please expand the story about it?

Well, I was first contacted through a representative of YG, but when I looked deeper into the story, it was “Twitch” who first told them about me. Twitch, a previous dope choreographer was working with them and from what I was told he showed them videos of me while they were in rehearsals. I guess from there a representative got a hold of me. Continue reading


E-Talk with Shaun Evaristo Part 2/3 – “A Closer Look”

On my previous interview, E-Talk with Shaun Evaristo Part 1/3 – “Dancing Makes Me Feel Good”, we got to know Shaun’s passion for dancing and Choreography. We also discovered the people who influenced him and his thoughts on other professions.

Now, let’s take a deeper look into the man behind such great choreography and get to know him more as a mere individual.

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E-Talk with Shaun Evaristo Part 1/3 – “Dancing makes me Feel Good.”

Hi, I’m Lyna. I’ve previously interviewed Aimee Lee Lucas, principal dancer of YG Entertainment. If you haven’t read my chat interview with her, please click here.

Now, I brought to you another person who never fails to amaze us. If you’re YG family fan, you must have heard his name countless times. In KPOP world specifically in YG Family Fandom, he is known as one of their choreographers. He is no other than Shaun Evaristo.

Shaun is well known for his creative ideas in choreography. His achievements include working with famous international multi-talented personas like Omarion and Vanessa Hudgens. How he entered Korean Entertainment thru YG Entertainment will be revealed as you read on.

I never thought I would get to have a conversation with someone as awesome as him. I’m truly grateful to Shaun for giving me such chance. Thru his answers, I find him truly amazing not just as an artist but as a person as well. And I’m sure, you will do too. Without prolonging much, here’s the first part of my interview with him.

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Exclusive Chat Interview with Aimee Lucas

Note: This is a Long Chat Interview. I think we’ve chatted for more than an hour, haven’t we? am not sure… I hope you will enjoy reading our conversation cause I did. It was like chatting with a close friend. =) Thanks a lot Aimee for everything! Anyway, I would like to ask the readers to PLEASE DO NOT TAKE ANY PICTURES FROM HERE. Unless, you don’t know how to respect this request >_<… or you may ask permission from me and especially from Aimee. You may re-post the parts where she talks about YG Family (it’s text). Pretty please (with cherry on top) link me back in your site. Thank you!

*This photo was taken by Ricky. Photoshop by me.

There is this girl that sparks YG family fans all over the world. From Big Bang Music Video “Number 1”, to Taeyang’s First Concert , so on and so forth. Recently, she performed with G-Dragon for his First Concert “Shine a Light”. If you still don’t have any idea who she is, shame on you… LOL. Just continue reading to get to know her.

Basically, we know Aimee Lee Lucas for her dancing skills.  But have you ever wondered what’s behind this sexy lass with incredible dancing skills? Well, without further ado, let’s get to know her more… Continue reading