[FanFic] 7 Days

Hello peeps!

This is my first COMPLETED fan fiction(it only have 7 chapters) featuring Choi Seung Hyun a.k.a. TOP and Park Sandara. Everything written in here is the product of my imagination. No relation to the characters in the story.

If you’re going to take anything from here, please don’t forget to put credits especially on the images.


Written by Lyna, Edited by GaL
© All rights reserved.


“Unnie, I want to spend the rest of my life in Hawaii… Can we go there?” my sister asked me joyfully while shifting her position on the couch.

“Uhhu…” I replied raising my eyes from what I was reading. “And dear, why Hawaii of all the places?”

“I really want to go there… I wanna see their turtles, I heard they have big ones. And Sandy told me it’s one of the most romantic places.” She replied smiling at me. Her eyes really sparkle when something interests her. She really wants to go.

“Ok sweetie, I’ll ask father and mother about it.” I replied smiling back at her. I really love my sister and if going to Hawaii will really make her happy, I will do so.

Chapter 1 Preview

“Oppa! Come and catch me… Hahaha…” A girl was running at the seaside.

“I’m coming for you!” I was running towards her but she was moving farther and farther from me.

“You can’t catch me!” The girl was shouting, running towards the sea…

“I will!” I shouted back at her.

Then suddenly, a huge wave washed over her. And she was gone… Just like that… she was gone.

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